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  • Seasons in the Sun The Beaux Arts Cookbook 30th Anniversary Commemorative Edition

    The recipes contained in Seasons in the Sun were gathered by Beaux Arts members from their own kitchens and from their friends and local restaurants.

    Soft Cover, 302 pages.

  • Price: $20.00
  • Ukara Cloth Frame

    This unique and beautiful photo frame of nickel silver is adapted from a blue and white textile in the African Collection of the Lowe Art Museum. Ukara cloth is an emblem of the Igbo version of the Ekpe society, a powerful secret association. The cloths are made for individual members of Ekpe's highest rank; who are responsible for choosing the designs to be used on their particular cloth and for whom the motifs serve a as personal "signature." Nsibidi signs alternate in geometric patterns symbolizing the leopard spirit of Ekpe.

    Frame holds a 2" x 2" photo.

    Price: $96.00
  • Moon Goddess Bookmark

    Maya graves contain molded pottery statues of extreme sensitivity and beauty. This female figure dates to the Late Classic period (600-900) and was made on Jania Island in Mexico, the western edge of the Maya world. The long flowing cape and elaborate headdress identify her as a goddess.

    24 Kt. Electroplate. Made in U.S.A.

    Price: $6.99
  • Italian Renaissance Coasters from the Kress Colletion

    Set of 4 coasters are handmade on tumbled Botticino marble quarried in Italy, and are cork backed to prevent any damage to fine home furnishings. Each coaster features one of each of the following Lowe Art Museum’s Kress Collection Italian Renaissance Paintings.

    Sano di Pietro, Italian (Siena), 1405-1487. MADONNA AND CHILD WITH SAINTS, c.1450

    Bernardino Fungai, Italian (Siena), 1460-c.1516. MADONNA AND CHILD WITH SAINTS AND ANGELS,c.1510/15

    Master of the Blessed Clare, Italian (Rimini). THE ADORATION OF THE MAGI, c.1340

    Bicci di Lorenzo, Italian (Florence), 1373-1452.THE ANNUNCIATION, c.1435

    Price: $42.50 set
  • Italian Renaissance Magnets from the Kress Collection

    Kress Collection Boxed Magnets Set of 4


  • Price: $28.00 set
  • Lowe Tote Bag

    Sturdy natural canvas logo bag featuring artist signatures with black carrying straps.

    14 1/2 'W x 15' H x 4 " D

  • Price: $20.00
  • Exhibition Poster

    CUNDO BERMÚDEZ: A Life in Art Lowe Art Museum University of Miami April 23 – June 1, 2003