In 1957 the faculty of the University of Miami established the General Honors Program to provide an academically challenging course of study for outstanding undergraduate students. The University Honors Program draws students from all academic majors whom wish to join their peers and distinguished professors for interactive learning and discussion within smaller classes; these classroom experiences encompass more of a focus on why something is rather than what it is. A wide variety of courses and sections of the Honors Program are coordinated each semester and are offered throughout all the schools and colleges of the University, from the introductory level to the advanced level. These courses are taught by tenured faculty who are interested in seeing that Honors students' additional academic needs are met. The notable faculty instructing the courses tend to be more engaged in hands-on research and often serve as mentors for those who wish to get involved in research. Other advantages include graduation with General Honors, as well as participation in the social branch of the Honors Program, the Honors Students’ Association (HSA), which enables Honors students to express themselves outside the classroom environment.

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