What's Your Story?

Thank you to everyone who entered the What’s Your Story Writing Contest! The Lowe was thrilled to receive over 60 entries. Winners in the k-12th grade categories receive a free visit to the museum including transportation and the college/Adult level winners receive a Kindle e-reader.

The winners are:
k-3rd Grade Category: Gabriella Morales, Grade 3, Joella C. Good Elementary. Teacher: Mrs. Mastronardi
4th-8th Grade Category: Rebecca Torrez, Grade 4, Joella C. Good Elementary. Teacher: Mrs. Mastronardi
8th Grade winner: Lisette del Pino, Grade 8, South Miami Middle Community School. Teacher :Margie Campnmany.
9th-12th grade Category Winner: Ronald Livingston, Miami Central Senior High. Teacher: Ms. Goldstein
College Adult Level Category: two winners:
Maria Clark, UM, Latin American Studies
Rochelle Theo Pienn, Miami, FL

A response to The River Styx
by Maria Clark

Your life is on the tip of my tongue
a breathing seed; an iron lung
a grey periphery bounded
by fallen leaves and all the listless trappings
of my waking dreams

Your life is on the tip of my tongue
the junkyard of scar tissue
waiting for your return
the rusted out hope of wheels and words
and useless things of beauty
speaking not to me, but through
to surface, frozen
in the odd moment
when I see me looking back at me
and it's you


Rochelle Theo Pienn

Perhaps we are nodding to one another
in our fantasias, whole parts of ourselves
replaced with freaks of nature. This abyss
lasts as long as a kiss, first shocking, then
serene, then suffocating us in endlessness.

What crimes have we committed, what sins
remake us into monsters and masked
creatures, back to our primitive selves, yet
ashamed and old and wise? We drape
our most private souls in colors, disguised.
We gather in a shifting plane of stars,
and hide our eyes.