Homeowners at Four Fillies Farms:

  • Selling your Four Fillies Home:  If you are interested in selling your home you must abide by the procedures and restrictions set forth in your deed.  The home can only be sold to another qualified faculty member of the University.  Under certain circumstances outlined in the deed, the University may repurchase the home from the current faculty owner.  These restrictions apply whether the home is being sold voluntarily or otherwise.

  • Renting your Four Fillies Home:  Property at Four Fillies can only be rented to other qualified faculty members.  Leases are allowed for a minimum of 1 year and must be approved by the University and by the homeowner’s association.

Homeowners of a SAM financed home:

  • Qualified Home Improvements:  If you currently own a home encumbered by a University of Miami Shared Appreciation Loan and are considering making improvements to your home, please read the attached Qualified Major Home Improvement  document.

  • Prepayment of a SAM Mortgage:  If you are interested in paying off your SAM loan earlier than the original due date, please see your original loan documents..

  • Loan Payment at time of sale:  If you are considering selling your home encumbered by a SAM loan, please see your original loan document for the appropriate payback process.