Foote's Green

Dean Isaac Prilleltensky and EtionyAldarondo

Roberta “Bosey” Foote, Edward T. Foote II, UM Trustee Chuck Cobb, and Board of Trustees Chair Phillip T. George.

During his 20 years as UM’s fourth president, Edward T. Foote ushered tens of thousands of students to their bright futures during graduation. In January, UM administrators, deans, trustees, and members of Foote’s family gathered to honor Foote’s commitment to excellence by lending his name to the giant swath of land on which those rites of passage took place. “It is fitting that this very special area of the University’s campus be named after Tad, since it is precisely here where he presided over commencement,” said UM President Donna E. Shalala, who succeeded Foote in 2001. Calling the dedication of The Edward T. Foote II University Green “one of the most beautiful moments of my life,” Foote pointed to the Ashe Administration Building and recalled how his former office window allowed him to watch students cross the green on their way to and from classes and the library. Noting its accessibility from several points, Foote said his newly named green “symbolizes the essence of the University.”