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If you would care to assist The Miller Center to grow to its full potential, here are some items to be considered for dedication:

Items For Sponsorship
The Sue and Leonard Miller Center
for Contemporary Judaic Studies

Physical Space contact us
about sponsoring

4 Administrative Offices

     Center Director 

     Development/Outreach Director 

     Judaic Studies Program Director

     Conference Room

4 Faculty Offices
     Professor of Israel Studies

     Professor of Holocaust Studies

     Visiting Professor

     Visiting Professor

     Student Research/Fellows

Reference Library
     Specific collections of books –

     Video collection

     CD-Rom collection

     Richter Library (urgently needed additions

     to existing collection)


$    50,000  each


$    50,000  each

$  250,000

$    25,000

$    25,000

$    25,000

$  100,000

Academic Chairs and Visiting Professorships
Named Chairs (each)  $2,000,000
Visiting Professorships (each) $1,000,000

Distinguished Public Lecture Series 
$1,000,000 endowment
Named Public Annual Lectures
$  250,000 endowment
Alper/CCJS Annual Jewish Book Fair 
$  500,000 endowment
Conference, symposium, colloquium (each) 
$  500,000 endowment

$    50,000
Newsletter (quarterly)
$1,000,000 endowment
Individual publications pursuant to above events 
$    25,000 each

Student Scholarships  $   25,000 each

Research Stipends and Grants  $   50,000 each

Major Research Project (per project)  $  500,000


The Sue and Leonard Miller Center for Contemporary Judaic Studies
University of Miami
PO 248161, 5202 University Drive, Merrick 105 Coral Gables, FL 33124-2018
Tel: (305) 284-6882 Fax: (305) 284-5274 Email:
Map and Directions to the Miller Center

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