Serving Together Reaching Integrity, Values, & Engagement
Eaton Residential College
Interested in community, service, and leadership? The STRIVE (Serving Together Reaching Integrity, Values & Engagement) Community is a premiere service and leadership program at UM. STRIVE. is a living and learning community and Special Interest Housing floor housed in Eaton Residential College. STRIVE members engage directly with the community through service events planned by STRIVE members. Additionally, members go through a leadership development program designed to help develop themselves as stronger and more able leaders. Selected students commit to a lifestyle of a number of service and leadership hours and a mentoring relationship. Additionally, STRIVE students participate in weekly group house meetings in which speakers from the UM and local community are invited to share their experiences and their expertise. While upperclassmen members live in the STRIVE Community housed in Eaton Residential College, freshmen members live in the freshman residential colleges.

Currently accepting STRIVE Freshmen Member Applications!
The freshman aspect of STRIVE is open to all freshmen, including residents and commuters. Freshmen Applications  for this program are due on Friday, September 9 at the Butler Center for Service and Leadership located in University Center, Room #240. 

Want to learn more? 
Come to any of our Freshmen Recruitment activities:

  • Friday, September 2nd: Freshmen Volunteer Outreach Service Day ( 4:00-6:00 PM)
  • Tuesday, September 6th: Interest Session @ Stanford Residential College 6:00 PM
  • Wednesday, September 7th: Interest Session @ Hecht Residential College 7:00 PM