Catch Up with Your University on the Move

Provost Thomas J. LeBlanc

Selectivity, world-class facilities, and distinguished faculty appointments—all are on the rise at the University of Miami.

“Whether you look at the local news headlines or the national rankings, you will see that the University of Miami is gaining recognition as one of the leading national research universities, with a distinguished and productive faculty and a diverse and highly selective student body,” says Thomas J. LeBlanc, executive vice president and provost of the University.

What does this mean for you, and how will your alma mater continue to build on this tremendous progress? Find out during the UM Alumni Association’s Accelerating Ambition Tour, featuring Provost LeBlanc.

Supported by trustees, faculty, students, and staff, Accelerating Ambition is UM’s visionary plan to become the next great American research university by 2020.

Key goals include increasing the number and quality of student applicants, enhancing the undergraduate experience, building on UM’s research strength and nationally prominent graduate programs, enhancing service to the community, and providing infrastructure to support programmatic ambitions.

It also highlights the importance of monitoring detailed metric goals in areas such as freshman SAT scores, endowment rank, research, and graduation rates.

“If you’re living in New York or Atlanta or Chicago, you might not have been back to campus,” says LeBlanc. “You might not be aware of all the change here at the University. I want to make sure alumni understand the progress we’ve made and then share with them our intentions to continue and accelerate that progress for the next decade.”

The tour kicked off in New York in September. Stops for 2012 are Tampa (January 25), Palm Beach and Naples (February 8 and 22), Broward County and Chicago (March 6 and 28), and Boston (May 16).