Welcome to the Summer at Home Program


"The Millenium Generation is more traveled, more conservative and more likely to do a multi-dimensional trip than the X Generation. They consider more diverse offerings, are more likely to combine a trip hanging with friends with, say, an interview for an internship or a charity event."

Michael Palmer, contemporary American poet and translator

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Want to make the most out of your summer?  A summer job/internship can provide you with career exploration, skill development, networking opportunities and a possible job placement in the future.  The Summer at Home program provides guidance to students who are in search of a summer job in their hometowns. 


This short tutorial will provide you with an overview of the internship process and will supply you with valuable resources to assist you in your search for a successful job experience. For further information on Summer at Home, contact Maria Pavon at 305-284-6641.


"My summer position allowed me to gather information about job opportunities on the Hill and participate in networking activities and events in Washington DC." Eric Flaim


"Having an internship lets you see what working in your chosen field is really like. It gives you contacts outside the University, and the opportunity to talk with professionals about the demands of the field and salary ranges." Jenny Litz