Areas of Research

I. Dynamic Effects on Structures and Building Components

1) Dynamic effects on building components accounting for wake interference from neighboring structures
2) Relative movement of building components due to spatial distribution of wind loads
3) Methods for minimizing debris production and impacts in wind and surge conditions
4) Vortex shedding effects on highway structures, signs and luminaries

II. Conputational Fluid/Structure Dynamics Development

1) High fidelity large eddy/detached eddy simulations of wind dynamic loads on buildings
2) Two-phase flow (air-water) simulations of hurricane surge dynamic loads on buildings
3) Hurricane driving rain dynamic loads on building structures
4) Fluid-structure interaction of dynamic loads on high rise buildings and bridges

III. Structures and Materials
High fidelity analysis models for post hurricane structural integrity prediction/assessment
2) Quantum improvement of civil materials/structures in response to natural and man-made threats using nanotechnologies/layered materials and other technologies

IV. Ventilation and "Green" Building Design

1) Study of interaction between wind, urban micro-environment, and building natural ventilation
2) Simulation and verification of building energetics (heat balance, power consumption, infrastructure costs) in relationship to "Green" building goals
3) Development of computational tools to guide urban planning, architectural design and assessment
4) Simulation of water intrusion into buildings under extreme wind condition
5) Simulation of pollutant transport in and around buildings
6) Improvement of indoor air quality by inhibiting or eliminating microorganism growth

V. Aerospace Engineering
1) Nonlinear aeroelasticity simulation for high aspect ratio aircraft
2) Study of advanced airplanes concepts

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