Julie Luengas, B.S.N. '98, still vividly remembers her first experience with the power of information technology to improve nursing care.Awarded a scholarship by the Veterans Administration as a senior, she saw nurses using electronic documentation to help monitor and manage their patients. "I was instantly hooked," she says.

Ever since, Luengas has been doing all she can to maximize the effective implementation of electronic medical recordkeeping in a variety of settings.As a consultant for Vitalize Consulting Solutions in Kennet Square, Pennsylvania, she does what she calls "clinical care transformation"-working with hospitals around the country to help them standardize processes, incorporate best practices, and meet state and national regulatory requirements.

Luengas, who obtained her M.B.A. in health care management from UM in 2003, begins each assignment by assessing how caregivers at client organizations currently function. She then builds applications and processes that help them function more efficiently.

"A good design makes it possible for organizations to extract data, analyze medical errors and outcomes, and enhance evidencebased care," Luengas says."That means not only addressing my clients' current issues, but anticipating what they're likely to need tomorrow."

Ultimately, she says, even high-tech solutions are all about supporting highquality health care: "I'm delighted when I get feedback from nurses that the system I've designed makes it easier for them to take better care of their patients."