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Recognition of Donors

he following listing recognizes individuals, associations, corporations, and foundations who donated $1,000 or more to the University of Miami between June 1, 1998, and May 31, 1999. The Protégé category recognizes recent graduates (classes of 1988-98) who have donated $500-$999. All alumni are indicated with the year in which they received their degree(s).

Individual donors are listed under the corresponding levels of giving from private sources; however, individuals who made a financial contribution through a corporation or foundation will appear under the separate corporate and foundation listings. Please note that all names have been carefully reviewed; nevertheless, errors and omissions may occur. If your name has been misprinted or omitted, please accept our apologies. Questions or corrections should be directed to the Office of Advancement Services at 305-284-2888.


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$10,000 and Above

Alfred C. Aarons
Monica Weltmann and Jose Abello
A. Martin Abern
Jayne M. Abess and Leonard L. Abess, Jr.
Dr. Nasser I. Al-Rashid
Faye Albin+
Julianne Alderman and Dr. George Alderman
Hiroko Aoyagi and Takashi Aoyagi
Iris B. Apfel and Carl B. Apfel
Fredrica L. Applebaum, '70, '75, and Ray C. Applebaum, '70
Peggy E. Armaly and Joseph W. Armaly, '58
Edward H. Arnold
Lourdes Arriola and Joe R. Arriola
Ruth A. Asleson
Mary L. August+
Elaine Bakst and Daniel L. Bakst, Esq., '61, '65
Michael R. Bakst, Esq., '87, '90
Gertrude A. Barnett+ and Robert A. Barnett
Dorothy Barrie and George Barrie
Candice Barrs
Florence Bayuk+
Patricia B. Beach and Charles H. Beach
Joan M. Bebry
Vivian L. Beckner, R.N., '67, and Wayne C. Beckner, '65, '68
David A. Belford
Marilyn K. Berens and Fred Berens, '63, '64
Carla P. Gerstel Berkowitz, '83, and Richard A. Berkowitz, Esq., '81
Shelly G. Bermont and Richard B. Bermont
Betti Bernay
Margaret Berner and Raymond H. Berner
Dorothy Besserman and Jules Besserman
B. W. Blair
John E. Blair
Nancy Blair and Jerry Blair
Isabel Blaya and Joaquin F. Blaya
Doree Selevan-Bloom and Sy Bloom
Anna Blunker+
Edith June Leach Blyler+
Emeline Boich and Wayne Boich
Jane P. Bosco+
Jacqueline Nancy Gonzalez Brant, '81, and Barry Michael Brant, '80
Constance Brill and Lawrence F. Brill, '57
Mary Bromsley and Milton D. Bromsley+
Nicholas A. Buoniconti, Esq.
Teresa Buoniconti
Janice D. Burd, '70, and William G. Burd, Esq., '80
Eleanor B. Burke
Alden E. Burlington, Esq., and Robert K. Burlington, Esq., '73, '78
Florence Stewart Burnett, '52, and Henry Burnett, Esq.
Ivette M. Calles and Juan E. Calles, C.L.U.
George H. Campbell, '49
Heidi Larsen Campbell, '84, '85, and David M. Campbell, Esq., '86
Mary E. Campbell+
Gerardo Capo, Jr.+
Marivi C. Cardoso and Silvio A. Cardoso, '74
Cynthia D. Carr
Fernando F. Cavada
Trudy Cejas and The Honorable Paul L. Cejas, '69
Beryl L. Cesarano, '33
Bonnie Chase and Larry G. Chase, '63
Irka Choate and Arthur B. Choate, Esq., '70, '74
Jeanne Christopher+
Kathryn E. Cianci+
Janene M. Claus and Terry W. Claus, Jr., '84
Terry W. Claus, Sr.+
Sue McCourt Cobb, Esq., '78, and The Honorable Charles E. Cobb, Jr.
Albert N. Cohen, Esq., '53
Cynthia R. Cohen
Joan G. Cohen
Richard P. Cole, Esq.
Melinda "Lindy" Colson and Dean C. Colson, Esq., '77
Susan Connell and Andrew S. Connell, Sr., '71, '75
Carl H. Conrad
Fredi S. Consolo, '67, and Robert Consolo
Ric Cooper
Flora Cotton and Archie Cotton
Laura G. Coulter-Jones, '80, '90, and Michael Jones
Marlen T. Cowpland and Dr. Michael C. Cowpland
Nicholas A. Crane, Esq., '51, '53
Bernice S. Crawley
Carole D. Crocker
Kate L. Crosland and Luke Crosland
Patricia Ann L. Crow
Thomas A. Curtis
Dorothy D'Amato and George D'Amato
Joanne C. Dauer and Edward A. Dauer, M.D., '72, '75
Alice L. Davidson+
James H. Davis+
Miriam S. Davis
Tammy Davis and Paul H. Davis, Jr.
Sonia de Cruz, Esq., '87,
and Ernesto Cruz
Olga De Goizueta
Elizabeth H. Dee, '71+ and Paul T. Dee, '73, '73, '77
Florence A. DeGeorge and Lawrence J. DeGeorge
Dr. Dan Delrowe
Bobbi Dick and Mel Dick
Gillian Dinnerstein and Elliot Dinnerstein
Donna Dooley and Robert E. Dooley, Esq., '53
Mary Dorfman and
Randy Dorfman
Marjory S. Douglas+
Lolita and Gora Dutta
Amy Easton and Edward W. Easton, '66, '78
Mary Eaton and Julian F. Eaton, '74
Diane L. Eldredge and Alfred T. Eldredge, Jr., '59
Bonnie Eldridge and Loyal Eldridge
Eugenia Engelman and Leon Engelman
Anne Esformes and Nathan J. Esformes, '53
Kathryn S. Esformes and Joseph Esformes, '59
Gloria M. Estefan, '78, '93, and Emilio Estefan
Lisa O. Etheridge and George W. Etheridge, Jr.
Erika Ewers+
Joseph L. Falk
Rochelle Fein
Marie Feldman and Jerome Feldman
Sandy Felsen and Paul E. Felsen, '71
Michael A. Fentress+
Marian G. Fewell and Robert J. Fewell
Jeffrey Figiel and Denise Figiel
Dr. Leo S. Figiel
Phyllis A. Figiel
Shirley Fletcher
Helen D. Flipse
Betty E. Florman
Dean M. Fogel, '70
Roberta "Bosey" F. Foote and Edward T. Foote II
James B. Forbes, Jr.
Shelly F. Forer and Joseph Forer
Jeanine Forman-Ham
Ellen Frankel and Joel Frankel, M.D.
Nancy Frehling and Robert H. Frehling, '63
Elsie Freiman+
Marvin R. Friedman, Esq., '63, '66
Dorothy M. Frohlich+
Patricia Frost and Phillip Frost, M.D.
Florence Fuchs+ and Irving J. Fuchs+
Sheila Fuente and David I. Fuente
Sally R. Fuller
Susan Gallagher andDouglas Gallagher
Sumner Gerard
In memory of Bernard and Ethel Zatulove Gerson from Their Children
Linda Gibb and Barry Gibb
Gail Gidney and Jeffrey A. Gidney
Jewell Glasgow and Stanley N. Glasgow, '53+
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Glass
Nancy Glick and Lawrence E. Glick
Angela Goldberg and J. Arthur Goldberg
Mary Goldberg and Jay N. Goldberg
Gloria Goldman and Stanley Goldman
Margaret Good and Melvin Good
Jane Goodman and Jerrold F. Goodman
Phyllis Gorin and Lee Gorin
Estelle F. Gould
Taffy Gould
Mary M. Graham
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Granick
Elsa Greenberg
Rose Ellen Greene, '69, and Gerald L. Greene
Nancy L. Greenfield, M.D.
Gladys Greentree and Myron S. Greentree+
Elizabeth Orr Gregory, '42
Dr. Michael G. Gressel
Susen Grossman and Herbert M. Grossman
Gene "Gigi" Z. Gumenick and Jerome Gumenick, '52
Sophia Gumenick
Keith O. Hallman, M.D., '70
Olivia Hand+
Francine Harris and Mel Harris
Jeanette G. Harris
Jean L. Haynes+
Florence R. Hecht
Kristin A. Heffner, '81
William G. Heffner, '77
Ingeborg Helfers+
Diane Star Heller, '51, and Daniel N. Heller
Betty J. Hennessy and Vincent C. Hennessy, Esq., '71
Mary K. Herald and Thomas J. Herald
Patricia M. Herbert, '57, and Allan M. Herbert, '55, '58
Jerry Herman, '53, '80
Helen Herold
Barbara Herzberg and Samuel Herzberg
Paul G. Himmelright II
Deborah Hoffman, Esq., '56, '83, and Larry J. Hoffman, Esq., '54
Nancy Holden and Ralph Holden
Will Hudson+
Marti Huizenga and H. Wayne Huizenga
Arthur H. Hertz, '55
Grace P. Hyams+
Albert Iaacs
Noemi Ivcher and Baruch Ivcher
Lola Jacobson and Donald Jacobson
Ann L. Jaffe and Norman S. Jaffe, M.D.
Thelma S. Joseph
Max D. Josephson+
Walter A. Kahn+
Marcus Kallman
Ruth Karp and Irving Karp
Linda Karpas and Dr. Charles M. Karpas
George B. Karpay
Eleanor Katz and Herb Katz
Lucile F. Keely Trust+
Beverly B. Kessenich and Mark F. Kessenich, Jr.
David Kimmelman, '49
Sumintra Kirpalani and Jhamatmal Kirpalani
Barbara Knight and James L. Knight+
Louise V. Konopka
Bernice Kraslow and David J. Kraslow, '48
Connie Krueger and Harvey Krueger
Stephanie Krulik and Gary M. Krulik, M.D.
Marian C. Krutulis
Bertha Kubler+
Elena Kurstin and M. Joseph Kurstin, M.D., '64
Nathaniel H. Kutcher+
Tillie Lancione and Nelson Lancione, Sr.
Dr. Elizabeth C. Lane
Andrew Lenza
Flore Lesieur+
Jeanne S. Leventhal
Estelle Levin+
Sandra Levinson and Thomas B. Levinson, '68
Ruth Cohen Levkoff
Lillian Light
Phyllis H. Lippman and James G. Lippman
Sheldon J. Lowe, Esq., '67, '70
Kathryn Lum and Dr. James Lum+
Margot Madans
Ralph O. Maercks, M.D.
J. Michael Mahoney
Nancy Malnik and Alvin I. Malnik, Esq., '59
Sol C. Mandel
Robert A. Mann, '70
Mary M. Mapp
Daniel Marks
Maria D. Marlow and Homer L. Marlow, Esq., '53
Gloria Martin
Jose Martinez-Canas
Judith Matus and Michael L. Matus
Robert E. McClanen
Thomas B. McClelland+
Gail L. McCoy and Jackson F. McCoy, Esq., '70, '73
Martha McEwen and Richard W. McEwen
Mrs. William L. McKnight+
Sylvia McNeil and F. Kenneth McNeil, Jr., '62
Mary L. Metzger+
Polly L. Meyer and Baron D. Meyer+
Charlotte Milgram and Eugene Milgram
Susan Miller and Leonard Miller
Julie Mitchell and John C. Mitchell, Ph.D., '75+
Adrianne S. Mittentag and Paul I. Mittentag, '64
Jack Mizrahi
Barbara Monroe and Archie L. Monroe
Sandy Muss and Stephen Muss
Barbara B. Nelson
Brenda Nestor
Monica D. New, '90, '93, and Robert New, '88
Ellen Nusbaum and Sanford J. Nusbaum
Neal P. O'Brien
Alan Olsen
Diane H. Oman, '66, and Earl K. Oman, '64
John and Margaret Ordway
Lois Osman and Daniel A. Osman, M.D.
Christine H. Ostrovsky and Abraham Ostrovsky
Rye B. Page
Myrna Kaplan Palley, '56, and Sheldon B. Palley, Esq., '56, '57
Ann Pape and Ray Pape
Eileen Parente and Carmine Parente, '86, '89
Joy Pargman and Stanley Pargman
Lyn D. Parks and Robert L. Parks
M. Lee Pearce, M.D., '66
Penny Pearlman and Robert A. Pearlman
Paula Pendergast and Gerard J. Pendergast, Jr., '55
Janet S. Perlmeter and Stanley E. Perlmeter
Russell D. Pfaff
Elizabeth M. Plater-Zyberk and Andres M. Duany
Frank Poe
Amy Bahm Pollack, '75, and Richard Allen Pollack, '75
Lois B. Pope
Richard J. Portillo
Angela Prete+
Kate M. Price and Virgil M. Price II, '69
David L. Prince, Esq., '95
Gertrude Reis+
Frederick K. Reuter+
Lundy E. Reynolds and Fredric G. Reynolds, '72
Dianne T. Rice and Charles E. Rice, '58
Roselee Nichols Roberts, '64, and William A. Roberts, '64
Joan Robins and Gerald Robins
Ophelia A. Roca and Juan J. Roca
Nancy M. Rogenski and Theodore J. Rogenski
Lillian Rosen+
Ruth Rosenberg and Albert Rosenberg
Estelle Rosenfield and George Rosenfield
Eliza P. Ruden and Ralph J. Ruden
Joseph Rumbaugh+
Robert Ruwitch, '87
Marilyn Safenowitz and Milton Safenowitz
Yale M. Samole, M.D.
Mary G. Samuels+
Anne N. Sardiña and Eduardo M. Sardiña
Sylvia Schaefer and Rowland Schaefer
Esther Schatz and Irving Schatz
Gerald Shepps
Larry Shepps
Arlene T. Schnell, '49, and Martin N. Schnell
Judy H. Schulte and John K. Schulte, '54
Suzzanne K. Schultz and Duane R. Schultz, Ph.D.
Ruth Schwartz and Sam Schwartz
Ena H. Scott
Helen H. Seamans+
Miriam Sensale and James J. Sensale
Hazel Shanken and Marvin R. Shanken, '65
Marc D. Shapiro, M.D.
Marion Shapiro+
Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Sharkey
Mrs. Cotton S. Shepherd
Susan M. Sibley and Peter Sibley, '71
Rosalie K. Sidle
Ann L. Siegel and Herbert J. Siegel
Serena Simkins and Leon J. Simkins
Marilyn Simon and George M. Simon, '48
Richard Simon
Samuel Singer+
Emanuelle Slaight and Allan Slaight
Dr. David H. Smith and Dr. Maureen Smith
William E. Smothermon, M.D.
Matthew J. Soltysiak, Esq., '54
Jean P. Soman, '71, and William D. Soman, Esq., '73
Frosene T. Sonderling
Shelley W. Sorani and Giorgio Sorani
Daniel J. Spiegel, Esq., '69, '69, '72
Jeanne Spring and Richard G. Spring
Carol J. Springer and Steven J. Springer
Sarah E. Steffian
Ruth Stein
Erwin Stern
Bernice Stewart and Charles E. Stewart+
Mimi G. Stewart and Dr. James G. Stewart, Jr.
Robert F. Stoetzer, '61, '68
Virginia Parker Storer, '51, and Peter Storer, '51
Barbara A. Strickland and Wayne G. Strickland
Rosalyn B. Stuzin, '65, and Charles B. Stuzin, Esq., '67
Betty Sutnick
Sol M. Taplin+
Ralph O. Taylor, Jr.
Donna Tew and Thomas Tew, Esq., '66
Aletha I. Thomas+
Sally Thwing
Page Tighe and John P. Tighe, '66
Patricia W. Toppel, '58, '59, and Harold Toppel
Jane G. Tripp, '62, and Norman D. Tripp, Esq., '62
Lourdes Valdes and Ernesto Valdes
Sue Van
Renee Vermont+
Robert J. Villone+
Ethel J. Vilm+
Julianne N. Vorus
Ruth G. Wagner
J. Kay Waltman and Irving Waltman, Esq., '50, '52
Bertha Weber+
Marta S. Weeks and L. Austin Weeks
Donald Weidenweber
Barbara Weintraub and Michael Weintraub
Judith Weiser and Sherwood M. Weiser
Renee Weiss and Jay W. Weiss
Sharlene M. Weiss, Ph.D., and Stephen M. Weiss, Ph.D.
Lois S. Werner and Richard L. Werner
Helene Westreich
Ross Whistler
Betty White+
Marjorie F. Wien and Leonard A. Wien
Duane Wilder
Ralph C. Wilson, Jr.
Robert E. Wilson+
Josephine A. Wolf+
Richard Wolsten+
Jeffrey S. Wood
Sara H. Woodruff+
Mary F. Works, '53
Mary Yarndley+
Iris Zeitler and Martin Zeitler
Cicely L. Zeppa
Michael Zierler
Dolores B. Ziff and Dr. Sanford L. Ziff
Eleanor Zuber
Thomas Zuber
Mary Zuk+

$5,000 - $9,000
Bette J. Abolt
Diane Abrams and The Honorable Michael I. Abrams, '69
Sari Addicott and Michael Addicott
Richard S. Aldrich, Jr.
James G. Asher
Champa Asnani and
Haresh Asnani, M.D.
Dr. Ruth L. Ault and Dr. Richard H. Ault, '64
Ruby M. Bacardi
Beth A. Bamberg and Daniel Bamberg
Emolee S. Barrett and Dr. William T. Barrett, Jr.
Willard V. Bennett+
Sallie Benton and Robert Benton
Marlene S. Berg, '60, and David T. Berg, Sr., Esq., '56, '63
Arvilla Berger and Captain Leo V. Berger+
The Honorable Peggy Bernheim, '50
The Honorable Julia C. Bloch and Stuart M. Bloch, Esq., '64
Joan E. Bloom, '58, and Eugene C. Bloom, M.D., '60
Arnold Bortman
Ann F. Brawley
Maria E. Burris and Michael R. Burris, '71
Carolina Calderin, '84, and Victor O. Calderin, M.D.
Samuel C. Cantor+
Evelyn Carbonell and Robert J. Carbonell, Ph.D.
Jane Carter and S. J. Carter
Sandra E. Cauff and Stuart L. Cauff
Iris Chasen and Melvin Chasen
Lucille Chernin
Gloria Clark and John P. Clark
Helen Clarke and George Clarke
Matthew Cody
Caroline B. Cole
Susan M. Connor, '72, and John F. Connor, '71
Sara E. Connors and Jeffrey J. Connors, Esq., '71, '75
Jack B. Cooper Trust+
Susan S. Coulter and Joseph R. Coulter III
Carol B. Courshon and Arthur H. Courshon, Esq., '47
Wileen T. Coyne
Liliana Davidson-Tower, '95
Homero R. de la Torre, '66
Ruth Diamond
Wayne K. Duarte
Brian A. Dursum
Dr. Sonja Eiteljorg
Cheryl Epstein and Murray B. Epstein, Esq., '73
Irving Estrin, M.D.
Stecia Feldman and Milton E. Feldman
Audrey Rothenberg Finkelstein, '38
Mary B. Fishbein and
Bruce Fishbein
Valerie Fishman and
Dr. Marc L. Fishman
Amy H. Fitzpatrick and Edwin J. Fitzpatrick, Jr., Esq., '76
Carolyn T. Fletcher
Mary S. Furman and Alester G. Furman III
Esther Garazi and Solomon Garazi
Patricia Georgoff, Ph.D.
Niety and Gary Gerson
Marilyn Getz and William M. Getz, '60
Mildred Goldberg+
Alfred Goldstein
Allyn L. Golub, Ph.D., '66, '69
Vladimir P. Goussenkow
Nancy Green and Herschel V. Green, Esq.
Kathy Green, R.N., and Barth A. Green, M.D.
Cynthia Grenfell
Gloria Haberman and Lawrence I. Haberman
Sherry Halim and Sam Halim
Marian H. Hall
Nancy B. Hector and Louis J. Hector
Jeanine M. Heuer and Dr. Dale K. Heuer
Susan J. Ho and Ren-Jye Ho, Ph.D.
Peggy M. Hollander and S. Samuel Hollander
Fana Holtz and Abel Holtz
Elsie S. Howard and Eugene J. Howard
Frances A. Hurlow and John B. Hurlow
Mary F. Irvin and George L. Irvin, M.D.
Patricia P. Janney
Adrienne Kahn
Rose C. Kahn
Carol G. Lewis and Lewis R. Kaster
Rhonda Keller and Henry A. Keller, Jr.
Helene Kellert and Stanley P. Kellert
Lynn B. Kislak and Benedict P. Kuehne, Esq., '74, '77
Clara C. Kline and Stuart N. Kline, D.D.S.
Babette Kosar and Bernard Kosar, Jr., '85
Kandy W. Kramer and Jeffrey A. Kramer
Elaine Krupnick and John E. Krupnick
Carol S. Kubicki, Esq., '73, '79, and Gene Kubicki, Esq.
Phyllis Kublin and Alvin E. Kublin
Sylvia H. Kwasha
Susan Lampen and Richard J. Lampen, Esq.
Helen M. Lancaster+
Maria A. Landau and The Honorable George W. Landau
Edmund J. Lee
Dallas G. Lehman, '83
Fran Leichtung and Robert C. Leichtung
Susie C. Levan and Alan B. Levan
Phillip A. Levitz and Margaret A. Levitz
Andreas Liveras
Patricia Livingstone and Alan S. Livingstone, M.D.
Dr. Elizabeth K. Mandell and Dr. Richard D. Mandell
Sylvia M. Marchman, '67, and Ray E. Marchman, Jr., Esq., '61
Claire D. Marino and Dan Marino
Maryella Massaino and Alfio S. Massaino
Olga F. Melin, '55, and David Melin
Linda Mendelson and Robert Mendelson, '56
Debra Menin and Edward B. Menin
Byron Meyer
Rita S. Michel and Gilbert Michel, Jr.
Sharon A. Mihale and Dennis P. Mihale, M.D., '86
Dottie Miller and Julius Miller
Lester Miller
Margaret Mintz and Harold Mintz
Marge Kleiman Mintz and Daniel H. Mintz, M.D.
Beverly A. Mixson and William T. Mixson, M.D., '46
Fred Montanari
Jimmie Montoya and Eugene K. Montoya
Tracy W. Mourning and Alonzo Mourning
Jane Myers and Van Myers
Kenneth M. Myers, Esq.
Maryanne L. Nava and Ruben D. Nava, C.P.A., '70
Steven A. Nienke
Karen Nierenberg and Bruce I. Nierenberg
Nicholas Nuttall
Susan O'Hara and Dennis M. O'Hara
Russ Oasis
Alexandra E. Ordoñez
Sandy Papunen and Eric Papunen
Joan G. Parker
Helen Perlberg
Alvin Perlin
Rita K. Perlman and David L. Perlman, '59
Robert B. Peters, '59
Mathias Piskur, M.D.
Claudia M. Potamkin, '82, and Alan H. Potamkin
B. J. Pumpian
Sallie C. Quillian, '84, and Dr. Warren W. Quillian II
Suzanne M. Rares and Joseph W. Rares, '57
Susan O. Rasmussen+
Lillian Redlich
Agnes C. Reid
Sheila Resnik and Sorrel S. Resnik, M.D.
Carole L. Rezetko and Ronald C. Rezetko
Myrna Ricken and Norman Ricken
Marie Rizzo and Charles Rizzo
Stephen Rizzo
Gussie Robbins and Archer Robbins
Perri Lee Roberts, Ph.D., and Steven A. Elias, '68
Jane A. Robinson and Morton J. Robinson, M.D.
Elaine H. Rosen and Sigmund J. Rosen, M.D.
Count Pucci Rossi
Mary J. Rubley and Earl G. Rubley
Gisela B. Sabertschnig, '81, and Ralph W. Arwood III, M.D., '74, '81
Evelyn Sabga and George Sabga
Mindi and Jeffrey Safchik
Nina Schalit and Michael Schalit
Gloria Goodman Scharlin, '54, and Howard R. Scharlin
Stephen J. Schnably
Terri B. Scialdone and Gino J. Scialdone, '84
Barbara F. Scott, '50
Olive M. Senn
Karen E. Serure and Alan S. Serure, M.D., '75, '79
Rosemarie Sery and Raymond Sery
Pearl E. Shapiro
Ben Shepps
Kenneth Shepps
Roni Shier and Harry Shier
Maria Shohat and Edward R. Shohat, Esq., '69, '72
Barbara Singer and Sheldon Singer
Jack Sleeper, Jr.
Sara Solomon and Martin L. Solomon
Eric Spar
Electra V. Spillis and Peter J. Spillis
Steven Starker
John V. Summerlin
Harcourt M. Sylvester, Jr.
Robin T. Symons, Esq., '82, and Ralph W. Symons, Esq., '82
Margaret R. Taddeo, '66, and Joseph R. Taddeo, '68
Alma Tambone and Antonio Tambone
Robin G. Tassler and Roger Terrone
John W. Thatcher
Jacqueline B. Traurig and Robert H. Traurig, Esq., '50
David V. Uihlein
Dr. T. Nejat Veziroglu
Luciana Vittoria and Joseph V. Vittoria
Abdul Waheed
Jocelyn H. Watkins and John M. Watkins
Bernard P. Watson, Ph.D., '73, '76
Laurie Wells and Lawrence Wells, M.D.
Ruth Wenzel+
Dana Werner and Michael B. Werner, Esq., '69
William J. Whelan, Ph.D.
Eleanor R. Wimmers and Howard L. Wimmers, '61
Virginia Wood and Thomas D. Wood, Esq., '56, '56
Sonja Zuckerman

$2,500 - $4,999
Irene Abel and David M. Abel
Joan M. Abess, R.N., '68, and Allan T. Abess, Jr.
Thomas R. Adams, '57
Shirley Allsworth and Emerson L. Allsworth, Esq., '48, '52
Dr. Terence J. Anderson
Christine Atherton and Victor J. Atherton
Marte Augustus and Dr. Charles A. Augustus II
Cipora Auslander and David S. Auslander, Esq., '83, '86
Gilian Baron and Steven Baron
Anthony J. Barranco, Jr., Esq.
Marilyn Bateman and Warren F. Bateman
Lillian Bauer
Diane Beber and Bernard A. Beber, M.D.
Harry K. Bender, Esq., '66, '69
Louis Berens
H. Edward Berg, '73, '76
Joan A. Berk, Esq., '66, '69
Daysi Bermello and Willy A. Bermello, A.I.A.
Sallie Thomas and Thomas Bernard
Mona Bernstein
Rhonda Bernstein and Robert S. Bernstein
Mary A. Biddiscombe, '77
Alfreda Blagaich-Smith
Donna G. Blythe, M.D., and Stephen E. Blythe, M.D.
Glenn M. Bookman, '77
Gale A. Bramnick, Esq., '88, and James S. Bramnick, Esq., '75
Eileen G. Breier, Esq., '66, '75, '88, and Robert G. Breier, Esq., '69
Marvin J. Brittman, '64
Carol G. Brooks, '84, and Mark A. Brooks
Barbara Brown and Irving Brown
Sharon Capra Brown, '66, and Barry F. Brown, '63
Virginia A. Brown and Tim K. Brown
Barbara Brunetti and John J. Brunetti, '52
Erika Buchholz and Earl H. Buchholz, '91
Nancy L. Buist, '73
Susan Buist and Thomas B. Buist, '71
Angela A. Burstyn and Samuel I. Burstyn, Esq., '73, '76
Alfred R. Camner, Esq., '69, and Anne S. Camner, Esq., '72
Terry L. Cardwell, '81, '82
Kay Carpenter
Virginia L. Carrillo and Viriato M. Carrillo, '68
Hank Carroll
Consuelo Cespedes
Joyce R. Chadroff and Sy Chadroff, Esq., '54
George Clarke and
Helen Clarke
Tamara Clavero and Cesar A. Clavero, '78
William F. Coffey
Jerome J. Cohen, Esq., '51, and Rita Cohen
Leslie Cohen and David L. Cohen, Esq., '81
Catherine Bacco Connell, '46, and Maurice "Jack" W. Connell
Veronica Conway and Michael A. Conway, '67
Diane M. Cook, '80, and Gerald N. Cook
Judith S. Coon, '60, and Thomas T. Coon, Sr., '60
Linda Cooper and Roy Cooper
Robert N. Cooper, M.D.
Janet Smith Cory+
Pan T. Courtelis, '83
Eleanor Rubin Cristol, '60, and The Honorable A. Jay Cristol, Ph.D., '58, '59, '97
Judith C. Cuenca, '70, and Samuel M. Cuenca, '68
Holly D'Eugenio and David P. D'Eugenio, '80
Eddie Dalidowicz
Susan Stefan and Dr. Westwell Daniels
Zita Danoff and Stuart Danoff
Robbyn Davidson and Scott Davidson
Bud Dean
Joyce J. Lindekens Dickerson, '68, and Lyman B. Dickerson, '75
Jolynn Dickinson and Robert Dickinson
Dora Dingwall and Doug Dingwall
Malcolm J. Dorman, M.D.
Andrea R. Edelstein and Aaron J. Edelstein, Esq., '56, '57
Arnold H. Eisenberg
Susan H. Elias and Richard A. Elias, M.D.
Joseph Fabbio
Gudrid Federighi
Ruth Feldan
Eleanore Fisher and Lowell D. Fisher
Derry Fishman and Steven Fishman
Eileen Flax and Edward Flax
Judith A. Fogel, '59, and Bernard J. Fogel, M.D., '61
Anne Gache and Mac Gache+
Lenore J. Gaynor, '50
Hashu Gidoomal
Lucille Gilbert and Marc K. Gilbert
Dr. Frances B. Glenn and Dr. William D. Glenn III
Ann R. Goldman and Lowell Goldman
Cindy M. Goldstein and Sandy Goldstein, '81, '84, '85
Roberta Gordon and Daniel J. Gordon
Nancy Grodin and Dr. Richard Grodin
Louis Grossman
Norma Hackmeyer
Dorothea A. Hall and Richard H. Hall, '50
Suzy C. Hammond and Michael B. Hammond
Dr. Jeannette Fuller Hausler, '51, '53, and Dr. Richard A. Hausler
Ellen K. Heimlich and Barry N. Heimlich
Carol P. Hess and Alan M. Hess, '65
Daniel Heumann
Sandra L. Higier and Gerald M. Higier
Jo Ann G. Hildebrandt and Mark H. Hildebrandt, Esq., '82
Madelyn Hillsberg and Herbert Hillsberg
Judith M. Hirschberg and Dr. Joseph G. Hirschberg
Leroy Hoard
Norma Huttoe
Jeanette Iglesias and Jose J. Iglesias, '67
Harriet P. Irsay
Joyce E. Irving and J. Bruce Irving, Esq., '65
Judith P. Irwin and Kirk R. Irwin
Lesley Isaacs and David A. Isaacs, '71
Judith E. Jacobs and Richard M. Jacobs
Sally Jacobs and Richard F. Jacobs, M.D., '96
Catherine Johnson and Barry E. Johnson
Frances E. Johnson and Randall C. Johnson, '71
Linda Jones and Alwyn Jones
Michael R. Josephs, Esq., '69
Nilza P. Kallos, M.D.
Martin E. Kaplan
Charles G. Karanian, '50
Dr. Jane F. Katcher and Gerald Katcher
Lois F. Katz and Barry J. Katz, '63
Sue C. Kenyon and Norman M. Kenyon, M.D., '56
Barry Kieselstein-Cord
Haruko Kobayashi and Yoichi Kobayashi
Carole R. Korn and Ronald J. Korn
Julian Korson
Helene Kovens and Marc Kovens
Albert Kronowitz+
Hannah Krumholz and George Krumholz
Jose S. Lamela, Jr., '87
Kenneth Lancaster
Eleonora Landy and Burton A. Landy, Esq., '52
William L. Lashar, Jr.
Frank A. Lato
Cheryll W. Leiby and Larry R. Leiby, Esq., '69, '73
Jan Leichtung and
Arthur Leichtung
Ellen R. Leondis and Joseph Leondis
Stephen Levick
Joyce B. Levinson
Sandra Levy and Sidney Levy
Deborah L. Levy, Ed.D., and Elliot G. Levy, M.D.
Pamela Lewis and Stephen K. Lewis, '82
Gail M. Lingle and Dennis R. Lingle, '73
Brian W. Long
Susan Lynn and
Richard E. Lynn
Carol S. Magidson, '70, and David L. Magidson, Esq., '75
Frances Maichin
Martin Z. Margulies
Marilu Marshall, Esq., '66, '69, and Don Thomas
Karen S. Matluck and Michael M. Matluck, '75
Arva P. McCabe, '71, and Robert H. McCabe, Ph.D., '52, '90
Barbara McCadam and David B. McCadam
Mary A. McClain and Dan R. McClain
Joyce E. McClintock, Ph.D., '98, and Donato A. Viggiano
Beth McCracken and James B. McCracken, '50
Eugenia McCrea and W. Sloan McCrea
Nancy McGuigan and Thomas R. McGuigan, Esq., '74
Charles E. McIntyre, C.L.U.
Darin L. McMurray, '86
Micki Mele and Joe Mele
Cristina L. Mendoza, Esq., '82, and Victor G. Mendoza, Jr., '67
Ed E. Mickler, '46
Stuart A. Miller, Esq., '82
Marianne Mintz and Joshua J. Mintz, Esq., '81
Hector S. Mojena, '83
Ana Mola and Luis R. Mola
Paul K. Moran
Douglas H. Morehead
Marion Mosheim and Peter Mosheim
S. Moss
Alexandra Mueller and James F. Mueller
Florence G. Mufson
Rose M. Briskey Munch, '73, and Robert J. Munch, '73
Sheldon M. Neuman, '57
Charles M. Neviaser
Dorothy C. Norton and Henry Z. Norton
Sandra G. Nowicki
Jayne L. O'Neal and
Maston G. O'Neal, Jr.
Cathleen M. Osborn and William Osborn
Gail Payne and R. W. Payne, Jr.
Georgia S. Pearson, '50, and The Honorable Ray H. Pearson, '49
Larry J. Perl, '62
Cynthia L. Perloff and John W. Perloff, Esq., '83, '86
Kathleen R. Plummer and David S. Plummer
Simon Portnoy
Jean-Marie Posner and Steven B. Posner, Esq., '76
Hildine Potashnick and Jerome Potashnick
Wesley V. Pritchett
Tara A. Profitt and Clyde M. Profitt
Ileana O. Pruitt and William D. Pruitt, '66
Risa Pulver and Jeffrey L. Pulver
Deborah Rand and Dr. William J. Rand
Carol D. Ravikoff and Ronald B. Ravikoff, Esq., '77
Patricia A. Redmond, Esq., '75, '79, and Jerry M. Markowitz, Esq., '74
Frederick F. Reinhardt
Karen Reiter and Luis Reiter, Esq., '77, '80
Jean M. Rex and J. Walter Rex
Val Riback and Charles Riback
Scott A. Ridge
Dr. Mark C. Rinkel
Thomas E. Rodgers, Jr., '76
Silvia A. Rodriguez and Jose Ramon Rodriguez II, '81
Zobaida Roitstein and Steven M. Roitstein, '82, '84
Amy S. Rose and Laurence M. Rose
Tina Rosen and Richard L. Rosen
Tina Rosenberg
Sonny Rosenblatt
Silvia Rosenn and Keith S. Rosenn
Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel
Albert Rothstein
Aino Rouvari
Mark Rubin
Lori Sabo and Robert J. Sabo, C.P.A., '72
Gerald M. Salzman, '76, '76
Carolyn Sanborn
Jack E. Sanders, M.D., '57
Ellen Schaeffer and Kenneth S. Schaeffer
Howard Schaeffer
Leonard Schenker
Robert M. Schrayer
Evelyn B. Schwartz and Gerald Schwartz
P. Scire
Hermine J. Seiden and Ronald H. Seiden, '55
Sheila Shair and Bernard E. Shair, M.D., '75
Bonnie G. Shapanka and Mel Shapanka, '64
Harriet Shapiro and John Shapiro
Sylvia S. Sheldon and Bill Sheldon
Myrna B. Shevin, '57, '59, and The Honorable Robert L. Shevin, '57
Lisa M. Shulman, M.D., '88, and Peter J. Shulman, M.D.
Jeffrey M. Shuster
David Sierra
Mitchel U. Silverman, M.D., '81
Wayne T. Simon, '76
Theresa M. Slater
Alan M. Slewett
Sheila F. Slewett, '73, and Robert D. Slewett, Esq.
Lillian Smalheiser and Harvey Smalheiser
Melanie J. Smallwood and David B. Smallwood
Joan P. Smith and Harry B. Smith, Esq., '50
Myrna M. Somoza and Julio G. Somoza
Lorraine C. Sonnabend and Stephen Sonnabend
Heather M. Spencer, R.N., '83, and Thomas R. Spencer, Jr., Esq., '66, '69
Carol M. Speyerer and David K. Speyerer, M.D., '86
Steven Stark
John A. Stevens, '50
Dr. James Stewart, Jr.
Louise Straub and William J. Straub, Sr.
Carol P. Strongin, '73, and Edward A. Strongin, C.P.A., '72
Charlene R. Thomas and Robert C. Thomas
Wilma F. Triebwasser, Esq., '79
Maria L. Valdes and Osvaldo D. Valdes, M.D.
Susan L. VanderWyden and William P. VanderWyden III, Esq., '84
Virginia C. Voell and Richard A. Voell
Carol B. Wagner and Bernard Wagner, '57
Kathy Watt and J. Scott Watt, '76
Thomas J. Weger
Dr. Charles Weiss
Joan M. Welbaum and Earl Welbaum, Esq., '54, '59
Thomas E. Wells, Jr.
Dr. Jack Widrich
Ellen M. Williams and George D. Williams
Suzee Williams and Eugene E. Williams, Esq., '62
Henry E. Wolff
Marsha Wolinsky and Fred Wolinsky
Hugh L. Wood, Jr., Esq., '82, '94
David Wulken
Jo Ann Young and Jerrold Young, M.D.
Rose Zimmerman
Susan Zinn and Richard Zinn, Esq., '73
Jane Mary Zwerner, Ph.D., '80, '84, '86, and Carl R. Zwerner
Joan C. Zwick and Charles J. Zwick

$1,000 - $2,499
Ines V. Abascal and Federico M. Abascal
Miriam Abel
Leonard L. Abess, Sr.
Anthony R. Abraham
Margarita P. Abrishami and Bahram A. Abrishami
John A. Acuff, '70
Susan Strickroot Adams, Esq., '92, and John C. Adams
Judith S. Adler, '73, and Michael M. Adler, '73
John B. Agnetti
Gisela Aguila-Puentes, Ph.D.
Helaine C. Ahern and Francis T. Ahern
Bonnie L. Aibel, '83, and Jonathan E. Aibel
Sally K. Albrecht, '77, '79, and Jay L. Althouse
Katherine H. Albury and Robert E. Albury
Selma W. Alexander, '45
Jacqueline Allee and Chesterfield Smith, Esq.
Ethel S. Allen
Anthony F. Alonzo
Wallace L. Alward, M.D.
Ritchie Ambers
Bette L. Andersen
Betty C. Anderson and William W. Anderson, M.D.
Edmund N. Ansin
Andrew J. Anthony, Esq., '76
Susan H. Aprill, Esq., '82
Dr. Patricia Pickton Aresty, '76, and Dr. Jeffrey Aresty, '77
Beatriz L. Argilagos, '85, and Joseph Argilagos
Ana Arguello-Zaldana
Jill Arkin and Stanley H. Arkin, '54
Sheila M. Bisset and Norwin L. Aronfeld, '61
Anne E. Arribas and John M. Arribas, Jr., P.E., '56
Elizabeth B. Artman and James Damian Artman, '72
Shari G. Ashman and Stephen N. Ashman, '79
Cara Auerbach and Dr. Jeffrey J. Auerbach
Muriel M. Auerbach+
Jerald D. August, Esq.
Idelma Avino and Ernesto S. Avino, '71
Richard P. Ayles, Esq., '79
Diane K. Azpiazu and Aurelio Azpiazu, '68
Annette Casuso and Frederick R. Baddour, '84
Bianca Bakalar and Marvin Bakalar
Jeanne M. Baker
Judy Baldacci and Kico Baldacci
Antoniette Baldwin and Gail Byron Baldwin, '60
Diane Balkany and Thomas J. Balkany, M.D., '72
Cheri Ball and Charles C. Ball, '74
Susan H. Ballam and Samuel H. Ballam III, '72
E. Ballan
Cara H. Balogh and Bobby Balogh
Peggy Banick and Richard S. Banick, Esq., '56
Deborah Banks and Walter L. Banks, '65
Barbara D. Barkoff and Sheldon Barkoff
Randall M. Barlow, '84
Renee R. Barnett and Stephen H. Barnett, Ph.D., '64, '65
Joseph Baron, '63
Julia P. Barrett and Bernard M. Barrett, Jr., M.D., '69
Martha Barron and Patrick K. Barron, '75
Michelle Kaufman and Dave Barry
Hilarie Bass, Esq., '81
Brian C. Bastin, '93
Mary L. Bastin and Richard E. Bastin
Dr. Ellen F. Baum, '59, '61, and George L. Baum, M.D.
Linda A. Baumel, '72, and Bernard S. Baumel, M.D., '70, '74
James B. Beauchamp, '72, '72, '98
Harold L. Beck, '60
Virginia Beck and Gary E. Beck, '62, '66
Jo Ann M. Becker
Mary P. Becker, '65, '68
Randy L. Beckman and William S. Beckman
Carol Bedotto and Carmine Bedotto, M.D.
Laurie R. Bellinger, '75, and Richard P. Bellinger,' 74, '79
Barbara Goodell Benefield, '52, and Dr. Bruce Benefield, '51
Lynn S. Bentley and Robert L. Bentley, '81
Arnold Benus
Bernard Bercuson
Robert Berger, M.D.
Lynn S. Berkowitz, '61, and Samuel Berkowitz, D.D.S.
Gina L. Berlin and Howard J. Berlin, Esq., '79
Elias Berman
Sondra H. Berman and Arnold L. Berman, Esq., '77
Marla E. Bern and Kenneth S. Bern
Eleanor Bernstein
Pam Bernstein and Dr. Steven A. Bernstein
Francyn T. Berrin and Robert G. Berrin, Esq., '75
Lorenzo D. Berry III, '77
David Berstein
Suzanne Bezahler and Donald Bezahler
Kapil N. Bhalla
Mark Bidner, Esq., '86
Barbara L. Binns
Julie Birdman and Louis Birdman
Erika Bishins and Harold Bishins
Ziva Bittan and Avi Bittan
Lea Black and Roy Black, Esq., '67, '70
Jannice K. Blackburn and William J. Blackburn, Jr., '64
Elayne Blackman and Richard Blackman
Jean P. Blakley, '79, '81, and John C. Blakley, '77, '79
Theresa L. Blakley and Reverend H. K. Blakley
Doris M. Blanck and Bernard G. Blanck
Albert L. Blanton
Sylvia G. Blau, '57, '65
Donna R. Blaustein, Esq., '95
Robin Blaxberg and Ian B. Blaxberg, Esq., '77
The Honorable Elaine Bloom and The Honorable Philip Bloom
Olga Bluestein and Morris Bluestein
Dr. Lori P. Blum and William B. Blum, Esq., '82
Norman J. Blum, M.D.
Herbert Blumberg
Catherine M. Blumenthal, '94, and Maurice I. Blumenthal
Jill M. Blundon
Richard B. Bochnovich
Geraldine Bohning, Ed.D., '73, and Donald D. Bohning
Joseph K. Bonidy
Zaida M. Boomis and Christopher Boomis
Rita J. Bornstein, Ph.D., '75, and Dr. Harland G. Bloland
Maureen G. Bothwell and Joseph C. Bothwell, Jr.
Mary Anna Boulanger and Richard J. Boulanger
Robin H. Bradley and Thomas J. Bradley
Dr. Caroline M. Bradley and A. Michael Froomkin
Charles W. Brand
Charles D. Brandt, '78, '84
Robert W. Brant, '68
Mariamne Brauzer and Benjamin Brauzer, M.D., '57, '62, '63
Elizabeth A. Brazilian and Aram Brazilian, Jr., '57
Trudy B. Brekus and Gordon I. Brekus
Sandra Brickman and William J. Brickman, '62
Stuart F. Bridges, '79
David A. Brilbeck, '70
Joyce Brinson and John B. Brinson, Jr., M.D., '57
Diane J. Brisbon and Steven K. Brisbon
Bonnie Brooks and Norman Brooks, D.D.S.
Jacquelyn Brown and Bruce Brown
Jodi B. Brown and Scott N. Brown
Linda Dunn Brown, '73, '77, and David L. Brown, '73, '75, '75
Robert C. Brown
Sheila E. Brown and Morton P. Brown, Esq., '58, '61
Thomas G. Brown
Dorothy Brumer and Michael Brumer
Connie Buckley and Richard D. Buckley, Jr., '60
Rosemary C. Burke and Michael A. Burke, Sr.
Monica E. Burkett and Charles M. Burkett, M.D., '81
Sandra G. Burman and Dr. Don M. Burman
Betty Burrows
Susan Bushell and Alan Bushell
Anne M. Butler and Peter A. Butler, '63
Hal T. Butler, Ph.D., '78
Virginia L. Butler and William R. Butler, Ph.D.
Deborah Butterfield and Thomas M. Wendell
Paul Caan
Burton Cahn, M.D.+
Nelson D. Calle, '96, '98
Adriana M. Campa, Ph.D., '91, '91, and Paul Pettennude
Mayra R. Campuzano and Juan C. Campuzano, '82
Matilde M. Canals
Bonita A. Caputo, '68, '71
Gary M. Carman, Esq., '74
Nancy Carroll and Andrew B. Carroll, Sr., '57
Kim Carson and Neil J. Carson, '91
Robert Carswell
Jeannette K. Carter and John T. Carter, D.D.S.
Darla S. Carter and Mark H. Carter
Mylene and Tico Casamayor
Nelson Case, Jr., '56
Beth A. Drogowski Casey, '69, and J. Douglas Casey III, '70
Mary J. Cashman and Daniel F. Cashman, '59
May Cassard
Diane G. Cassel
Mark Castellano
William Castellano
Mario Castelo
William P. Cave, '60
Miriam Caylor
Dorothy I. Cesarano and Dr. Frank Cesarano
Sue N. Cesarano and Gregory M. Cesarano, Esq., '76
Karen Chaikin and Robert M. Chaikin, M.D., '63, '79
Sheila S. Chait and Jere N. Chait, Esq., '55, '61
Dolores J. Chambreau, R.N., '67, and William J. Chambreau
Diane Nelson Chapin, '64, and Lewis M. Chapin
Arlene J. Chaplin and Wayne E. Chaplin, Esq., '79, '82
Melissa Chaykin and Steven E. Chaykin, Esq., '73, '76
H. Glorida Chen
Jack Chester
Richard R. Cheswick
Sara L. Chikovsky, '78, '82, and Fred Chikovsky, Esq., '78, '81
Carmen W. Christopher and David L. Christopher, '63
Anna M. Christopherson and David E. Christopherson
June Clark
Jill Clark and Dr. S. William Clark III
Robert L. Clark, M.D.
Diana Clarkson and John G. Clarkson, M.D., '68
Robin C. Cleary and Brian A. Cleary
Dr. Patricia A. Clunn
Kolleen Cobb and Chris M. Cobb
Allan Cocann
Arthur G. Cohen
Diane Cohen and Arthur Cohen
Lucille Walter Cohen, '54, and Herbert J. Cohen, Esq., '53, '56
Nancy Y. Cohen and Martin Cohen
Sherry Z. Cohen
Deborah S. Cohn, '58, and Stanley D. Cohn, '47
Scott A. Cole, Esq., '91
Phillip L. Coleman, '58
Patricia M. Collins, '85, and Henry W. Collins
Joseph T. Comras
Jill T. Conner, '75, and F. William Conner
Joanne D. Connolly and Theodore L. Connolly, Jr.
Rita J. Conroy and Thomas W. Conroy, Esq., '71
Betty Cooper and Marvin Cooper
Carol S. Cope, Esq., '80, and The Honorable Gerald B. Cope, Jr.
Elizabeth H. Corbett
Richard Cordon
Cindy L. Costin and John A. Costin, M.D.
Lawrence V. Coughlin
Alex M. Coulter
Richard Cowell, '94
Ann Cox and Guy W. Cox II
Ann H. Coyne and Carroll F. Coyne
Carol F. Crabtree and Joel J. Crabtree
Michele S. Criden and Michael E. Criden, Esq., '87
Howard F. Crossman
Judith E. Crowell, M.D., '87, and Kenneth W. Goodman, Ph.D., '91
Eduardo Cruz
Robert Crystal
Maria Cummings and Richard E. Cummings, M.D., '77
Marie E. Curran and John R. Curran, '64
Lamar Louise Curry
Robert H. Curry, M.D., '70
Mary Lou Curtin and Victor T. Curtin, M.D.
Carole Cushman and Robert Cushman
J. Cutillo
Arlyn and Stephen H. Cypen, Esq., '68
Hazel Cypen and The Honorable Irving Cypen
Lee A. Dagger and Thomas G. Dagger
Alicia M. Dahling
Mary G. Dalton and Richard T. Dalton, Esq., '58
Sue Daly
Shelley B. Daniel and Thomas A. Daniel
Emily Danker and Henry H. Danker
Patti Neill and Richard David
Roberta David and Roy David
Sue Davidson and Scott E. Davidson, '82
Ginger G. Davis, '67, and Robert E. Davis, '56
Pamela J. Davis, Ph.D., '65, '72, '79, and James E. Vickers
Robert E. Davis, Jr., '90
Jennie de Cardenas and Gelbert L. de Cardenas
Nancy A. De Graff and Richard B. De Graff
Francia R. De Lopera and Luis C. Lopera
Sallie W. Dean, '94, and G. Hilton Dean
Jane M. DeCamp
Ma De Sheng
Leslie E. Deehl and David L. Deehl, Esq., '82
Cherene Deem and Michael S. Deem
Elizabeth Deinhardt and John Deinhardt
Gail M. Del Vecchio and Charles F. Del Vecchio, '59
Regina A. Demming and James H. Demming, M.D.
Rori K. Denholtz and Robert S. Denholtz, '71
Donald A. Denkhaus
Mary E. Deutsch and Hunting F. Deutsch, '82
Joan Cornberg Dezell, '55, '58, and James R. Dezell, '50
Robert V. Di Pauli, '64, '65
Sue J. Diamond and Fred Diamond
William M. Diamond, '63
Ruth A. Irvin and J. Michael DiMaio, M.D.,' 87
Maria C. DiPierro and Vincent N. DiPierro, Jr., '92
Arthur L. Diskin, M.D., '74, '79
Simon H. Diskin
Rebecca R. Dixon, '68
Larry Dodd
Helen B. Dolan and Charles F. Dolan
Kimberly W. Donlon and Robert M. Donlon, Esq., '87
Amy Steele Donner, Esq., '64, '74, '87, and William I. Donner, '58
Carolyn Donovan and T. Patrick Donovan, '58
Manny Doppelt
Karyn R. Dornfield and Stuart Dornfield
Drew J. Doscher
Mary Doyle and Hal B. Perkins
Sheila Drazick and Herman J. Drazick
Elizabeth A. Drescher and Murry Drescher, M.D.
Ilene Massarsky Dresner, '69, and Bruce M. Dresner, '69
Marialuisa Bozzano and Kenneth D. Dubbin, '75, '79
Gary R. Dubin, '63
Adele Dublin and Leonard Dublin
Alvina Duffner and Dr. Lee R. Duffner
Minor Duggan, M.D.+
Dorothy Ashe Dunn, D.A., '41, '66, '77
Richard M. Dunn, Esq., '70
Pamela Dupuis and Peter A. Dupuis
Debra Durant and John J. Schoendorf
Thomas F. Dutcher, M.D.
Scott Early
Craig B. Eberhardt
Michelle M. Eckhoff and Peter B. Eckhoff
Louise Edelman and Sam L. Edelman
Bernard S. Edelstein, Esq., '54, '54
Margaret Edelstein
Sarah W. Egan-Mooney
Moises Egozi
Irma Einhorn+
Sharon G. Elegant, '65, and Ira M. Elegant, Esq., '63, '66
Martin Elias
Dawn M. Elliott
Caroline T. Ellis and Charles T. Ellis, M.D., '57
Stuart H. Ellison, '70
Marsha Barbanel Elser, Esq., '72, '75, and Melvyn B. Frumkes, Esq.
Juan C. Enjamio, Esq., '86
Nancy B. Epstein and Marc L. Epstein, M.D., '72
Jean L. Erbesfeld and Marvin H. Erbesfeld, M.D., '68, '70
Laura Essen and Richard J. Essen, Esq., '60, '63
Barbara J. Nickerson-Estrada and Ernesto Estrada
Dorothy M. Evans
Lynda W. Fadel, Esq., '86 and Al Fadel
Simon Falic, '80
Cheryl F. Falk and Glenn P. Falk, Esq., '69, '73
Daphne Farago
Bertha Farber and Samuel Farber
Josephine Faso and Salvatore A. Faso, '67
Ann Fast and Jacob Fast
Brigida S. Fauntleroy and James M. Fauntleroy
Pat Fay and The Honorable Peter T. Fay
Rose R. Featherston and C. Moxley Featherston
Michael J. Federline, M.D., '71
LaReine Fedor
Elaine Feldman and Theodore Feldman, M.D.
Sylvia P. Feltman and Dr. Robert F. Feltman
Doris Felton and The Honorable Murray B. Felton
Robert J. Fenstersheib, Esq.
Michael J. Ferreira
Sara R. Ferrer and Jose P. Ferrer
Deborah Ferris and Tikhon Y. Ferris
Cindy Fettrow and Lynn W. Fettrow
Myra M. Fidanque and Joseph Fidanque, Jr.
Joanne G. Fields and David K. Fields
William Finch
Dawn A. Fine and Barry H. Fine
Pat P. Fine, '50, and Martin Fine, Esq., '49
Renee S. Fink
Marcellus M. Fisher
Mary V. Fisher, '73
Sonya Fisher and David E. Fisher, '66
Charles Fistel
Katharine B. Fitzhugh, Ph.D., '89, and W. Parke Fitzhugh
Mary E. Flannery
Betty C. Fleming and Joseph Z. Fleming, Esq.
Betty Florman and Marvin S. Florman, '54+
Kathleen R. Foley and Paul W. Foley, '73
Julie L. Forbes and John R. Forbes, '82
Barbara M. Ford and Todd T. Ford, '77
Jeanne Marie J. Ford
The Honorable Rex Ford
Gail Ellis and Samuel J. Fox
Rebecca "Becky" Francis and Jerome M. Francis
Adrienne B. Frank and Neil G. Frank, Esq., '71
Charlotte Frank and Morton Frank
Jane Frank and Howard Frank, Ph.D., '62
Danielle Frankel and Gunter Frankel
Patricia Frankel
Phyllis Franklin, Ph.D., '65, '69
Elise Fraser and Stuart Fraser
Joan G. Frechette and Joseph C. Frechette
Sheila R. Freed, '67, and Owen S. Freed, Esq., '55, '59
Roslyn Freeman and Robert A. Freeman, Esq., '70
Eddi-Ann R. Freeman and Lewis B. Freeman, Esq., '71, '74
Felix Freshwater
Muriel S. Freund and Albert J. Freund
Paula Friedland and Joel Friedland
Toby L. Friedland, '50
Gloria Friedman and Harvey A. Friedman
Jlan Friedman
Lucille K. Friedson and Belvin Friedson
Dorothy Funk and Arthur P. Funk
Nancy Gabor and Ronald S. Gabor, '70
Ellen Naomi Gagne+
Mira Gaines and Murray Gaines
Cynthia F. Galiette and Peter M. Galiette
Linda G. Gallant and Martin Gallant, '63
Colonel Arthur J. Gallow
Diane Galten and Douglas Galten
Donna L. Garcia de Quevedo and Paul A. Garcia de Quevedo, '79
Barbara F. Garrett and Richard G. Garrett
Walter P. Garst, M.D.
Pauline Gartner
Nivia Gasso
Gladys Gelb and Martin Gelb
Ella Gelvan
Rosemary Gelvan and Leo Gelvan+
Karen J. Georgalas and James T. Georgalas, '76
Susan A. George and Charles K. George, Esq., '54
M. Holly Gerace and Terence A. Gerace, Sr., Ph.D., '74
Thomas H. Gerard
Kathleen K. Gerner and Elric C. Gerner, '69
Niety Gerson and Gary R. Gerson
Diane Giffler and Ronald F. Giffler, Esq., '90
Sidney Gilbert
Stephanie Gilbert and Arthur I. Gilbert, M.D., '57
Jamie E. Gilman and Miles E. Gilman
Maria J. Gimenez Borin and Vagner Gimenez Borin
Robert E. Ginis
Ronnie S. Ginsberg and Arnold R. Ginsberg, Esq., '71
Mark Ginsburg, M.D.
Barbara J. Ginzburg and Enrique Ginzburg, M.D., '85
Marilyn J. Mittentag and Stuart H. Gitlitz, Esq., '75
Maria Giuffrida and John T. Giuffrida, M.D., '71
April Gladis and Joseph W. Gladis, '64
Susan Gladstein and Harlan M. Gladstein, Esq., '76, '86
Ruth Glaser and Dr. Luis Glaser
Joel S. Glaser, M.D.
Randy L. Glassman and Steven Glassman
Norma Glogover and Phil Glogover
Adele H. Goddard, '48
Ronald F. Gofrank
Cindy Goldberg and Michael C. Goldberg
Sandra "Sandy" Goldberg and Barton S. Goldberg, Esq., '56, '57
Barbara L. Goldman, Ph.D., '74, '78, and Philip C. Boswell, Ph.D., '75, '79
Sylvia Goldman and Arnold L. Goldman
George E. Goldring, '63
Constance Perine-Goldsmith and Leslie A. Goldsmith, Ph.D., '72
Bella Goldstein and Lester Goldstein
Vaughn R. Goldstein and The Honorable Stanley M. Goldstein, '51, '68
Gene D. Gomberg, '70
Frank Gomez
Debbie Gonzalez and Daniel Gonzalez
Deborah M. Gonzalez and Dr. Efrain A. Gonzalez
Sandra Goode and R. Ray Goode
Dorothy Goodman and James Goodman
Miriam Goodman and Bernard Goodman
Rose Marie Goodman and Herman Goodman
Susan Goodman and Jonathan Goodman, Esq., '83
Sharon G. Goodwin and W. Jarrard Goodwin, M.D.
Beth A. Gopman, '55, and Herbert L. Gopman, P.E., '54
Hannah Gordon
Marian A. Gorman and William A. Gorman
Suzanne Gorman and Thomas J. Gorman, '70
Matthew B. Gorson
Karin Gostowski and Richard H. Gostowski, '38
Elvira Graci and Samuel Graci
Charles E. Granito, '60, '62
Barbara J. Grasso
Grant H. Gravitt II
Mary Lou Gray and
James L. Gray, Jr., M.D.
Dana I. Green
Dorinda Landi Green, R.N., '67, and Robert D. Green, '66, '68
Corinne P. Greenberg and Maurice R. Greenberg, Esq., '48
Sandra B. Greenblatt and Kenneth D. Greenblatt, '68
Toby Greene
Helen M. Greenfield and Arnold L. Greenfield
Susan Greenfield and George Greenfield
Stephen W. Greenfield
Robert Greer
Janet Greiner and G. Roger Greiner, '64
Natalie Gress and Glenn J. Gress, '78
Marcie Gribetz and Michael J. Gribetz, '72
Barbara Grieco and Frank V. Grieco, '67
Ruth F. Gross+
Robert A. Gruder, '51, and Ilene D. Gruder, '57
Alina Guardado and Julio L. Guardado, '68
Rosario Guardado
Barbara Guilford and F. W. Mort Guilford, Esq., '51, '56
Martin D. Guiry
June Gunnison and Frank Gunnison
Sheldon Bruce Guren
Bettie Haas
Susan A. Habacht, '91, and Alan M. Habacht
Linda Haft
Richard J. Haft
Brenda B. Hagan
E. R. Haggar
Marian Haizen
Paul Haley
Carol Hall and John E. Hall
John W. Hall
Dr. Stephen K. Halpert
Diane Lee Tenenbom Halpryn, '56, and Ernest M. Halpryn, D.D.S.
Amy S. Halsey and Douglas M. Halsey, Esq., '79
William F. Hamilton, M.D., '75
Linda Hancock and Ronnie L. Hancock
Shirley F. Hand and Manuel Hand
Reva Hanzman and Michael A. Hanzman, Esq.
Margaret S. Hardin
Ruth Feldan and Henry Hardy
David M. Harper
Jeanne D. Harper and George R. Harper, Esq., '70
Lydia Harrison and Burton Harrison, Esq., '49, '52
Virginia R. Harrold and Thomas U. Harrold
Valerie Hart and Robert F. Hart, '54
Steven E. Hartz, Esq.
Doris E. Hastings and Lawrence V. Hastings, M.D., '53
Judith M. Haverty and Lawrence J. Haverty, Jr.
Adam B. Hawes
Gerald J. Hayes, Esq., '78
William A. Hayes, D.O.
Patricia I. Hayhurst, '86, and James A. Romano, Jr.
Delpha C. Haynie
Dorothy A. Healy and John F. Healy, Jr.
Wilda J. Heath+
Ilien M. Hechtman and Keith S. Hechtman, M.D., '79, '83
Kathryn R. Heinly, '69, '79
Lorna Heisler and Kenneth G. Heisler
Louise "Dee" T. Held and Robert T. Held, Sr.
Andrew W. Helfgott, M.D.
Mary Heller
Tammi S. Hellinger and Andrew B. Hellinger, Esq., '87, '90
Marcia S. Hendler and Richard Hendler
John H. Henry and Anne W. Henry
Carole Hepburn and Ted Hepburn
Susan J. Herdman, Ph.D., and Ronald J. Tusa, M.D., Ph.D.
Madeline L. Herman and Vincent E. Herman, '60
Moises E. Hernandez, M.D.
Jane Herren and Norman A. Herren, '37
Irving Herris, C.P.A., '52
Sara Herron and James M. Herron
Cynthia "Cindy" Hersh and Barry Hersh
Lester K. Hersh
Jerome Herskowitz
Benjamin Herson
Judith B. Hertz and Louis O. Hertz, Jr., '53
Thomas F. Hewitt
Susan A. Heyder and Kenneth O. Heyder, Esq., '75
Denise J. Hildebrandt and Gary P. Hildebrandt
Lois Hildebrandt and Sanford Hildebrandt
Dwight L. Hill
Joan A. Hill and Ronald M. Hill, Sr., '60
Joyce Hinenburg and Dr. Paul Hinenburg
Gail D. Hiney and Alan Hiney
Mary F. Hipp and J. William Hipp, D.M.A.
Jacqueline S. Hochberg
Mary Q. Hodsdon and Edward E. Hodsdon, M.D., '36
Bruce S. Hoffberger, '72
Alan Hoffman
Fredric A. Hoffman
Joy G. Hoffman and James C. Hoffman, '80
Christy W. Hofmann and Robert Hofmann
Marilyn J. Holifield
Rita Holloway and Benjamin D. Holloway
Frances A. Holmes
Kathleen D. Homan, '74, '74, and Walter E. Homan, '74
Jeffrey T. Horan
Debbie Horn
Diane L. Horner, Ed.D., and Danny Horner
Steven J. Horton
George Horvath
David A. Howard, M.D., '77
Denise T. Howard and Dr. Donald C. Howard
Scott C. Howell, '99
Gaspar F. Ponce and H. Scott Huizenga, Esq., '89
Dorothy E. Hulsh
Ellen Hunersen
Barbara Hunsaker and Robert H. Hunsaker, M.D.
Gladys B. Hunt and Sam C. Hunt
John E. Hunt, Sr.
Roslyn Hurwitz and Elmer A. Hurwitz
Judith Huston and Sanford Huston
Edward S. Hutner, M.D.
Peggy J. Iacocca
Michael L. Inniss, '96
George Ioannides, M.D.
Sherry Ireland and Thomas K. Ireland
Don J. Jackson
Lamar A. Jackson+
Anita Jacob and Eli Jacob
Barbara M. Jacobs and Daniel J. Jacobs, '66
Ann Jacobson and Bernard E. Jacobson
Donald Jacobson
Brenda Jaffe and Ira J. Jaffe
Priscilla W. Jennings and Tipton D. Jennings IV, '54
Warren C. Johnson, '50
Linda Jones and Thomas G. Jones
Marilyn W. Jones and Dr. Dan B. Jones
Scott D. Jones
Dr. Karen M. Joos
Rolando Jorge, M.D.
Andrew D. Jubelt
Lien H. Jui, '90, '91
Allyson Jukel and Sandy Jukel, '79
Joyce Jury and Eliahu I. Jury
Thomas E. Kaestner
Martin Kalb, Esq.
Ilissa Kalinsky and Jay H. Kalinsky, M.D., '73
Fred Kambeitz
Hannah J. Kamin and Marvin Kamin
Linda Kane and Phillip M. Kane, '69, '83
Andrea Kanter and Steven Kanter, M.D.
Linda Kantrowitz and Jack Kantrowitz
Judith A. Kaplan and Fred P. Kaplan
Ellen G. Kaplan and William Katz
Saundra R. Kaplan, C.P.A., '62, and Alan G. Kaplan, '60
Miles C. Kara
John J. Karabasz, '63
David L. Karian, Esq., '88, '91
The Honorable Bentley Kassal
Henry Kassner and Teddy Kassner
Carolyn R. Katsikas, '62, and James L. Katsikas, M.D., '64
Vicki Katz and Hardy C. Katz, '63
Jane M. Katzen and Lawrence B. Katzen, M.D., '70, '74
Lois W. Katzenstein and Seymour Zeitler
Areta A. Kaufman and Jeffrey S. Kaufman, Esq., '64
William Kay, D.M.D.
Deborah Kaye and Bruce Kaye
Norman Kaye
Walter A. Keane
Patricia R. Kearns and Thomas N. Kearns
Sharon D. Keast and Dennis D. Keast
Gloria B. Keats, R.N., and George H. Keats, '57
Lorraine Keller and Bruce A. Keller, '87
James P. Kelley
Alex P. Kelly, M.D.
Donald J. Kelly, '72
Elizabeth L. Kelly
Josephine W. Kenin and David S. Kenin, Esq., '63
Geraldine A. Kennedy and Thomas F. Kennedy
Evelyn C. Kent and Wendel F. Kent
Chris A. Kerr and Robert J. Kerr
Miriam L. Kerr
Joyce Keusch and Kenneth D. Keusch, M.D., '63
Yvonne M. Kieval, '86, '88, and Dr. Joshua Kieval
Frank Kilby
Tighe A. King, Jr., '63
Kathleen E. Kircher, M.D., '56, and Albert Kircher
Barbara Kirsch and Dr. Ralph E. Kirsch
Paulette Kirschenbaum and Chester Kirschenbaum
Andrea Kirsh
Janet Kirsten and David A. Kirsten, '86, '87
Jane D. Kivlin, M.D.
Chris McAliley, Esq., and Gary Kleiman
Barbara Klein and Martin P. Klein
Melvin Klein
Priscilla Kleinberg and Ira J. Kleinberg
Laura G. Kline and Charles C. Kline, Esq., '68, '71
Sheila Kline and Arthur Kline
The Honorable Amy N. Dean and Alan J. Kluger, Esq., '75
Sisel Klurman
Patricia J. Knight and Victor M. Knight
Eileen Kochler and Alan J. Koehler
Frieda L. Koester and Robert A. Koester
Nicole Kohl and Atlee M. Kohl, '67
Camilla S. Kolber
Doris Konover and Simon Konover
Rywka Konsker
Susan Fleischner Kornspan, Esq., '90, and Scott A. Kornspan, Esq., '86, '90
Cathy Korotkin and Jeffrey H. Korotkin, M.D., '73
Susan R. Korth, '90, and Eric Korth
Shifra S. Kossman and David S. Kossman, '59
Cary Shapiro Koven, '47, and Benjamin Koven, Esq., '43,'48
Sidney O. Krasnoff, M.D.
Michele Krasny and Barry Krasny
Margot Kravitz and Marvin Kravitz
Judith L. Kreeger and Julian H. Kreeger
Adrienne Krieger and Jeffrey Krieger
Michelle Krinzman and Richard N. Krinzman, Esq., '69, '72
Glenda Krongold and M. Ronald Krongold, Esq., '66, '69
Myra Kronish and Jan W. Kronish, M.D.
F. Sharon Kubik and Rudolph J. Kubik
Stephen M. Kulvin, M.D.
Ken Kunken
Sarah Kupchik
Sarah Kupchik and Louis Kupchik+
Barbara Kushner and John E. Kushner, '72
Patricia R. Lampl and Mark L. Lampl, '69
Susan S. Lamvik and Robert D. Lamvik
Lynn E. Lancet
Carole Landa and William W. Landa
Patricia Padgett Lanier, '53, and James A. Lanier II, Esq., '62
Mildred Latimer and Henry Latimer, Esq., '73
Carol B. Laufer and Richard S. Laufer
Raymond G. Lavallee, Esq.
Roger E. Lavoie
Barbi Lazarow
Connie Lazarus and Jerry Lazarus
Alan C. Lazer, Ph.D.
Stephen Lazovitz
Robyn Leach and Marc A. Leach
Donald L. LeBaron
Diane A. Ledder, '73, '87
Ruth P. Lee and The Honorable Thomas E. Lee, Jr., '51
Marlene Leeds and Marshall T. Leeds
James W. Leenhouts
Cynthia W. Leesfield and Ira H. Leesfield, Esq.
Bette B. Lehman and David M. Lehman
Deborah A. Leone
Rosalie E. Leposky and George C. Leposky
Stephen B. Lerner, '72
Jennifer K. Lesser, Esq., '94, and Gary Lesser
The Honorable Barbara S. Levenson, '81, and Robert K. Levenson
Susan L. Levine and Howard J. Levine, Esq. '78
Millicent Levinson and Herman Levinson
Mark I. Levitats
Shirley Leviton and Harold I. Leviton, '39
Jerome H. Levy
Naomi Lewin and Stanley Lewin
Ronnie Lewin-Hernandez
Lance K. Lewis
Guillermo J. Liberman, '92
Rose Lichtenstein+
Frank Lichtig
Joyce Lichtman and Albert Lichtman
Fred Lieberman
Renee Lieberman and David A. Lieberman
Bayla S. Lifter and Bennett M. Lifter, Esq., '50
Robert F. Limmer
Susy Lindau and Warren Lindau, M.D.
Andree Lindow and Lester W. Lindow
Mary S. Lingerfeldt and Paul E. Lingerfeldt
Jordan A. Linn
Gloria Lipman and Michael Lipman
Ann W. Lisk, '76, and John F. Lisk, Esq., '74, '77
Jayne L. Littman and Eric P. Littman, Esq., '79
Susan Lochrie and Robert B. Lochrie, Jr.
Barbara E. Locke, Esq., '87, and William C. Locke, Jr.
Marian Locks and Jerome Locks
Judy Loft
Betty H. Longley and John C. Longley
Victoria M. Lord and Thomas M. Lord, C.F.A., '79
Jerry J. Loukota
Maria C. Lozano and Bernardo F. Lozano
Shirley W. Ludington and Ramsey G. Ludington, Esq., '52
Dan R. Luginbuhl
Mae Lundy and Milton Lundy
Hillelene Bluming Lustig, '55
Carol A. Lyons, R.N., '77, and Scott A. Lyons
Bonnie Mackey
Teresa M. Macor and Valentino Macor, '73
Bernard L. Madoff
Sheila Mager and Cyrus Mager
Marisa B. Gomez Magill, Esq., '71, '87, and Edward L. Magill, Esq., '52, '57
Phyllis Malkin and Paul Malkin
John D. Mallah, Esq., '84
Joseph J. Mancuso, '71, '73
Judi Mancuso and Joseph J. Mancuso, M.D., '72, '77
Diann G. Mann and Thomas A. Mann
Gail W. Manning and Elliott Manning, Esq.
Dante B. Maragni, '89, '89, '90
Jane S. Marcus and Stewart I. Marcus, '66
Barbara Marcus and Daniel E. Marcus, M.D., '75
Dianne Margenau and Carl A. Margenau, C.P.A., '73
Simone Mariutto and Eugene L. Mariutto, '63
Jill G. Mark and The Honorable Robert Mark
Barbara S. Marko, '50, and Harold Marko
Richard Markovich
Beverly Marks and Mel Marks
Cindy Marks and Gary Marks
Jennifer B. Marks, M.D., '84, and Stanley W. Marks
Richard Marks
Ruth Marshall and William S. Marshall
James E. Martin III, '71
Julia S. Martin and James E. Martin, M.D., '73
Guillermo Martinez
Patricia D. Marvil and David L. Marvil, Ph.D., '54
Virginia B. Marx and Robert E. Marx, D.D.S.
Russell J. Maryland, '90
Flora Mason and Stuart Mason
D. Jane Mass and Paul M. Mass
Annegret A. Massey and Ivor Massey, Jr., Esq., '79
Lisa Mattaway and L. Richard Mattaway,
Esq., '73
Jean R. Matthews and William M. Matthews
Karen A. Matthews and Alan V. Matthews, '84
Vivian N. Matthews
Jessica P. Mayer and George E. Mayer
Fern Mayhue and Carl Lee Mayhue
Carla McCombs and Paul R. McCombs, M.D., '77
Virginia McDaniel and Robert T. McDaniel
Gloria Stinn McDonagh, '52, and Thomas P. McDonagh, Jr., '52
Robert J. McDonald
Mary B. McFadden and Frank J. McFadden
Joan McGrotty and Patrick McGrotty, Esq., '57
Judith L. McKean, '64, and Randolph A. McKean
Janet M. McKenzie
M. Patricia McKillop and Brian R. McKillop, M.D.
Stephanie Popivchak McKinney, Esq., '69, and J. Donald McKinney
Grete McLaney
John H. McMinn
Barney E. McRae, M.D., '59
Jane McSorley and John McSorley, '69
Anne Meier and Walter C. Meier, M.D., '71
Daniel I. Meisel
Rhona Meislik and Dr. Jerry Meislik
Elaine Melaver-Dymm and Manny Dymm
Ronne Melnick and Dr. Steven J. Melnick
Susan K. Meltz and Gary J. Meltz, M.D., '77
Victor H. Mendelson, Esq., '92
Joseph Merante
Anna K. Mergen and Mark F. Mergen
Enid Minsk Mescon, '52, and Michael H. Mescon, Ph.D., '52, '53
Sandra A. Mesh, '56, and Howard A. Mesh, C.P.A., '55
Helen L. Messic and Robert L. Messic
Adrienne D. Messing and Steven G. Messing, Esq., '80
Thomas L. Meyer
William Meyersohn
Pauline M. Michel and George J. Michel, Jr.
Ann E. Middelthon
Judy Milgram and Scott Milgram
Sue N. Milkey and Robert E. Milkey
L. Millar
Richard P. Millard
Ilene Miller and Melvyn K. Miller, '61
Marianne H. Miller and Paul B. Miller
Peggy R. Miller and James A. Miller
Sandra L. Miller, '95
Terri Y. Miller
Lisa Mills and Terry Mills
Brian K. Millsap
Richard C. Milstein, Esq., '68, '74
Margaret Mintz and Harold Mintz
Sandra Miot and Sanford B. Miot, '98
Lynn E. Miranda and Fernando Miranda
Martha Mishcon
Rosanne Mishan and Steven Mishan, Esq., '72
Lela J. Misner and C. C. Misner
Cynthia M. Mitchell
Jerome W. Moff
Gayle E. Molyneaux and Jay W. Molyneaux, Esq., '71, '74
Leslie Molzan and Arthur Molzan
Ann Kacelle Moore and David M. Moore, Sr.
Tracy L. Gaffin-Moret, Esq., '95, and David J. Moret, Esq., '95
Dr. Carlisle L. Morgan, Jr., '73
Fannie E. Morgan
Rita Morgan and Michael B. Morgan
Melvin C. Morgenstern
Ronna Morris and James M. Morris
Patricia Morrison and Theodore Morrison, M.D., '64, '68
Patti Mosberg and Robert Mosberg, '66
Peter L. Bermont and Dale K. Moses
Ellen Moskowitz
Suzy Moss and Edward A. Moss, Esq., '61
Edward N. Moylan and Lena Moylan
Samuel Mufson+
Nancy L. Muller and Dr. Peter O. Muller
Karen Y. Munsey and Kenneth R. Munsey, '88
Luisa B. Murai, '78, and Rene V. Murai, Esq.
Elizabeth G. Murray and Dr. Daniel E. Murray, '49
Renny Nachwalter and Michael Nachwalter, Esq., '67
Gary Nader
Beth J. Namias and Nicholas Namias, M.D.
Mary T. Neale and Patrick H. Neale, Esq., '73, '78
Steven Neckman
Penny Needle and Andrew Needle, Esq., '77
Jeanette P. Nesseler and Frank J. Nesseler, '70
Juan A. Nevarez
Gina New and Jonathan New
Judy Newell and J. P. Newell III
Karen A. Newman and Arthur E. Newman, '70
Selma R. Newman and Jeffrey E. Newman
Kathryn A. Nicolosi
Mark Noble
Leon R. Noe, Jr., '52
Lamar J. Noriega, '71
Ann Norman and Jack D. Norman, M.D.
Patricia D. Noseda, '63, and Ralph Noseda
Lino Novelli
Barbara A. Nugent and Charles A. Nugent, Jr., Esq., '52
Lynn M. Nusbaum, M.D., '82, and Bernard P. Nusbaum, M.D., '79
Julya Hodge and Sean O'Connor
Marjorie Y. Ober
Yale Ogron, '51
David L. Olsen
Martha E. Hildebrandt, Ph.D., and Karl R. Olsen, M.D.
Miriam K. Olson and Sidney L. Olson, M.D.
Rita Olson and Leslie C. Olson
Larry Orbach
Frieda Oren and Yair Oren
Cynthia M. Ormond and Gregg J. Ormond, Esq., '80
Patricia T. Ormond and Frank J. Ormond
Michael J. Orozco,' 78
Barbara J. Osher and Robert H. Osher, M.D.
Kimberlee S. Osiason and Lee J. Osiason, Esq.
Jack Ostuw+
Aymee Owens and Stephen L. Owens
Bernard H. Oxman
Marlene Padover and Marvin Padover
Luis R. Padron
Marita Pahnke and Clarence W. Pahnke, '63
Joseph L. Pallant, '69, '70
William J. Palmer, Esq., '77, '81
Jeanne Panoff and Robert E. Panoff, Esq., '76, '77
Ronald G. Pantello, '66
Hilda M. Pantin, Ph.D., and Andrew D. Elfmont
Michael J. Parenti III, Esq., '74
Jack Parker
Herbert C. Parlato, '72
Annmary Passantino and Laurence Passantino
Christa Paul and Robert Paul, Esq.
Marjorie Paul and Edward M. Paul, '62
Nancy Paul and Mayor H. Paul
Beth Paulsen and David F. Paulsen, '77, '77
Sherra G. Payne, '85, '92, and Todd S. Paympbell, Esq., '86
Lawrence A. Peacock+
Bonnie A. Pearce and Robert W. Pearce, Esq.
Frank D. Pedagno
Betsy A. Pegelow and Charles H. Pegelow, M.D.
Ellen M. Penso, M.D., '77
John K. Pepper
Barbara Perchaluk and Casimir Perchaluk
Linda Perlman and Barry L. Perlman
Louis Perry
Lonilee C. Perse and Michael S. Perse, Esq., '83, '86
Bernice Pesenti and Joseph A. Pesenti
Ying Hu Pestien, '83, and Dr. Victor C. Pestien
Alice G. Petersen and Stephen G. Petersen
Bo F. Peterson
Joyce M. Peterson and Roger E. Peterson, '60
Jane G. Petzold and William A. Petzold
Margaret H. Petzold and Thomas T. Petzold
Ramsey Pevsner, Ph.D., and N. Henry Pevsner, M.D.
Rebecca Pfeiffer
Erin R. Pfenniger and Richard C. Pfenniger, Jr.
Jean S. Phang and Michael K. Phang, Ph.D
Marilyn Phelan and Jeffrey P. Phelan, M.D., '73
Christopher Phillips
Carol Phillips and Richard Phillips, M.D.
Everette D. Phillips
Nila Phillips and Ira H. Phillips
Geraldine Phipps
Celia A. Piccini and Alfredo P. Piccini, Esq., '56
Emma Pierce and George R. Pierce
Diane F. Pinchuk, '80, and Leonard Pinchuk, Ph.D., '80, '84
Maxine Pines and Isidore Pines
Thomas J. Pizzuti, '88
Betty B. Pollak and Richard H. Pollak, M.D.
Devyra Z. Pollock and Peter L. Pollock
Mary Pologruto and Dominie Pologruto
Suzan H. Ponzoli and Ronald P. Ponzoli, Esq., '63, '66
Cristina Poo and Ramon E. Poo, '67
Edwin Pope
Deborah DeFranco and Robert J. Poppiti, Jr., M.D., '75, '80
Melinda A. Prague and Ronald S. Prague, '71, '72
Evalyn M. Preston and Charles B. Preston, '49
Sarah C. Puckett and Steve A. Puckett
Kimberly B. Pushkin, '86
Janice C. Quick, '88, and John F. Oliva, M.D., '90
Janet D. Raasch and Bernard N. Raasch, M.D.
Pilar Ramon and Ernesto Ramon
Michael M. Raskin, M.D., '64, '69, '85, '92
Sandra Rattner and Joel S. Rattner
Ruth T. Rauch and Louis J. Rauch
Karen A. Razook and Richard J. Razook, Esq., '75
Stefanie Reed and Evan J. Reed
Barbara J. Reich and Jules W. Reich, '62
Nancy Reierson, M.D., and John Uribe, M.D.
Melinda W. Renuart and John R. Renuart
Marcia Resnick and Harry Resnick
Peter R. Restani, Esq., '82
Doris J. Rich and Maurice Rich, M.D.
Susan B. Richard and Dennis A. Richard, Esq., '69, '72
Clayton H. Richardson, Jr.
Thomas G. Richardson, '80, '82
Barbara L. Richmond and Richard J. Richmond
Rosalind Richter and Daniel M. Richter
JoAnn Rifkind and Kenneth Rifkind
Harry H. Rimm, '82
Sheila J. Rinehart and Keith L. Rinehart, Esq., '72
Susan Ring and Jack S. Ring, Esq., '54, '57
Louise E. Risser and Donald L. Risser, '66
Elias Rivers
Janet L. Robbie
Archer Robbins
Betsy Robbins and William R. Robbins, Jr., Esq., '61
Teddi Robbins and Harvey Robbins, Esq., '51
Anita Roberts and John J. Roberts
Bonnie B. Roberts and Michael J. Roberts, M.D., '77
J. Grace Roberts and Ken Roberts
Jennifer Roberts and Peter H. Roberts, '64
Michael M. Robin, '85
Elizabeth B. Robinson and Richard J. Robinson
Majel B. Hudec Roddenberry, '54
Esta L. Rodney and Arthur A. Rodney, '63
Lilia Rodriguez
Mirta Rodriguez and Davis Rodriguez
Raquel A. Rodriguez
Owen Roizman
Alte Rose
Francine Rose and Donald S. Rose, Esq., '54, '57+
Rita K. Rosen and Al Rosen, '48
Becky Rosenbaum and David P. Rosenbaum
Diane Rosenberg and Malcolm M. Rosenberg, '52
Blanche Rosenblatt
Bernis G. Rosenbloom and Richard Rosenbloom
Roz Rosenblum and Dr. Robert R. Rosenblum
Alita M. Rosenfeld and Melvin S. Rosenfeld, '70
Steven I. Rosenfeld, M.D., and Lisa A. Rosenfeld
Janet M. Ross and Norman L. Ross, Jr., M.D., '74
Karen F. Rossman, '69, and Stephen F. Rossman
M. Claire Rotella and Roy Rotella
Elaine Roth and Howard H. Roth
Richard L. Rothman
Rebecca D. Rotoli+ and Anthony F. Rotoli
Marion Routh and Donald K. Routh, Ph.D.
Janice B. Rubel, '68, and Theodore Rubel, '49
Alice Rubin and Seymour Rubin
Cheryl J. Cunningham-Rubin and Bruce S. Rubin, '69
Dorothy Rubin and Sam Rubin
Florence Rubin and Arnold Rubin
Madelyn Rubin and Mark R. Rubin
Nanette R. Ruffner, '69, and Charles L. Ruffner, Esq., '64
Carole F. Russo and Edmund P. Russo, Esq., '50
Beverly Sack and Gary B. Sack, Esq., '73
Dr. Rosalina G. Sackstein, '64, and Harold C. Sackstein
Leslie M. Saiontz and Steven J. Saiontz, '84
Joel W. Salamon, M.D., '90
Michael W. Sales, Esq., '77
Peter J. Salvatore
Renee Salzman and Nelson Salzman
Amy Salzverg and Michael Salzverg, '84, '85
Sharon D. Samole and Sidney Samole, '94
Cynthia M. Sanborn, '92
Myrna Sanchez and Modesto Sanchez-Torres, M.D.
Adele Sandberg and Joel Sandberg, M.D.
Marie W. Sanders and Richard A. Sanders
Linda Sands and Charles T. Sands
Joyce L. Sang and Lewis M. Sang
Julie Sansone and Charles F. Sansone, Esq., '65
Frank Sapp
Margaret M. Sarafoglu, '85, '88, and Theodore Sarafoglu, M.D.
Howard Schatz
Ruth Schatzberg and Arthur Schatzberg
Lorraine Schatzman and Robert A. Schatzman, Esq., '67, '71
Susan Schein
Joan Scheiner and J. David Scheiner
Joel H. Schenkman, M.D., '77, and Randy H. Schenkman, '79
Dohn Schildkraut
Barbara S. Schlein and Jeffrey G. Schlein, '63
Susan A. Schlemm, '69
Adam Schlesinger
Mabel Schneider and Alan N. Schneider
Teri Schneider and Jon M. Schneider, '69
Reuben M. Schneider, Esq., '56, '61
Ruth C. Schobel, M.D., '81, and Lucian Rind
Barbara J. Schoenfeld, '72
Susan P. Schorr and Mark B. Schorr, Esq., '77
Marcia A. Schuffman and Lawrence D. Schuffman
Kathryn Schulman and Harry D. Schulman, '84
Rhonda B. Schuman, '74, and Elliot H. Schuman, M.D., '76
Sandra Schuster and Carl Schuster, Esq., '59, '63
Barbara A. Schwartz and Eric J. Schwartz
Debra Schwartz and Ronald J. Schwartz
Joseph H. Schwartz, Esq., '83
Linda Schwartz and Arthur L. Schwartz, M.D.
Susan E. Schwartz and Michael Schwartz, M.D., '77
Marilyn W. Schwartzman, '58, and Morton N. Schwartzman, M.D., '60
Ardis Schwarz and Berthold Schwarz, M.D.
Karen E. Schwarz and Bernard M. Schwarz
Roberta Pelzner Schwedock, '65, and Peter S. Schwedock, Esq., '65, '68
Randi Siegel-Schweitzer, '81, and Paul S. Schweitzer, '81
Edmund C. Sciarretta
Inez L. Scott+
Loretta E. Scott
Daniel L. Seckinger III, M.D., '85
William J. Sedleckis
Jose Segarra
Nancy Egan Seiler, '56, and Earnest E. Seiler, D.V.M., '57
Margery Seitz and Charles E. Seitz, '78
Diane S. Sepler
Harriet S. Seren and Stanley J. Seren
Dr. Gregory T. Serfer, '91
Gail Dorff Serota, Esq., '79, and Joseph H. Serota, Esq., '78
Jackie Seskin and Floyd Seskin, M.D.
Iris Shlansky and Milton Shlansky
Jane T. Sessa, '73, and Steven A. Hawkins, '74
Theresa M. Matzura, D.O., and Michael J. Shaenboen, D.O., '76
Hy Shapiro
Barbara Shapiro and Norman Shapiro
Frances R. Shapiro and Howard N. Shapiro, '80
Sherwood H. Sheehan, Jr.
Rita K. Sheldon and Jerome J. Sheldon, M.D., '64
S. Shernov
Doris L. Shell
Barbara L. Kornblau, Esq., and Lawrence R. Sherry
Roni Shier and Harry Shier
Sydney Shifrin and David Shifrin
Helene Y. Shillington and William L. Shillington, '78, '79
Katy V. Shisler and Jonathan K. Shisler, '80
H. Allan Shore, Esq., '71, '72
Dorothy F. Sibley
Wilma B. Siegel and Jesse Siegel
Sybil Sigel and Marshall E. Sigel, Esq., '82, '83, '83
Peggy Silver and Michael Silver
The Honorable Samuel I. Silver, '37
Susan Silver and Gerald Silver, '66
Stanley M. Silver
Tammi Silver and David A. Silver, '76
David W. Siman
Karen J. Simmons, M.D.
Ruth B. Simmons
Ronald M. Simon, Esq., '73
Carol Singer and David H. Singer, Esq., '72
Gerry Singer and Murray Singer
Theodore Singer
Barbara Sirkin and Edward A. Sirkin, Esq., '60
Leon Sirkin
Louis C. Skinner, Jr., M.D.
Susan D. Skor and Richard B. Skor, Esq., '63, '66
Perle Slomin
Sandra Slomin
Cherida C. Smith
Mary E. Smith and The Honorable David S. Smith
Samuel S. Smith, Esq., '58, '60+
Eric S. Smith, M.D., '79
Claudine Smurfit and Alan Smurfit
Dr. Gary M. Snyder
John Softness, '55
Florence Sokol and Irving Sokol
Lawrence H. Solomon, '71, and Bonnie Pasternak Solomon, '73
Jay H. Solowsky, Esq., '79
Helen R. Somerstein and Seymour G. Somerstein
Norma R. Sonnenklar and Herbert Sonnenklar
Pat D. Sonnett and Neal R. Sonnett, Esq., '64, '67
Wendy M. Sorokowski and Wayne Sorokowski, '67
Olga Sorondo
Jeri Sorosky and Eugene Sorosky
Barbara M. Sparling and George H. Sparling, Jr., '52
Meryl L. Spector, '77, and Brian F. Spector, Esq., '78
Dale J. Spencer
Mary M. Spencer and Sash A. Spencer
Shirley Spencer and Gilbert Spencer
Zorian I. Sperkacz, Esq., '84
Estelle S. Spiegel and Maurice Spiegel
Daniel H. Spring
Claudia Springer and Jeff Springer
Janice Spritz and Alan H. Spritz
John R. Squitero, Esq., '69
Nicholas St. George
Sharon M. Staloff and Arnold F. Staloff, '67
Annette Stampler and Harry Stampler
Ruth K. Stanford and Henry K. Stanford, Ph.D.
Randy Stano
Johnnie R. Stansell and Leland E. Stansell, Jr., Esq., '61
Linda G. Steckley, '87, and Peter A. Weitzel
Elliot D. Stein
Susan Stein and Ronald M. Stein
Lucienne Steinberg and William Steinberg
Suzanne Steinberg and Alan W. Steinberg
Kim L. Sterling and Lee D. Sterling, '86
Lorraine L. Stern, '72, and Eugene A. Stern, '71
Marilyn Stern and Morton N. Stern
Rhoda Stern and Robert Stern
Susan P. Stern and Michael F. Stern, '72
S. Sternberg
Patricia Stewart and Charles T. Stewart
Pat K. Stewart and Larry S. Stewart, Esq.
Marie C. Stiefel and Werner Stiefel
Genevieve Stigler and Ronald H. Stigler, '67
Catherine Stinson and Fredric J. Stinson
Deborah A. Stokkan and William A. Stokkan
Robert A. Straub
John C. Strickroot, Esq.
Charlotte Stromfeld and Jack A. Stromfeld
Nancie Sturges and Robert B. Sturges
Richard J. Suarez, Esq., '68, '70, '81
Rose M. Suggs
Beth H. Suran and Lawrence A. Suran, '85, '86
Iona F. Sussman and Maurice H. Sussman
Antoinette B. Swallow
Eileen Swaye and Paul Swaye
Marie B. Swenson and Edward F. Swenson, Jr.
Margaret C. Swink and H. Steve Swink
Debra Sylvester and
F. D. Sylvester
Susan Tabas and Joel L. Tabas, Esq., '85
Myron Tanenbaum, M.D.
Alice M. Tarone and Theodore T. Tarone
Janie Tate and James D. Tate
Stanley G. Tate
Margaret Taylor and Stephen D. Taylor
O. Dale Teaff, Jr., '47
Pat Tener and Robert L. Tener, '72
Thomas C. Teper, '83
Lola Thomas
Sharon C. Thomas, Ph.D., '84, and Roosevelt Thomas, Jr., Ed.D., '78
Marjorie A. Thompson and William E. Thompson
John B. Thompson II
John V. Thompson, Jr.
Nancy L. Thompson and John A. Thompson, Jr., Esq., '70, '73
Melinda Sterman Thornton, Esq., '73, '74, '78, and John W. Thornton, Jr., Esq., '77
A. Jean Thresher, M.D., '75, and Dean Thresher
Joyce I. Tice and Gary L. Tice
Patricia A. Tiemeyer, '73, and Theodore N. Tiemeyer, '69, '71
Rena B. Tinlin and Ronald G. Tinlin, '54
Joseph B. Title, '40+
Leah Todisco and Louis Todisco
Don Tolliver
Brian Toolan
Nancy Townsend and Phillip Townsend
Christine R. Traynor, Esq., '82, and W. Byron Traynor
Evelyn B. Trevor and John B. Trevor, Jr.
Eddie Trump
Christiane M. Tyson and Christopher G. Tyson
Richard Tyson, M.D., '67, '71
Mrs. Helen Uchitel
Kathy G. Uitvlugt and David W. Balch
Beverly M. Unger and Stephen W. Unger, M.D.
Mehel Vaimberg
Karen L. Vaina and Anthony J. Vaina, C.P.A., '65
Lisa Valley and John M. Valley
Dorie Van Vactor and Ron Van Vactor
G. Varsam
Diane Vaszily and John C. Vaszily, '85
Jane G. Vaughan and William J. Vaughan
Paul J. Vaughan+
Marianna Vaughan, '78, and John W. Temple
Evelyn Vecellio
Vivien Verdeja and Octavio A. Verdeja, Jr., '79
Angeles P. Verdugo
Kathleen C. Vergara and Dr. George L. Vergara
Emre A. Veziroglu
Augusto L. Vidaurreta
Jennifer A. Villa and Dr. Luis Villa, Jr., '66
Sandra L. Villa
Peter G. Waldman
Pamela Walker and Dr. Roger L. Walker
Karen Wallace and Dr. Wilson K. Wallace
Patricia R. Wallace, '70, and Milton J. Wallace, Esq., '56, '59
Suzanne P. Wallach and Howard W. Wallach, M.D.
Roberta Waller and Bruce Waller
Betty Waltman and Sol I. Waltman, '50+
Grace Wang, M.D., '76, and Steven S. Pabalan, M.D., Ph.D., '79
Josephine Wang and Dr. John D. Wang
Mary A. Ward and Charles G. Ward, M.D., '68
Nancy P. Wardropper, Ph.D., '49, and Bruce W. Wardropper
Mary Warrell and James R. Warrell, '80
Louise M. Wassenberg and Richard L. Wassenberg, Esq., '59, '62, '72
Cecile S. Weems and N. M. Weems, Jr., M.D., '56
Christine C. Weinberg and Michael Weinberg
Jay N. Weinberg
Rina Weinbrom and Jerry Weinbrom
Andrea Weiner and Jack Weiner, '72, '73
Jerome Weinrib
Rita Weinstein and Stan Weinstein
Cecile Alexander Weiss, '38
Cindi Weiss and Peter Weiss
Karen J. Weiss and Howard I. Weiss
Irving Weissler
K. B. Weissman
Roger G. Welcher, Esq., '57
Steven A. Wellins, '88
Ellen M. Wells and Frederick B. Wells
Martha Goodloe and Stephen A. Welsh, '60
Diane Wenke and Francis Wenke
Leo Wexler
Gail C. White, '71, and William B. White
Ronnie Lewin White, '68, and Tony Rodriguez, '68
Sumner T. White
Marilyn L. Whitehouse and Thomas J. Whitehouse, Esq., '77
E. Margaret Wiener and Ernest G. Wiener
Sarah Z. Wiener, Esq., '87, and Dr. Earl L. Wiener
J. R. Wikert
Beatrice Wilensky and Herbert B. Wilensky, Esq., '54
Judith P. Wilkinson and David S. Wilkinson, M.D., Ph.D., '78
Donald G. Williams
Julie Ann S. Williamson, Esq., and Robert F. Williamson
Harding Willinger
Cordelia C. Wilson
Linda Wilson and George P. Wilson
Sarah E. Wilson and Michael D. Wilson
Wilhelmina Z. Wilson, '57, '60
Judith Winkler and Lawrence M. Winkler
Vickie Winton and Johnny L. Winton
Betty N. Wohl and Michael D. Wohl
Elizabeth Wolf and Herbert M. Wolf
Jeanne H. Wolf, '61, '66, and I. Peter Wolf, '51, '52
Laurence Wolf
Jody Wolfe and Anthony Wolfe
Barbara Wolk and Allan Wolk
Teri E. Wolofsky
Gloria Wolosoff and Morty Wolosoff
Juan Wong, Jr.
Sue A. Wood and William L. Wood, Esq., '43, '48
Christine B. Wood and Hayes G. Wood, Esq., '83
Ronald J. Woods Sherryl A. Woods
Pat Worthington
Leslie A. Wright and Thomas H. Wright, '73
Martha E. Wright and William E. Wright, Ed.D., '77
Sandra Wright and Donald N. Wright
James M. Yasser, '71
Victor Yossem and Florence Yossem
William T. Young
Cecelia Youngdahl
Eileen W. Youtie and Philip A. Youtie
Janet Yulman and Richard Yulman
B. Yunker
Deborah Zane and Jeffrey Zane
Marsha H. Zarco, '85, and Roberto Zarco, Esq., '85
Marilyn Zelnick
Jack Zenga
Kathryn C. Zeoli, M.D., '75, '79, and Frederick J. Ramirez, Esq., '73, '93
Xiaohu Zhang
Hope L. Ziffer and Jack A. Ziffer, M.D., Ph.D. '83
Craigie A. Zildjian
Sheila Zloczover and Gerardo Zloczover, M.D.
Teresa S. Zohn and Frank M. Zohn
Frances Zollo+ and Frank Zollo
Elan Zonis
Karen D. Zorovich and Fred A. Zorovich, '65
Linda F. Zuker, '69, and Edward E. Zuker, '69
Barbara Zweig and Martin E. Zweig, Ph.D., '67



Robin V. Aguilar, M.D., '89
Kevin James DeMark, '97
Cathy A. Donovan, M.D., '89
Sophia Tendrich Englander, '93
Christian Axel Heuer, '92
Steven W. Hines, '92
Charlene Yvette Marchong, '93
Eric Maspons, Jr., '90
Krishna Albert Murphy, '92
Andrew S. Powers, '91
Randall H. Reed, '89
Chuck Rowley, '89
Hal I. Shapiro, '94
Michael L. Soskin, '91
Richard S. Staveley, Jr., '90
Naja Esther Yunes, '93



Bertha Abess Children's Center
Action for AIDS, Inc.
Admirals of the Fleet of Florida
Association of International Automobile Manufacturers
Alumni Club of Broward County
American Gastroenterological Association
American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Florida Chapter
American Bar Association Fund for Justice & Education
American Cancer Society, Inc.
American Cancer Society - Florida Division
American Chemical Society
American Diabetes Association
American Heart Association
American Heart Association of Miami-Dade
American Heart Institute, Texas
American Institute for Cancer Research
American Lung Association of Florida
American Lung Association of South Florida, Inc.
American Medical Association
American Otological Society
American Paralysis Association
American Society of Clinical Oncology
ANTRA (Another Night to Remember for AIDS)
Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Alumni Association, Inc.
Beaux Arts of the Lowe Art Museum of the University of Miami
Beta Tau Chapter Sigma Theta Tau
Biscayne Bay Pilots
Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce of Florida, Inc.
The Buoniconti Fund to Cure Paralysis, Inc.
Betty and David Burrows Trust
Campilli Family
Cindy Davis Carr Fund
Cedars Auxiliary, Inc.
Central Baptist Church
Central Jersey Spinal Cord Association, Inc.
Children's Memorial Hospital
Cocoplum Yacht Club, Inc.
Community Alliance Against AIDS
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce
Dade County Bar Association
Dade County Association of Fire Fighters Charities, Inc.
Dadeland Mall Fountains
Daughters of Penelope Grand Lodge
Delta Airlines Fair Share Committee
Doral Country Club
DRIF Cell Transplant Society
Egyptian Cultural and Educational Bureau
Elks Lodge 948
The Esformes Family Charity
Dade County Fireman's Benevolent Association, Inc.
First Presbyterian Church of Tequesta
First United Methodist Church
Florida Atlantic University
The Florida Bar Association
Florida Education Fund
Florida Municipal Bond Club
Florida Theatrical Association
Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
Fraternal Order of Eagles - Florida State Aerie
Friends for Life
Friends for Life, Inverrary
Friends for Life, South Broward
Friends for Life, Woodland Chapter
Friends of Art, Inc.
The Friends of the University of Miami School of Music, Inc.
The Friends of Theatre, Inc.
Greater Middlesex Conference Softball Coaches' Association
James E. Glass Associates
Gold Coast Jazz Society, Inc.
The Greater Miami Billfish Tournament
Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Gulliver Academy, Inc.
Darrell Gwynn Recovery Fund
Hall of Fame Committee of University of Miami, Inc.
Hope Center
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
IBM Employees
Institute for the Study of World Politics
International Society of Palm Beach
JC Royal Palm Beach Jaycees
Jewish Community Federation of Richmond, Virginia
Jewish Federation of Palm Beach County, Inc.
Jewish Guild for The Blind
Clarke Jones Memorial Invitational Fishing Tournament
Leukemia Society of America
Lockheed MSC Employees
March of Dimes Birth Defects Foundation, South Florida Chapter
Medical Faculty Association of University of Miami
Men's Opera Guild, Inc.
McGregor Point Bridge Club
Miami Beach Police & Fire Fishing Festival
Miami Cancer Conference, Inc.
Miami Civic Music Association
Miami Heart Institute
Miami Music Club
Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department
Mortgage Bankers Association of Miami
Muscular Dystrophy Association
NFL Charities
North American Society for Pediatrics
Nova Southeastern University
Optimist Club of Hialeah
Optimist Club of Sunset
Pan American Hospital
Papanicolaou Woman's Corps for Cancer Research, Inc.
The Paralysis Project of America
Paralyzed Veterans of America
Pompano Beach Fishing Rodeo
Project Cradle
The Propeller Club of the United States
Ransom-Everglades School
Reach Out and Read
Harry and Bessye Rosenberg Charitable Trust
Schwarzkopf Cup
Sephardic Jewish Center
Campaign Fund of Ronald Silver
South Florida Association for Law Placement
The South Florida Firefighters Calendar
Campaign Fund of Javier D. Souto
Spinal Injury Tournament
SPK Trust
Saint Louis Catholic Church
Theatre Arts League
United Way of the Bay Area
United Way of Miami-Dade County, Inc.
United Way of Tri-State
University of Tennessee
Villagers, Inc.
Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital
Woman's Cancer Association of the University of Miami
Women's Cancer League of Miami Beach and Greater Miami, Inc.



3M Pharmaceuticals*
9500 Partnership
A-Air & Tour Ship Shop Cruises
A-One-A Produce and Provisions, Inc.
A. T. Kearney, Inc.
Abbott Laboratories*
A. Martin Abern, CLU, Inc.
The ABIG Foundation, Inc.
Action for Aids, Inc.
Active Periodicals, Inc.
Addicott & Addicott, P.A.
Adidas Golf USA, Inc.
Adorno & Zeder Community Care Fund
Adorno & Zeder, P.A.
Advanced Bionics Corporation
Aeroservice Aviation Center, Inc.
AGM Industries, Inc.
Agouron Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Ahepa Management Company, Inc.
AIDS Policy Center
Airborne Medical Services, Inc.
AK Media/FL
Akerman, Senterfitt & Eidson, P.A.
Akron Investments
Albon Holdings
Alcon Laboratories, Inc.
Alexander Lynn & Associates
All In One Mail Shop, Inc.
Allergan, Inc.
Allied-Domecq Spirits
Allstate Insurance Group*
Alpha Ray Group, Inc.
Alsius Corporation
Alza Pharmaceuticals
AMC Cancer Research Center
American Academy of Otolaryngology
American Journal Mental Retard
American Bioproducts Company
American Inforage, LLC
American Airlines*
American Express
American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology, Inc.
American Express/VIP Travel
American Federation for Aging Research (AFAR)
American International Group, Inc.*
American Medical Response, Inc.
American Medical Systems, Inc.
Amgen, Inc.*
Anania, Bandklayder & Blackwell
Andersen Consulting*
Angones, Hunter, McClure, Lynch & Williams, P.A.
The Anspach Effort, Inc.
Aoyagi Dermatology Clinic
Aragon, Burlington, Weil and Crockett, P.A.
Arbors Records, Inc.
Arthur Andersen LLP*
Aspen Bay Company
Astra Merck*
Astra USA, Inc.
Athena Neurosciences, Inc.
Athena Partners
Atlas Traffic Consultants Corporation
Attorneys Title Insurance Fund, Inc.
Aurora Foods, Inc.
Aventura Hospital and Medical Center
Aviation Instrument Services
Avina Overseas Limited
AvMed, Inc. - Gainesville
B. Braun/McGaw Medical, Inc.
Bacardi-Martini U.S.A., Inc.
Bahamas Air
Baker & McKenzie
Bakst, Cloyd and Bakst, P.A.
Bal Harbour Gallery
Bancker Construction Corporation
The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi, Ltd.
BankAmerica Corporation*
The BankAtlantic Foundation, Inc.
The Bankers Club
Bankers Trust Company*
Bankest Trading, Inc.
Barbachano Tours
C.R. Bard, Inc.
Barkley & Thompson, L.C.
Barranco, Kircher & Vogelsang, P.A.
BASF Corporation*
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Bay Area Produce, Inc.
Bayer Corporation
Beach Estates
Bear, Stearns Securities Corporation
Beckman Instruments, Inc.
Becton Dickenson Immunocytometry Systems
Bellak Color Graphics
BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.
Bemis Company Foundation*
Berkowitz Dick Pollack & Brant LLP
Berlex Laboratories, Inc.
Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc.
Biedermann Motech GMBH
Bijan's Restaurant & Raw Bar
Bill Ussery Motors, Inc.
Bio-Med Plus, Inc.
Bio-Rad Laboratories Diagnostics Group
Bio-Tissue, Inc.
Birdsall, Inc.
Biscayne Bay Marriott Hotel & Marina
Black, Srebnick & Kornspan, P.A.
Blackbeard Charters, Inc.
Dorothy Blau Gallery, Inc.
Bloom, Gettis, Habib, Silver & Terrone, P.A.
Bloom Staloff Corporation
Bluestein & Wayne, P.A.
BMG Music Publishing
Body Slim
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals
Boron, LePore & Associates, Inc.
Boston Scientific Corporation
Bovis Construction Corporation
K. E. Boyarsky & Associates, Inc.
Bridgestone/Firestone Trust Fund*
Brigham & Women's Hospital
Bristol-Myers Squibb Oncology
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company*
Brittany Sales Company, Inc.
Britto Central
Broad and Cassel
Broad Hollow Estates, Inc.
Brodhead Mortgage Consultants, Inc.
Broward County Financial Group, Inc.
The Bud Stop
Burd Magathan Lozano & Zacherl, LLP
Bush Entertainment, Inc.
C & A Charters
C. G. Chase Construction Company
C.S.T. Total
C Z Foundation, Inc.
Cabletron Systems, Inc.
Calder Race Course, Inc.
Cambridge Heart, Inc.
Camillus Health Concern, Inc.
Camilo Muebles/Camilo Office Furniture, Inc.
Camner, Lipsitz & Poller, P.A.
Cantor Real Estate
CANVS Corporation
Capital One Services, Inc.*
Capital Realty Services, Inc.
Carnival Resorts and Casinos
Carnival Corporation/Carnival Cruise Lines
Carter-Wallace, Inc.
Catalyst Communications, Inc.
Catering by David Lynn, Inc.
CBS Foundation, Inc.*
CDA Productions, Inc.
Central Florida Eye Associates
Century Cruise Services Limited
Century Investment Trust
Chadroff, Terminello & Terminello
The Champion Services Group, Inc.
Charitable Gift Fund*
Charmer Industries, Inc.
The Chase Manhattan Foundation*
Chernoff Diamond & Company, Inc.
Chevron Petroleum Technology Company*
Children's Hospital Medical Center
Chiron Corporation
Christian Dior, Inc.
Christianson Furniture Corporation
Cigna Foundation*
The CIT Group, Inc.
Citicorp Foundation*
Cititicket, Inc.
City National Bank of Florida
Claire's Stores, Inc.
Clay-Park Labs, Inc.
Clearly Creative
Clinical Communications Group, Inc.
Coastal Construction Company
Coastal Refining & Marketing, Inc.
Coca Cola Middle East and North Africa
The Coca-Cola Company*
Coconut Grove Enterprises, Inc.
Colgate-Palmolive Company*
Collectors Art Gallery, Inc.
College Assistance Program
College Directory Publishing, Inc.
Colonial Bank
Colson, Hicks, Eidson, Colson, Matthews, Martinez & Mendoza
Commercial Bank of Florida
Compagnie Bancaire Geneve
Computer Associates
Computer Associates International, Inc.*
Connecticut School of Broadcasting, Inc.
Conoco, Inc.*
Conroy, Simberg & Ganon, P.A.
Contemporary Services Company
Continental Real Estate Companies
Continental Uniform, Inc.
Cook Incorporated
Coral Gables Gazette
Coram Healthcare
Cordis Corporation*
Cosmyk Images, Inc.
Costa Rican Adventures
Coulter Corporation
Coulter Cellular Therapies, Inc.
Coulter Electronics, Inc.
Crowley American Transport
Crown Liquors & Wine Merchants
The Cruise People, Inc.
Current Medical Directions, Inc.
D.A.A. & Associates, Inc.
D.B.S. Foundation, Inc.
D. R. Company
Dadeland Capri Apartments
Daig Corporation
Dean Witter Discover*
DeCarlo & Doll, Inc.
Delicious Brands, Inc.
Dell USA, LP
Deloitte & Touche LLP*
Delta Air Lines, Inc.*
DePuy Acromed
Dermatology Consultants, Inc.
Design Center of The Americas
Devcon International Corporation
Diabetic Care Network
Diamonette Party Rentals
Dicandrien, Inc.
DiMare Homestead, Inc.
DiMare Tampa, Inc.
Direct Insurance Services
Doctors Medical Rentals Corporation
Doral Golf Resort & Spa
Doubletree Hotels
The Dow Jones Newspaper Fund, Inc.
Duke's Furniture Factory Outlet
Dumbbells Health & Fitness Club, Inc.
Dun & Bradstreet Company Foundation*
Dynamite Productions
Eagle Brands, Inc.
Eastern Cement Corporation
Eastern National Bank
Eckert Seamans Cherin & Mellot, LLC
El Sol Contracting & Construction Corporation
Elan Pharmaceutical Research Corporation
Elf Exploration Production*
Eli Lilly & Company*
Elliott Dinnerstein Foundation, Inc.
Elser & Fabar
Emigrant Savings Bank
Entertainment News & Views
The Equitable Foundation*
Ernst & Young LLP*
Ernst & Young LLP, Texas*
Esformes Properties
Esslinger Wooten Maxwell, Inc.
Ethicon Endo-Surgery
Evaco Financial Printers
Evergreen Country Club, Inc.
Exxon Education Foundation*
Exxon Production Research Company*
Eyewear Designs, Ltd.
Charles V. Failla & Associates
Federated Department Stores Foundation*
Ferne Apartments
Fidelity Telcom Group
Fiduciary Trust International of the South
Fight for Sight, Inc.
Fillmore Financial Services, Inc.
Fine Art & Craft Company Limited
Audrey R. Finkelstein Trust
First Choice Tickets Tours & Travel
First Miami Securities, Inc.
First Union National Bank of Florida*
First USA Bank
Fisheries Defense Fund, Inc.
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Fund Min Teachers, Inc.
Flagship Resort Development Corporation
Florida Coca-Cola Bottling Company*
Florida Eye Foundation, Inc.
Florida Marlins
Florida Power & Light Company*
Florida Physical Associates, Inc.
Fonner Park
Fontainebleau Hilton Resort & Towers
Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Fowler, White, Burnett, Hurley, Banick & Strickroot, P.A.
FPA Medical Management, Inc.
FPL Group Foundation, Inc.*
Fragomen Del Rey & Bernsen
Fraternal Order of Eagles 3944
Fresenius Medical Care
Friends for Life, Inc.
Fujisawa Canada, Inc.
Fujisawa Healthcare, Inc.
Fujisawa USA, Inc.
Fulmer Brothers, Inc.
Future Tech International
G.F.C. Crane Consultants, Inc.
Gallagher Financial Systems
Gardner Homes Realtors
Genentech, Inc.
General Hauling Service, Inc.
General Mills Foundation*
General Reinsurance Corporation*
Genetics Institute
Giorgio Armani
Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.*
GM Group, Inc.
Gofen & Glossberg, L.L.C.
Goldfarb, Gold, Gonzalez & Wald, P.A.
Goldman, Sachs & Co.*
W. W. Grainger, Inc.*
Grand Bay Hotel
Granwell Corporation
Gray Consulting, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig
Greenstreet Partners
Grossman & Roth, P.A.
Gumenick Properties
Gunster, Yoakley, Valdes-Fauli & Stewart, P.A.
H S A Enterprises, Inc.
Haggar Apparel
Hale Piano, Inc.
Hanzman, Criden, Korge, Hertzberg & Chaykin, P.A.
Happy & Healthy Products, Inc.
Harley Davidson of Miami, Inc.
Hayhurst & Associates, Inc.
Headlands Mortgage Company
Health Coalition, Inc.
Health Communications
Health Education Technologies
Health Learning Systems, Inc.
Healthcare Innovations, Inc.
Healthways Communications, Inc.
Hellers Brothers Packing Corporation
Hialeah Park, Inc.
The Highland Street Connection
Hill Dermaceuticals, Inc.
HIP Health Plan of Florida
HLS Corporation
Hoechst Marion Roussel, Inc.
Holland & Knight LLP
Holstein, Peacos & Egort, P.A.
Honeywell Foundation*
Host Marriott Services
Howmedica, Inc.
Hughes Supply, Inc.
Hugo Boss USA, Inc.
Human Frontier
Hunter Douglas Verticals
Hyatt Regency - Grand Cayman
Hyperbaric Medical Services, Inc.
IGT Services, Inc.
Image Embroidery Co., Inc.
Immunex Research & Development Corporation
Imola Marketing & Services, Inc.
Innovative Security Solutions, Inc.
InSource, Inc.
International Association for Hydrogen Energy
International Business Machines Corporation*
International Sales-Caribbean Corporation
Integrated Health Services, Inc.
Intelligent Hearing Systems
Interamerican Bank
International Finance Bank
Interval Ownership Sales Group, Inc.
Invesco Capital Management
Investment Management Associates
IPC Sports, Inc.
Isicoff & Ragatz, P.A.
It's Just Lunch
ITT Industries*
Izard & Leone Advertising
Jacobson Properties
Japan National Oil Corporation
Jefferson-Pilot Communications*
Jerry's Caterers
Joe's Stone Crab Restaurant
John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company*
John Kushner Realty, Inc.
Johnson & Johnson*
Kalamazoo Foundation
Kaplan Educational Centers
KAR Printing of Florida, Inc.
Karp & Genauer, P.A.
Kasun Development Corporation
Kaufman, Rossin & Company
Keith Machinery Corporation
Keith Mack LLP
Kelpetro Operating, Inc.
Kelson Physician Partners, Inc.
Kenilworth Creations
Kenny Nachwalter Seymour Arnold Critchlow & Spector, P.A.
Key West Citizen
Kinetic Concepts, Inc.
King World Productions, Inc.
Kirkpatrick & Lockhart LLP
Klauder & Nunno Enterprises, Inc.
KLS - Martin LP
Kluger, Peretz, Kaplan & Berlin, P.A.
Knight-Ridder, Inc.*
Komatsu Latin America Corporation
Kopplow & Flynn, P.A.
Kozyak Tropin & Throckmorton, P.A.
KPS, Inc.
Kronberg & Dougherty M.D.'s, P.A.
Kropik, Papuga & Shaw
KTR Associates, LLC-JK
Lago Mar Resort & Club
Lally, McFarland and Pantello, Inc.
Lamn, Krielow, Dytrych & Darling, P.A.
Law Offices of James Tuthill
Law Offices of Kramer, Green, Zuckerman & Kahn, P.A.
E. M. Lawrence Limited
Bertha LeBus Charitable Trust
Lehman Pipe & Plumbing Supply, Inc.
Let's Talk Cellular & Wireless, Inc.
Levine, Busch, Schnepper & Stein, P.A.
Levinson & Company, Inc.
Lido Spa Hotel
Lifecell Corporation
Link Orthopaedics
Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Lippincott - Raven Publishers*
Lotspeich Contracting, Inc.
Lowe Realty Corporation
Lucent Technologies*
Lucera, Inc.
M-Z Packaging Corporation
M.A.C. Aids Fund
The Macdonald West Company
MacroFlex Corporation
Magg Cigar Corporation Limited
Mallah, Furman & Company P.A.
Mallinckrodt, Inc.
Anthony Marano Company
Martinez & Gutierrez, P.A.
Masorti Travel Bureau
Maxum Ventures Limited
Mayer Malbin Company, Inc.
The Mayhue Corporation
Mayor's Jewelers
McCann Coyner Clarke Real Estate, Inc.
McDonnell Douglas Foundation*
McGrane & Nosich, P.A.
McGregor Point Bridge Club, Inc.
Med-El Corporation
Medcon International, Inc.
MedFacts, Inc.
Medical Technologies of Georgia, Inc.
Medical Utilization Review Associates, LLC
MedImmune, Inc.
Medtronic, Inc.*
Mena Catering, Inc.
Merck & Company, Inc.*
Meridian Equities
The Merlin Law Group
Metropolitan Life Insurance Company*
Miami Air Conditioning & Refrigeration, Inc.
Miami Country Day School
Miami Dadeland Marriott
Miami Dolphins, Limited
The Miami Times
Miccosukee Indian Gaming
Microsoft Corporation*
Wm. Royall Middelthon, Jr. Law Office
Milberg Weiss Bershad Hynes & Lerach LLP
Miller Brewing Company
Million Dollar Hole In-One
Mirage Resorts, Inc.
Misc Donors FY 1999
Mishan, Sloto, Greenberg & Hellinger, P.A.
Mobil Exploration & Producing
J. P. Morgan & Company*
Morgan Stanley & Company*
Morningstar Nursery
Morrison, Brown, Argiz & Company
Morton's of Chicago Steak House
Motorola Foundation*
MTM Printing Company, Inc.
Muller, Mintz, Kornreich, Caldwell, Casey, Crosland & Bramnick, P.A.
Murex Diagnostics, Inc.
Mutual of America*
Myriad Genetics, Inc.
Nastasi & Associates, Inc.
National Audubon Society
National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
National Data & Communications
National Hot Rod Association
National Partitions & Interiors, Inc.
NationsBank Community Relations
NationsBank of Florida, N.A.*
The NationsBank Foundation
NationsBank of North Carolina*
Nature Conservancy
Navix Radiology Systems, Inc.
Navon, Kopelman, O'Donnell & Lavin, P.A.
NHP Holding Company, Inc.
Neiman Marcus
Nemiroff & Auslander, P.A.
Neocrin Company
Nephrology News & Issues
Bohdan Neswiacheny Attorney At Law
Neuroperfusion, Inc.
New Sandy Burr Club, Inc.
New York Sportscene
Newman's Own, Inc.
NJICA Football, Inc.
Norman Brothers Produce, Inc.
North American Enclosures, Inc.
Northern Telecom, Inc.*
Northern Trust Company*
Northern Trust Bank of Florida, N.A.*
Northwest Medical Teams International
Northwest Orthopaedic Associates
Norwegian Cruise Lines
Novartis Consumer Health, Inc.
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Odebrecht Contractors of Florida, Inc.
Office Depot, Inc.*
Oggi, Inc.
Ohio Mutual Insurance Group
Olsten Health Services
Olympus America, Inc.
Orchid Mania South Florida, Inc.
Organogenesis, Inc.
Organon Teknika
Ortho Biotech, Inc.
Ortho Pharmaceutical Corporation
Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical
Orthodontix, Inc.
OSF, Inc.
Outdoor Advertising of the Keys
P.F. Chang's China Bistro
Pacific Coast Tissue Bank
Paddy Lee Fashions, Inc.
Paine Webber
Palm Beach Media Group, Inc.
Palm Travel Agency, Inc.
Paradise Cruises & Travel
Passman Shipping Agency, S.A.
Pavarini Construction Company, Inc.
Pelican Bays
Peninsula State Bank
Pennsylvania Power & Light Company*
Dr. Harry Pepe & Associates, P.A.
Perception, Inc.
Perez Trading Company
Pertnoy, Solowsky & Allen, P.A
Pfizer, Inc.*
Pharmacia & Upjohn Company*
PharMed Group Sales
Pharmedica Communications, Inc.
Phase Five Communications, Inc.
Pheonix Financial Groups, Inc.
Phillips Hearing Implants
Physician's Investment Advisors, Inc.
Physicians Reciprocal Insurers
Pineapple Press, Inc.
Pizitz Realty Company
Plainsboro Marketing Group
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeons, P.A.
David Plummer & Associates, Inc.
Polestar Education LLC
Ponzoli, Wassenberg & Sperkacz, P.A.
Post, Buckley, Schuh & Jernigan, Inc.
Post-Newsweek Stations, Inc.
The Potamkin Foundation
Presbyterian Saint Lukes
Primecare Medical Associates, Inc.
Princeton Healthcare Communications
PriceWaterhouse Coopers
Pro Ed Communications, Inc.
Pro Player Stadium
The Procter & Gamble Company*
Produce Connection
Professional Concessions, Inc.
The Prudential Foundation*
Psymark Communications, Inc.
Publix Super Markets Charities, Inc.
Publix Super Markets, Inc.
Puga & Associates, Inc.
Quality First Produce, Inc.
Quantum, Inc.
Quarter M Farms, Inc.
Quintiles, Inc.
R. W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Institute
Rachlin, Cohen & Holtz LLP
Radio Unica Corporation
Radionuclides In Nephrology
Radisson Cable Beach Resort
Radisson Seven Seas
Reader's Digest Foundation*
Reliance Federal Savings Bank
Renex Corporation
Republic International Bank of New York*
Republic National Bank of Miami
Republic National Bank of New York*
Rhone-Poulenc Rorer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.*
Ridgewood Associates, Inc.
Riley, Knoerr & Emanuel
C. H. Robinson Company
Roche Laboratories, Inc.
Rolei Electrica S.E.
Rosenberg Family Partnership
Ross Products Division
Rowland Coffee Roasters, Inc. D/B/A Cafe Pilon
Roy Llera Photography
Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited
Ruden, McClosky, Smith, Schuster & Russell, P.A.
Russo & Heffernan, P.A.
Ryder System, Inc.*
S & M Klein Co., Inc.
Saint Augustine Health Care, Inc.
Saint Paul Companies, Inc.
The St. Regis Hotel
Sanchez & Levitan, d/b/a/ Cuban Concert Series
Sanders Marketing Group, Inc.
Sandler O'Neill & Partners, LP
Santen Pharmaceutical Company Limited
Sanwa Business Credit Corporation
Schantz, Schatzman, & Aronson, P.A.
Schering Sales Corporation
Schering-Plough Corporation*
Schiff Hardin & Waite
Sciarretta & Mannino
Seaboard Marine Limited
Seal-Tite Plastic Packaging Company, Inc.
SeaSpecialties, Inc.
Seaway II Florida
Security Title Company of Gallatin County
Seikagaku Corporation
Selecta Magazine
Seta Corporation
Shadow Lake, Inc.
M. Shanken Communications, Inc.
Sheftall Alvarez & Torres
Sherry Manufacturing Company, Inc.
Shopping Center Management
Don Shulas Hotel & Golf Club
Shutts & Bowen
Siebe Controls
Sigma-Tau Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Silva & Silva, P.A.
Skylake Industrial Park
Smith & Nephew, Inc.
Smith Barney, Inc.
SmithKline Beecham Consumer Healthcare, L.P.
SmithKline Beecham Corporation*
Smithtown Concrete Products Corporation
Smurfit Latin America
Soler Pressure Cleaning, Inc.
Somerstein Land
South Florida Communications
Southern Audio Visual
Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc.
Southland Corporation
Spanish Broadcasting System
Spear, Leeds & Kellogg
Spector & Sons
Spitzer Dodge of Homestead
Sports & Sponsorships, Inc.
Square D Company*
Standard Broadcasting Corporation Limited
State Farm Companies Foundation*
Stearns, Weaver, Miller, Weissler, Alhadeff & Sitterson, P.A.
Steel Hector & Davis LLP
Stigwood Group Limited
Su-per Marketing, Inc.
Sulzberger Enterprises, Inc.
Summer Jai-Alai
Sun Microsystems, Inc.*
Sun Trust
Sun Belt Graphics, Inc.
Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc.
SunTrust Banks, Inc.*
Swire Pacific Holdings, Inc./Swire Properties, Inc.
Symphonettes, Inc.
Symphonix Devices, Inc.
Sysco Corporation*
T.I.Y.M Publishing Company, Inc.
Tabas Freedman & Orshan, P.A.
Tam Produce
Taplin, Canida & Habacht
Team Foot Works Educational & Fitness Corporation
Tech-Optics, Inc.
Technion Communications
Tecton, Inc.
Tektronix, Inc.*
Tew Cardenas Rebak Kellogg LLP
TherOx, Inc.
Thomson Muraro Razook & Hart, P.A.
Thomson Newspapers, Inc.
Ken Thornberry & Associates, Inc.
Thornton & Rothman, P.A.
Tiffany & Company
Tiger Direct, Inc.
Tighe Industries, Inc.
Tikco Enterprises, Inc.
Tiodize Company, Inc.
The Titanic Touring Company
Total Renal Care, Inc.
Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A., Inc.*
Trail Auto Tag Agency
The Trane Company
The Travel Source
Treasure Coast Hurricane Club, U.M.
Tripp, Scott, Conklin & Smith, P.A.
Tropic Supply, Inc.
Tropical Park, Inc.
James R. Tucker, Inc.
Turner Collie & Braden, Inc.
Turner Construction Company*
Tyco International (US), Inc.*
U.S. Spain Science & Technlogy Program
United States Surgical Corporation
Unicapital Corporation
Union Planters Bank
United Distillers & Vintners
United National Bank of Miami
United Way of Broward County, Inc.
United Way Project Link
University Country Club
University Credit Union
University Press of America
University Shopping Center
Upchurch Management Company , Inc.
Upscale Technologies
Urology Associates, P.A.
USA Networks Foundation, Inc.
V & W Gravel, Inc.
V. R. H. Construction Corporation
Van Koevering Company
Vasocor, Inc.
Verdeja & Gravier Consulting
Vernis & Bowling of Miami, P.A.
The Village South, Inc.
Virginia/Illinois, Ltd.
Visa International
Vista Memorial Gardens
Vitas Healthcare Corporation
The Vizcayans
W. B. Saunders
The Walt Disney Company Foundation*
Waltman & Cohen
Wayne Jewelers
Weiss & Associates, Inc.
Welch Allyn
West Flagler Associates Limited
Westside Radiology Associates, P.A.
Wexler Insurance Agency, Inc.
White & Case
Whitman Education Group
Wicker, Smith, Tutan, O'Hara, McCoy, Graham & Ford, P.A.
William Pattison Associates, Inc.
Williams Island, The Florida Riviera
Williamson Cadillac Company
Willis Corroon Corporation of Michigan
Wilmington Trust Company
Wilson & Buist, Inc.
Windmere Corporation
Wine Spectator
Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc.*
Winnebago Industries, Inc.
WLRN 91.3 FM Radio
Wolinsky and Company
Women's Fund of Dade County
Thomas D. Wood & Company
Wood & Quintairos
Woodglen Development, Inc.
World Jai-Alai
WTMI Radio 93.1 FM
Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories
Xerox Corporation*
Y. S. Liedman & Associates
You Deal Me In, Inc.
Young Berman & Karpf
Young Performers
Young, Schimmel & Kanter, M.D., P.A.
Zebersky & Payne LLP
Zeneca S.P.A.
Zuckerman, Spaeder, Taylor & Evans, LLP



Anthony R. Abraham Foundation, Inc.
Academy of Marketing Science Foundation No. 3
ACLU Foundation of Florida, Inc.
Samuel I. Adler Family Supporting Foundation, Inc.
Africk Family Foundation, Inc.
The Agnew Foundation
Akron Jewish Community Federation
Joseph Alexander Foundation
American Health Assistance Foundation
American Medical Association Education & Research Foundation
The American Salam Charitable Foundation of Miami, Inc.
Aileen S. Andrew Foundation
The Anna Fund, Inc.
Ansin Foundation, Inc.
AOH Foundation
The Applebaum Foundation in memory of Joseph Applebaum
Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America
ATU Jerry Fund (ATU MS Research Fund)
B S H Foundation, Inc.
Bacardi Family Foundation
Kenneth G. Bacheller Charitable Foundation
Balogh Family Foundation
Banbury Fund, Inc.
Louis F. and Virginia C. Bantle Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The George Barrie Foundation, Inc.
The Bassett Foundation, Inc.
John E. and Nellie J. Bastien Memorial Foundation
The Batchelor Foundation, Inc.
Paul Bateman Foundation
Joan and Milton Baxt Foundation, Inc.
Robert R. Bellamy Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Helene and Adolph Berger Family Foundation, Inc.
Sybiel B. Berkman Foundation
I. Jack and Elsie Bernstein Foundation, Inc.
The Biegelsen Foundation, Inc.
David and Susan Bisgeier Foundation, Inc.
Blabon Busch and Magnus Trust
Blank Family Foundation, Inc.
Norman and Irma Braman Foundation, Inc.
Brooks Living Trust
The Alan T. Brown Foundation to Cure Paralysis
Brown Charity Foundation, Inc.
The Brunetti Foundation
Buchholz Family Foundation, Inc.
Burchenal Family Foundation
The Charitable Foundation of the Burns Family, Inc.
William J. Burns Foundation, Inc.
Bill Bursis Foundation for Spinal Cord Research
The Dennis Byrd Foundation, Inc.
Camner Family Foundation
Camp-Younts Foundation
Alexander G. Campbell, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
The Chaplin Family Foundation
Chase Manhattan Foundation
The Chicago Community Trust
Children Affected By AIDS Foundation
Children's Cardiac Research Foundation, Inc.
The Children's Health Fund
Claddaugh Foundation, Inc.
The Clark Foundation
Class of '88 Reunion Fund
Class of 1995
Clayman Family Charitable Foundation
The Cobb Family Foundation, Inc.
The Manny and Ruthy Cohen Foundation, Inc.
James M. Collins Foundation
James J. Colt Foundation, Inc.
Community Foundation of Broward
Community Foundation of Greater Greensboro, Inc.
Community Services Trust Fund
Confort Foundation Trust
Wallace H. Coulter Trust
Marjorie F. Cowan Family Foundation, Inc.
The Coyne Family Foundation, Inc.
The Crosby Fund
Mary Jane Crowe Foundation
Dade Community Foundation
The Dauer Family Foundation, Inc.
David Foundation
The Diana and Robert Davidow Foundation
The Marvin H. Davidson Foundation, Inc.
The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations
Cindy Davis Carr Fund
The Dayton Foundation
Lawrence J. and Florence A. De George Charitable Trust
Deering Foundation
Aldo Del Re Living Trust
Dermatology Foundation of Miami
Dermatology Foundation - Illinois
Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation
Diabetes Research Institute Foundation
Diabetes Research and Wellness Foundation
Lloyd R. and Helen R. Dilworth Foundation
Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital Foundation, Inc.
Herbert and Lois Dolgoff Philanthropic Foundation
Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
The Dunspaugh-Dalton Foundation, Inc.
DBS Foundation
DZ Foundation
Echo Foundation
William J. and Julia M. Edwards Foundation
David and Jody Epstein Family Foundation, Inc.
Esformes Family Charity
The Gloria Estefan Foundation, Inc.
Fa Bene Foundation, Inc.
Richard M. Fairbanks Foundation, Inc.
The Fanwood Foundation
The Farago Foundation
Feinstein Family Foundation
Jane and Jay Fialkow Family Fund
Rose and Irving Fien Philanthropic Fund
Firefighters Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Florida Bar Foundation
Florida Cystic Fibrosis, Inc.
Florida Lions Eye Bank, Inc.
Richard Florsheim Art Fund
Jefferson L. Ford III Memorial Foundation, Inc.
The Fortin Foundation of Florida, Inc.
The Joseph C. and Esther Foster Foundation, Inc.
Foundation of Jewish Philanthropies of The Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Foundation for Glaucoma Research
D. W. Frankel Foundation, Inc.
Sam and Lottie Friedland Foundation
Robert G. Friedman Foundation
Friends of Toby Foundation, Inc.
Lawrence and Anne Frisman Foundation, Inc.
The Frye Foundation
Fuller Foundation, Inc.
Fundacion Marti - Haidar, Inc.
Gaines Family Foundation, Inc.
Ganz Family Supporting Foundation, Inc.
The Garner Foundation, Inc.
Ruth and August Geiger Charity Foundation
Lawrence M. Gelb Foundation, Inc.
Sumner Gerard Foundation
The Jack Gersh Charitable Trust
B. Milfred Gerson Trust
Jules Gerson and Harriette R. Schecter Charitable Foundation
Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation
The Getz Foundation
Andy Gibb Memorial Foundation
Helen and Herman Gimbel Charity Fund, Inc.
Stanley J. Glaser Foundation
The Lawrence E. Glick Family Foundation
The Frank L. and Helen Gofrank Foundation
Bart and Sandy Goldberg Foundation, Inc.
Goldsmith Family Foundation
Stacy J. Goodman Memorial Foundation
The Harold and Marion Gordon Foundation
The K. W. Grader Foundation, Inc.
Graham Foundation for Advanced Studies In The Fine Arts
The Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Green Family Foundation
The Greenburg-May Foundation, Inc.
Gubelmann Family Foundation, Inc.
Nathan and Sophia Gumenick Foundation
J. Gurwin Foundation, Inc.
Hachette Filipacchi Foundation
Halldon Foundation
Halmos Foundation, Inc.
Joseph and Sally Handleman Foundation
J. Ira and Nicki Harris Foundation
Harris Foundation*
Health Foundation of South Florida, Inc.
Health Foundation Support Services of South Florida
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
Heffner Fund Family Foundation
The William Heiser Foundation to Cure Spinal Cord Injuries
The Diane Star Heller Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ethel Heller Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Edward L. Hennessey, Jr. and Ruth S. Hennessy Foundation
Arthur H. Hertz Foundation
The Carl J. Herzog Foundation, Inc.
Daniel Heumann Fund for Spinal Cord Research
Hilliard Family Foundation
Hillsberg Foundation, Inc.
Syd and Dora Hoff Osteoporosis Foundation, Inc.
Nancy and Ralph Holden Charitable Foundation
The Hollander Foundation
The Hollfelder Foundation
Homan Foundation
The Jeffrey Horvitz Foundation
William and Norma Horvitz Family Foundation, Inc.
The Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Hugoton Foundation
Huizenga Family Foundation
Institute of Marine Science, Inc.
Jackson Memorial Foundation
Lt. (J.G.) Walter A. Jacobs Foundation, Inc.
Janssen Pharmaceutica Research Foundation
The Alma Jennings Foundation, Inc.
Jewish Communal Fund
Jewish Federation of Broward County, Inc.
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation*
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International
The Martin Kaltman Foundation
Joseph H. Kanter Foundation
The Kaplan Foundation, Inc.
Abraham Kaplan Charitable Foundation
The Katcher Family Foundation, Inc.
The Eleanor M. and
Herbert D. Katz Family Foundation, Inc.
Kaufman Foundation, Inc.
Peter and Cynthia Kellogg Foundation
The Ethel and W. George Kennedy Family Foundation, Inc.
Kent-Lucas Foundation, Inc.
Kidney Foundation of South Florida
Kislak Family Fund, Inc.
The Calvin Klein Foundation
Mary and Harry Klorman Charitable Foundation Trust
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
The Nicole F. and Atlee Kohl Family Foundation
The Raymond Konopka, Jr. Foundation
Rudolph and Greta Koppel Foundation, Inc.
Harry B. and Anna Korman Foundation
Korth Family Foundation, Inc.
The Bernie J. Kosar Charitable Trust
The Alexander Kourland Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Samuel H. Kress Foundation
The Fred and Esther Kucklinsky Foundation
Louis J. Kuriansky Foundation, Inc.
R. Kirk and B. Landon Foundation
Landon Foundation
Largay Foundation, Inc.
Kenneth A. Lattman Foundation, Inc.
James T. Lee Foundation, Inc.
Louis Leibowitz Charitable Trust
Saul and Eleanor Lerner Foundation, Inc.
Henri and Flore Lesieur Foundation
Leukemia Research Foundation, Inc.
S. Robert Levine Family Trust
Joan Levy Cancer Foundation
The Lewis Family Foundation, Inc.
Liberace Foundation for the Performing and Creative Arts
The Marvin and Kay Lichtman Foundation
Bennett M. Lifter Foundation, Inc.
Thomas J. Lipton Foundation, Inc.*
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.
Richard Lounsbery Foundation
Audrey Love Charitable Foundation
The Joe and Emily Lowe Foundation, Inc.
Luckow Family Foundation
The Scott and Carol Lyons Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The John D. and
Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation*
Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation
The Marmot Foundation
Dr. Nestor Martinez Foundation, Inc.
The Page and Otto Marx, Jr. Foundation
The Mary Anna Foundation
Mayo Foundation SC
J. N. McArthur Foundation
McCrea Foundation
McLamore Family Foundation, Inc.
McNulty Charitable Foundation, Inc.
The Mele Foundation
Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation, Inc.*
The Baron de Hirsch Meyer Foundation
The Joseph Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.
Miami Heat Charitable Foundation
Miami Music Teachers Foundation, Inc.
Michener Charitable Trust
The Gene Milgram Family Foundation
Leonard Miller Trust
Henry L. and Kathryn Mills Charity Foundation
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Monterey Fund, Inc.
The Morris Family Foundation
Mostyn Foundation, Inc.
The Stephen Muss Foundation, Inc.
Anne Peters Myers Charitable Foundation
National Kidney Foundation
National Parkinson Foundation, Inc.
The Vernon C. and
Alvina B. Neal Fund
Nestor Charitable Foundation
The New York Community Trust
The Niagara Trust, S.A.
Dorothy C. and Henry Z. Norton Foundation
William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Foundation
The Calvin and Flavia Oak Foundation, Inc.
Ocean Research and Education Foundation, Inc.
The William and Miriam Olsten Foundation, Inc.
Omaha Community Foundation
Open Society Institute
The Ophthalmology Research Foundation, Inc.
John G. Ordway, Jr. Foundation
Oregon Jewish Community Foundation
Selma Oritt Foundation
Osiason Educational Foundation, Inc.
The Park Foundation
Fay Parkin Trust
Peacock Foundation, Inc.
The Dr. M. Lee Pearce Foundation, Inc.
Pediatric AIDS Foundation
Pentland Hall of Dade County
Leonard W. and Betty Phillips Foundation
Victor Posner Foundation, Inc.
The Presser Foundation
Puopolo Family Charitable Trust
The Helen C. Purdy Foundation
Soloman Clara Rabinowitz Foundation
William and Joan Rein Foundation
Research To Prevent Blindness, Inc.
The Ress Family Foundation, Inc.
Retinitis Pigmentosa Foundation, Inc.
The Rhode Island Community Foundation
Harry Rich Family Foundation, Inc.
Marion A. Roletti Foundation, Inc.
Roney-Fitzpatrick Foundation
Joseph Rosen Foundation
Michael and Diane Rosenberg Foundation
The Rosenstiel Foundation
David N. Rosner Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Ralph L. and June M. Rossi Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Rotary Club of Key Biscayne Foundation, Inc.
Rotary Foundation of
Ft. Myers South, Inc.
The Rotary Foundation of Miami, Florida, Inc.
Travis Roy Foundation
The Selma and Lawrence Ruben Foundation
Robert Russell Memorial Foundation
The Francien and Lee Ruwitch Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Rowland and Sylvia Schaefer Family Foundation, Inc.
Michael and Helen Schaffer Foundation, Inc.
The Schatz Family Foundation, Inc.
Schlanger Family Foundation, Inc.
Schlein Foundation, Inc.
Adolph and Ruth Schnurmacher Foundation
Schoninger Family Foundation, Inc.
Schumann Foundation, Inc.
The Seattle Foundation
The Sedacca Foundation, Inc.
William G. Selby and Marie Selby Foundation
Senville Foundation
The Sexauer Foundation
Bernard Shapiro Fund, Inc.
Sholes Charitable Foundation
Harvey Silverman Foundation
Leon J. Simkins Charitable Foundation
Scott Simon Charitable Trust
Richard H. Simons Charitable Trust, Robert Kramer Trustee
Slone Family Foundation
Sonesta Charitable Foundation, Inc.
South Florida Chapter of the American College of Surgeons, Inc.
South Florida Chapter National Writers Association
South Florida Veterans Affairs Foundation for Research & Education
Donald B. and Dorothy L. Stabler Foundation
Stanley Smith Horticultural Trust
The Starr Foundation
Sidney J. Stein Foundation
Stonewall Community Foundation
The George B. Storer Foundation, Inc.
Studley Family Foundation, Inc.
Robert S. Sudick Foundation
Harcourt M. and Virginia W. Sylvester Foundation, Inc.
Howard D. and Sandra M. Taylor Family Foundation
Jack Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
Tepperman Foundation, Inc.
Thun Family Foundation
Tobin Foundation
Together Against Diabetes
The Toppel Family Foundation, Inc.
Pierre Toussaint and
Roger Jerome Radloff Foundation
The John R. and Georgene M. Tozzi Foundation
Transamerica Foundation*
Transplant Foundation of South Florida
The Troxel Tens Foundation
The Vanneck-Bailey Foundation
Vera Cash Foundation, Inc.
Frank Visceglia Foundation
Norman and Vivian Weiden Foundation, Inc.
Joseph Weintraub Family Foundation, Inc.
Arthur and Gullan Wellman Medical Research Trust
Richard L. and Lois S. Werner Family Foundation
The Frederick and
Margaret L. Weyerhaeuser Foundation
Lettie Pate Whitehead Foundation, Inc.
Dr. Jack Widrich Foundation, Inc.
Wiegand Family Foundation, Inc.
Wien Family Foundation, Inc.
The Wilhelm Family Fund
The Woldenberg Foundation
Mitchell Wolfson Family Foundation
Richard F. Wolfson Family Foundation, Inc.
Wollowick Family Foundation
Morty and Gloria Wolosoff Foundation
M. A. Young Foundation
Helene D. Ziff Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Joseph and Vera Zilber Family Foundation

+ Posthumously
* Special thanks to organizations providing matching gifts
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