High School Careers in Medicine Workshop

The High School Careers in Medicine Workshop (HSCMW) is a seven week, non-residential summer enrichment program for approximately 25 high school students who have successfully completed their junior year of high school and will be entering their senior year upon completion of the summer. The curriculum offers selected topics in cellular/molecular biology, physiology, interrelated laboratory experiences, socio-cultural anthropology, computer informatics, and language arts activities which include exercises in problem solving and comprehension, essay writing, reading, research methods, and decision making. All of the classroom experiences are facilitated by Miller School of Medicine and Coral Gables faculty and graduate students experienced in teaching the course material.

The primary goal of the High School Careers in Medicine Workshop is to further cultivate the participants’ interest in a career within various health professions as well as expose them to a curriculum that will develop their skills in the sciences. The High School Careers in Medicine Workshop will run from June 16, 2014 and conclude on August 1, 2014. Applications are due April 18, 2014. Please feel free to contact the Office of Academic Enhancement directly with any questions at oae@miami.edu or 305-284-3187