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For the Faculty and Staff of the University of Miami
Friday, March 31, 2006

Meeting to Promote Dialogue
Between UNICCO and SEIU

As previously announced, the University is hosting a meeting today to facilitate what we hope will be the beginning of a fruitful dialogue between UNICCO and the SEIU regarding the question of union representation for UNICCO’s employees.

Many people have asked who will be attending the meeting, and we are providing the names of the individuals who have thus far agreed to participate in the process: University of Miami Vice President and General Counsel Robert L. Blake (who will preside); Jim Canavan and Kenneth Gomulka (representing UNICCO); Rob Schuler and Jill Hurst (representing SEIU); Jacob Coker-Dukowitz and Tanya Aquino (representing STAND); UM Law Professor Michael Fischl and Foreign Languages and Literatures Professor Jane Connolly (selected as faculty representatives by the student participants); Faculty Senate Chair Mary Coombs and Dean of the Law School Dennis Lynch (selected by the President). Other individuals may be included as well — including worker representatives invited respectively by the SEIU and UNICCO.

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