Audio Abode
Eaton Residential College
Theme: Music Technologies
The Audio Abode is an active and engaging living-learning community focused on exploring the real world applications of engineering and sound related concepts. Through research and discussion of music technologies the Audio Abode seeks to create a strong, close-knit community that encourages the academic achievement of its residents. Floor member interactions create a greater understanding of current technologies and promote open discourse on future technologies. On Audio Abode homework help is next door, jam sessions are just down the hall, and a wide array of music events are always within reach.

BAM(Bienvenidos a Miami)
Mahoney Residential College
Theme: Exploration of Miami
BAM aims to explore the cultural diversity of the Miami area by providing alternative means of social interaction for its residents. BAM will allow participants to establish a meaningful connection with the greater Miami community through programming that introduces them to new cultural and educational experiences. By bringing speakers from around the area to campus, taking trips to different sites off campus, and performing community service for those in need, BAM aims to encourage its residents to find a greater appreciation of the surrounding community.

The BURROW (Breathtakingly Unbelievably Radical Residence of Wizards)
Mahoney Residential College
Theme: Muggle Quidditch & Harry Potter
Calling all Beaters, Chasers, and Keepers! The BURROW seeks to create a positive, encouraging atmosphere where residents feel comfortable expressing themselves as well as their interest in the Harry Potter series. Students who share a mutual love of Harry Potter and Muggle Quittich will have the opportunity to live together in a community that encourages each resident to embrace their unique individuality. The BURROW’s Muggle Quittich teams will provide an alternative method of physical activity for residents uninterested or unable to participate in traditional club and intramural sports. Additionally, The BURROW will host academic and social programs for its residents aimed at promoting achievement and building community. 

Pearson Residential College
Theme: Substance Free and Substance Responsible Living
CASTLE aims to provide upperclassmen students with a welcoming community that promotes the substance temperate lifestyle that they have chosen to live. The floor is focused on providing a diverse range of alternative activities for its residents that are absent of the pressure to use drugs or alcohol. CASTLE residents spend their free time forming tight knit friendships through simple on floor activities such as watching movies and by participating in educational and cultural activities in the Miami community.

Mahoney Residential College
Theme: Exploration of Diversity
Foundations is a living-learning community focused on the in depth exploration of diversity. Through this exploration the community aims to improve communication and foster relationships among the University's diverse student body. Foundations is an open, engaging, and motivational living environment that encourages its residents’ academic success, community involvement, and career goals. Residents will benefit from informal study groups, lectures on academic and cultural topics, and career shadowing opportunities.

Pearson Residential College
Theme: World Cultures and Foreign Languages
Hashi encourages the exploration of world cultures by providing an open and accepting environment that facilitates the positive dissemination of diverse cultural viewpoints, values, and issues. Programming will include panel discussions on cultural issues, foreign film nights, ethnic dinners and instructional cooking demonstrations, as well as the exploration of cultural sites throughout Miami. Residents will also be exposed to the richness of the numerous foreign languages spoken fluently amongst its residents, including Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, and Cantonese.

STRIVE (Serving Together Reaching Integrity, Values, & Engagement)
Eaton Residential College

Theme: Community Service & Leadership Development
STRIVE is a living-learning community where participants commit to living a lifestyle focused on community service and leadership development. Each student agrees to complete 8 hours of service, civic engagement, and leadership activities every two weeks. Residents attend weekly house meetings focused on developing leadership skills and raising awareness about various social issues. As a community STRIVE participates in a monthly group service project planned and organized by its members. Ultimately STRIVE seeks to provide its residents with the necessary skills and tools to become catalysts for social change. **Students interested in applying to STRIVE will be required to interview with the STRIVE Community Assistants prior to March 11, 2011. You will be contacted to select your interview time following submission of your floor member application**

U Live U Learn
Eaton Residential College
Theme: Honor Student & Scholar Community
U Live U Learn is a living-learning community were academically driven students can live together in an environment of scholarship, community, and intellectual exploration. U Live U Learn provides residents with a supportive atmosphere of study, while offering diverse programming designed to both relax and expand the mind. By facilitating a balance of varied, intellectual stimulation and study break leisure activities, U Live U Learn creates a dynamic social and academic atmosphere for its residents. U Live U Learn community members have an assortment of majors and interests but are brought together by a common love of learning. U Live U Learn invites Singer, Hammond, Jenkins, and Gate Millennium Scholars along with Foote Fellows and Honors Program students to join this educational and engaging community.

U Read
Pearson Residential College
Theme: Contemporary Literature
URead seeks to create an atmosphere in which students diversify their literary interests and gain perspective on modern issues through contemporary literary works. Residents of URead will explore a different genre of modern literature each month through a literary work collectively selected by the community. At the end of month residents will come together for an in depth discussion of the work and will learn from other members’ unique perspective and experience with the book. In addition to the monthly book club, URead will host author lectures, attend local book signings, and give back to the community through book drives and other service events.