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Supervising Student Employees

In this module, you will:


Before you read the following module, take this self-assessment by responding to the following True/False statements. You will find the answers to the questions at the end of this module.

  1. A student employee is no different from any other employee.
  2. Student employees are in a transitional stage in their lives.
  3. Students usually already have plenty of work experience and will not require much training.
  4. Supervisors need to understand that students’ top priority is to learn and that work is part of their education.
  5. Students do not always have to follow the same dress code as other employees, but they may be asked to meet certain professional standards.
  6. Supervisors do not need to be specific in the job description as the duties may change.
  7. A student employee can be employed as a personal assistant.
  8. It is all right to ask personal information (age, marital status, etc.) of candidates during a job interview as this may affect their job performance.
  9. After giving a student one or more verbal warnings, you may fire or terminate his or her employment for non-compliance.
  10. Supervisors should provide an evaluation of the student employee’s performance at least once a semester if possible.