Jaime Suchlicki, Director

Emilio Bacardi Moreau professor of History and Director of ICCAS, specializes in Latin American affairs, with special emphasis on Cuba, Mexico, and U.S. relations with the region. He has published articles in Orbis, Latin American Research Review, Journal of Interamerican Studies and World Affairs, and Caribbean Studies. His published books include Cuba: From Columbus to Castro (2006), Mexico: From Montezuma to NAFTA (2003), Historical Dictionary of Cuba (2001), and University Students and Revolution in Cuba (1969). Together with Irving Louis Horowitz, he is the editor of Cuban Communism, now in its 11th edition. He is a highly regarded consultant to the public and private sector.


María del Carmen Urizar, Administrative Assistant

Andy Gomez
, Senior Fellow and Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs

Vanessa Lopez, Research Assistant

Susel Perez, Assistant to Editor, Cuban Affairs Journal

Brian Latell, Senior Research Associate

Jose Azel, Senior Research Associate

Pedro Roig, Senior Research Associate

Arturo Gamboa, Senior Research Associate



Jaime Suchlicki, Director

Susel Perez
, Project Coordinator



Manuel Jorge Cutillas, Chairperson

Alvaro Alba

Danny Diaz Leyva, Esq.

Viry Escribano

Enrique Falla

George Feldenkreis

Horacio Garcia

Hon. Carlos M. Gutierrez

Orlando Gutierrez

Rafael Kravec

Richard Kuper, Esq.

Elena Maribona

Eduardo Sardiña


Participating Faculty

Andy Gómez, Senior Fellow and Special Assistant to the President for International Affairs

Roberto Heros, School of Medicine

Susan Kaufman Purcell, Director Center for Hemispheric Policy

Brian Latell, University of Miami

Vendulka Kubalkova, School of International Studies

Manuel Lasaga
, School of Business

Rafael Lima, School of Communications

Luis Locay
, Department of Economics

Dennis Lynch, School of Law

Raul Murciano, School of Music

Ben Recarey
, Department of Marketing

Donn J. Tilson
, School of Communications

Esperanza de Varona
, Cuban Heritage Collection, Otto G. Richter Library

Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies

University of Miami