Promoting Academic Excellence

Cuban Heritage Collection Graduate Fellows Program opens doors to young scholars while raising the profile of a unique resource.

The Cuban Heritage Collection (CHC), a unique resource now in the early years of its second decade in the Roberto C. Goizueta Pavillion at Richter Library, has become an even more vibrant center of scholarly activity in recent years, thanks to an additional gift from The Goizueta Foundation in 2009.

The Goizueta Foundation-funded Cuban Heritage Collection Fellows Program brings graduate students from across the country to conduct dissertation and thesis research in the collection. By using the collection for academic inquiry and discovery, the fellows, in turn, help to raise awareness of the collection as resource for academic excellence and publication.

To date, 20 fellows have been selected from prestigious institutions such as Brown University, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of California Los Angeles, University of Chicago, Yale University, and Princeton University to support their writing and research.

The greatest measure of value for a special collection is in its use and ability to inspire scholars and students to do research, publish, create, teach, and learn. Modeled after programs that have been successful at other research libraries and Universities, UM’s program was developed to cultivate the use of the Cuban Heritage Collection; to support research, teaching, and learning; and to build awareness of the University of Miami and its library system—now one of the top 50 academic library systems in the nation—as a distinctive resource for transformative research and scholarly activity.


Cuban Heritage Collection
Graduate students from around the country can gain access to a unique scholarly resource through the recently launched Cuban Heritage Collection Fellows Program, which—like the handsome pavilion that houses the collection at Richter Library—was made possible by the Goizueta Foundation.