Student employees work 10-25 hours per week and are paid twice monthly. Pay periods cover two weeks at a time. A copy of the payroll schedule is available online (see "Payroll Schedule" on the right under "More Resources") or at the Office of Student Employment.


Pay Schedule



Student employees attending the University of Miami should turn in signed Kronos Time Sheets (also called Time Punches) at the Office of Student Employment and pick up paychecks according to the payroll schedule. Paychecks correspond NOT to the pay period just ending but to the prior pay period. Students are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit to ensure quicker access to their earnings. If students do not sign up for direct deposit, their checks will be available at Check Distribution (Ashe Building.) 


Falsification of hours and/or signatures will result in termination of employment, as well as possible suspension and/or expulsion from school, so we ask that you cooperate with us in ensuring that this process is conducted correctly in a timely fashion.


To better understand how students will clock in and out using the Kronos software, click here.