The Office of Academic Enhancement provides a range of services to undergraduate students to maximize their candidacy for prestigious awards, fellowships and scholarships.  We help to identify students who are eligible for national and international competitions, actively promote awareness of external scholarship and fellowship opportunities, provide individual mentoring to help students prepare the strongest possible applications, and present workshops about scholarship programs to ensure that students are afforded the maximum possible amount of information from funding agencies.

Based on the application criteria for each award, many of the foundations which fund the specific fellowships or scholarships require institutional endorsement of the candidates, while others simply allow for candidates to self-apply for the awards.  Examples of some awards which require institutional endorsement are the Rhodes, Fulbright, and Marshall Scholarships.  For more information on the process of institutional endorsement please visit our page on Institutional Endorsement Awards

Some scholarship foundations do allow for students to submit their application without institutional endorsement.  However, it is strongly recommended that any student who wishes to self-submit to these entities first schedule an appointment with the Office of Academic Enhancement to go over the application packet, personal statement, or other materials to be submitted in order to help insure that you as a candidate are submitting the best, most complete impression of you.  For further information on the process of self-endorsement please visit our page on Self Application Awards

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