News Release

College of Engineering Celebrates 65 Years and Honors M2 Donors

The UM College of Engineering marked its 65th anniversary and honored its leadership donors to Momentum2 at its CoE@65 celebration on April 19, 2013, at The Biltmore in Coral Gables.

A critical contributor to the college’s evolution and fundraising is its Visiting Committee, with four of its members providing leadership to the Momentum2 campaign as well as other members offering guidance and insights into new research opportunities. Ana VeigaMilton B.S.E.E. ’87, J.D. ’93, chair of the college’s Momentum2 campaign, pointed out that “this celebration of the college’s founding is the perfect opportunity to support the present-day educational and research efforts under Dean Tien’s leadership.” She leads the college’s campaign along with co-chairs Laura Coulter-Jones, B.B.A. ’80, M.B.A. ’90, Carmen Gonzalez-Sanfeliu, and  Sal Jurado, B.S.C.E. ’73, M.S.C.E. ’76.

As Dean James M. Tien noted in the video shown at the anniversary gala, “As we reflect on our six-plus decades of accomplishments, it becomes clear how extensively our past undertakings connect with our present-day strategic directions. Momentum has brought us here from our beginnings; momentum will carry us forward to a future of even greater success, one that can ensure our noble vision of Educating Tomorrow’s Technology Leaders for Career Success. Please join us in the celebration of our accomplishments and recognition of the passion we possess to achieve the college’s mission.”

President Donna E. Shalala and College of Engineering Dean James M. Tien are joined by members of the College of Engineering Visiting Committee at the CoE@65 celebration at The Biltmore in Coral Gables. Front row, from left to right, are UM Trustee Ed Williamson, Ana VeigaMilton B.S.E.E. ’87, J.D. ’93, chair of the college’s Momentum2 campaign, President Shalala, Dean Tien, and Laura Coulter-Jones, B.B.A. ’80, M.B.A. ’90, co-chair of the college’s Momentum2 campaign. Back row, from left, are Fred Hoffman, Fred Hadaegh, Frank Recio, and Joe Sendra, B.S.I.E. ‘93.