UM Faculty & Students

The Lowe Art Museum makes every effort to make educational programs accessible to University of Miami students. For this reason, tours and education programs for UM students are always free.

The Lowe Art Museum makes every effort to make its collections available to University of Miami students and faculty undertaking research. To request images of objects in the Lowe’s collection, or to reserve a time to research the Lowe’s curatorial files visit Research and Photography Policies.

The following Lowe publications are available at no charge to University of Miami faculty for research and use in the classroom.

· The Renaissance and Baroque Collection
· Birds, Beasts, Blossoms, and Bugs in East Asian Art
· Selected Works: Handbook of the Permanent Collection
· The North American Indian Collection of the Lowe Art Museum
· Before Discovery: Artistic Development in the Americas Before the Arrival of Columbus

In addition, the Museum Store sells a variety of art books and exhibition catalogs some of which are featured at in the Museum Store. For more information or to request a copy, please contact the Museum Store Manager.