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Faculty Disclosures using the Disclosure Profile System

Entrepreneurial and consulting partnerships with outside entities are important to the educational and research missions of the University of Miami (UM), helping to build faculty reputations, facilitate the transfer of knowledge between industry and academia, and expedite the application of our research to real world practice. These relationships must be undertaken with a clear understanding of potential conflicts of interest that might pose risks to patient safety, the integrity of our research and training programs, and/or our reputation.

Although UM has been among the nation’s leaders in promoting transparency in our external relationships and sponsored activities, academic institutions are being required to comply with an increasing number of regulations, including the recently updated Public Health Service (PHS) regulations.  Since we receive PHS funds, UM will be responsible for more disclosure and reporting than in the past.

In particular, UM is now collecting more comprehensive disclosures from faculty involved in research or externally sponsored scholarly activities, including financial and obligatory interests related to their institutional responsibilities. Rather than having a separate Faculty Disclosure Form (FDF) as in the past, all faculty will now disclose their Outside (non-University) Professional Activities (OPA) performed for remuneration through the Disclosure Profile System (DPS; www.miami.edu/dps) used by all UM Investigators (faculty, staff and trainees).

You will notice that the information faculty are required to disclose has changed.  For example, it is no longer necessary to disclose service on U.S. government panels, or for U.S. institutions of higher education. The DPS website contains instructions and a section of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help users maneuver though the system. For specific questions, users can contact the DPS help line at 305-243-0877.