Puff Peace

Last year butts were banned on the Miller School of Medicine campus. This year the Coral Gables campus is on the road to going smoke-free. The student-led Smoke-Free Campus Committee’s plan calls for extinguishing all designated smoking areas by August 2013 while increasing access to smoking-cessation programs for students who wish to quit.

“It’s all about promoting a healthy lifestyle and reducing the amount of secondhand smoke students who choose not to smoke are exposed to,” explains committee member Gilbert Arias, assistant vice president for student affairs.

An online poll of the student body conducted last November revealed that a majority of the 2,186 respondents favored either designated smoking areas around campus (59 percent) or a completely smoke-free campus (63 percent). Faculty also approved the initiative, which launched September 1. Previously, smoking was prohibited inside buildings and within 25 feet of the Herbert Wellness Center and residential colleges.

   To learn more, visit www.miami.edu/smokefree.