U Live U Learn

Eaton Residential College
U Live U Learn is a living and learning community of the University’s distinguished scholarship and Honors Program students. The floor focuses on giving academically talented students an environment in which to openly share their interests, embrace new ideas, and productively study, while also relaxing and enjoying a full undergraduate experience. The programs developed annually by U Live U Learn are the direct result of the diverse interests of the floor’s residents. Past programs have included hosting football watch parties, attending theater and concert performances, visiting the Miami Fruit and Spice Park, as well as weekly board game nights and floor study breaks.  If you are interested in living in a community as equally focused on excelling academically as it is on having an engaging out of classroom experience then this floor is for you! U Live U Learn invites Singer, Hammond, Jenkins, and Gate Millennium Scholars along with Foote Fellows and Honor Program students to join this educational and engaging community.