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Faculty - Not Involved in Sponsored Activities

Full-time faculty, University of Miami Medical Group members, and Miller School faculty member that could provide clinical or teaching services for UHealth who are not involved in research or sponsored scholarly/educational activities must disclose to UM their Outside Professional Activities (OPAs):

  • By the end of each calendar year
  • When the total compensation earned from a payor equals $600 dollars or more per 12-month period

Additional information about the changes to the faculty disclose this interests to UM can be found on the FAQ page for faculty disclosure of OPAs performed for remuneration.
The DPS process for faculty not involved in sponsored work is as follows:

  • Questionnaire; Submit
  • Disclose OPAs $600 and over; Certify
  • Certify not involved in sponsored work
  • Submit answers to DPS

Once submitted, the faculty member is now complete until next calendar year unless their disclosures change or they become involved in sponsored activities.

Faculty involved in research or externally-sponsored scholarly activities

Please see the Disclosure Profile System (DPS) instructions page for directions on how to complete the disclosure process.