Daniel A. Santisteban, PhD

Research Professor
UM School of Nursing and Health Studies

M. Christine Schwartz Bldg
Room 440C
Telephone: (305) 284-4271
Fax: (305) 284-4249
Email: dsantist@miami.edu


BA, Psychology, Rutgers University, 1982
PhD, Clinical Psychology, University of Miami, 1991

Certification and Licensure

Florida Psychologist License # PY0004963

Clinical Specialties

Family Therapy – practice, training, and supervision
Health Disparities Families
Adolescent Drug Abuse
Adolescent Mental Health
Adolescent Treatment

Primary Teaching Areas

Culturally-tailored interventions
Training of Culturally Competent Therapists
Empirically Supported Family Treatment for Latino Substance Abusing Youth
Family Therapy process
Methods and Findings in Family Therapy Outcome Research
Quantitative Research Methods
Translational Research
Community-Based Research

Research (selected)

Principal Investigator, “Preventing Health Disparities in Hispanic Youth:  Changing Trajectories” (Office of Minority Health and Health Disparities),  (2007-2012). 

Principal Investigator, “Borderline Adolescent Family Therapy Trial” (National Institute on Drug Abuse), (Grant No. 1 RO1 DA 019057), (2005-2009).

Co-Principal Investigator, “Florida Node of the Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network”, (National Institute on Drug Abuse), José Szapocznik, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, (Grant No. 1U10 DA 13720), (2005-2010).

Principal Investigator, Developing a Culturally-Rooted Adolescent Family Therapy (National Institute on Drug Abuse), Grant No. 1 RO1 DA 13104: DC, (2000-2006).

Co-Principal Investigator, “Florida Node of the Drug Abuse Clinical Trials Network, (National Institute on Drug Abuse), José Szapocznik, Ph.D., Principal Investigator, (Grant # 1U10 DA 13720), (2000-2005).

Publications (selected)

Santisteban, D.A., & Mena, M.P. (2009).  Culturally Informed Family Therapy for Adolescents:  A Tailored and Integrative Treatment for Hispanic Youth.  Family Process, 48, 253-268.

Santisteban, D.A. & Owenz, M.B. (in press)Existing Gaps and New Directions in the Treatment of Conduct Problems and Drug Use Disorders in Latino Adolescents. In N. Cabrera, Natasha, F. Villarruel, & H.E. Fitzgerald (Eds).   Child Psychology and Mental Health: Cultural and Ethno-Racial Perspectives: Vol 2: Latina/o American Children’s Mental Health: Prevention and Treatment. ABC-CLIO Inc, Santa Barbara, California

Santisteban, D.A. (2008). Engaging reluctant family members into an adolescent’s substance abuse treatment: A guide for practitioners. Southern Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center.

Mena, M.P., Dillon, F., Mason, C.A. & Santisteban, D.A. (2008). Communication about sexually-related topics among Hispanic substance-abusing adolescents and their parents. Journal of Drug Issues, Special Issue: Explaining Contemporary Hispanic Drug Use/Abuse: Issues and Challenges, 38 (1) 215-234.

Santisteban, D.A. & Mena, M.P. (2007). New directions in the treatment of Hispanic substance abusing youth. Focal Point.

Santisteban, D.A. (2007) Integrative Borderline Adolescent Family Therapy. An integrative family and individual therapy for adolescents with severe co-occurring psychiatric disorders. Developed with funding of the National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment Development Division.

Fruzzetti, A.E., Santisteban, D.A., & Hoffman, P.D. (2007). Dialectical Behavior Therapy with Families. In Dimeff, Linda A., and Koerner, Kelly (Eds.), Dialectical Behavior Therapy in Clinical Practice. Guilford Publications, Inc.

Mena, M.P., Mitrani, V.B., Mason, C.A., Muir, J.A. & Santisteban, D.A. (2007). Extended parent-child separations: Impact on adolescent functioning and possible gender differences. Journal for Specialists in Pediatric Nursing.

Szapocznik, J., Prado, G., Burlew, K., Williams, R.A., & Santisteban, D.A. (2007). Drug abuse in African American and Hispanic adolescents: Culture, development and behavior. Annual Review of Clinical Psychology, 3, 155-183.

Santisteban, D.A. & Mena, M. (2006) Culturally Informed Family Therapy For Adolescents: A flexible treatment manual developed with funding of the National Institute on Drug Abuse Treatment Development Division.

Santisteban, D.A., Mena, M.P. Suarez-Morales, L., (2006). Integrating ethnicity-related factors in the treatment of Hispanic adolescents and families. In H. Liddle & C. Rowe (Eds.), Treating Adolescent Substance Abuse: State of the Science. Cambridge University Press.

Santisteban, D.A., Vega, Rodolfo, & Suarez-Morales, L (2006). Identifying and bridging the research-practice gap that can impact treatment effectiveness for substance abusing Hispanics. Drug Abuse and Dependency, 84S, S94-S101.

Santisteban, D.A., Suarez-Morales, L, Robbins, M.S., & Szapocznik, J. (2006). Brief Strategic Family Therapy: Lessons Learned in Efficacy Research and New Research Directions on Blending Research and Practice. Family Process, 45, 259-275.

Santisteban, D.A., Dillon, F., Mena, M.P., Estrada, Y., & Vaughan, E.L. (2005). Psychiatric, Family, and Ethnicity-Related Factors that can Impact Treatment Utilization among Hispanic Substance Abusing Adolescents. Journal of Social Work Practice in the Addictions special issue: Substance Abusing Latinos Across the Life Cycle.

Santisteban, D.A., & Vega, R. (2004) Blending Research and Practice on Hispanic Drug Abuse Treatment. Robert Wood Johnson National Strategic Plan on Hispanic Drug Abuse.

Mitrani, V.B., Santisteban, D.A., Muir, J.A. (2004). Addressing immigration-related separations in Hispanic families with a behavior-problem adolescent. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry 74(3), 219-229.

Presentations (selected)

Santisteban, D. A. (June 2007). Family Therapy with Substance Abusing Adolescents. Two-day training workshop. Universidad Catolica de Chile. Santiago, Chile

Santisteban, D. A. (June 2007). Research findings on evidence-based family therapy: What is known and what remains to be known. Universidad Catolica de Chile. Santiago, Chile.

Santisteban, D. A. (February 2007). Integrating Ethnic-Culture related material into Family Interventions to Enhance Treatment. American Family Therapy Academy, Clinical Research Conference, Miami Lakes, Florida.

Santisteban, D. A. (March 2006). Engaging Reluctant Family Members into Treatment: What Works and What Doesn’t. Adolescent Treatment Conference. Southern Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center Annual Conference, Tampa, Florida.

Mena, M.P., Dillon, F., Estrada, Y, Santisteban, D. A. (October 2004). Service Utilization among Hispanic Substance Abusing Adolescents. National Hispanic Science Network Conference, San Antonio, TX.

Szapocznik, J., Brown, L., Santisteban, D. A. & Walker, D. (September 2004). Issues of Race and Ethnicity in Substance Abuse Treatment. Blending Clinical Practice & Research Conference (NIDA). Detroit, MI.

Santisteban, D. A. (September 2004). Substance Abuse & Co-Occurring Mental Health Disorders. Latino Behavioral Health Institute. Los Angeles, CA.

Santisteban, D. A. (August 2004). Empirically Supported Family Treatment for Latino Substance Abusing Youth. Two - Three hour workshops to Substance Abuse Counselors Addiction Technology Transfer Center Annual Conference, San Juan Puerto Rico.

Santisteban, D. A. (July 2004). The Role Of Ethnicity-Related Variables In The Development And Treatment Of Substance Abuse In Hispanics. National Latino Behavioral Health Association Conference, Miami, Florida.

Santisteban, D. A. (April 2004). Using Family Therapy as a Platform for Medication Trials. Medications Development for Cannabis Dependence Meeting. Rockville, MD.

Santisteban, D. A. (February 2004). Eficacia de la terapia de familia en el tratamiento de abuso de drogas en adolescentes: ¿cómo podemos aumentar el impacto? Presented at the International Iberian-American Congress on Problems of Addiction (I Congreso Iberoamericano de Trastornos Adictivos). Santiago De Compostela, Spain.

Major Accomplishments/Honors

Honors and Awards
American Family Therapy Academy Award for Distinguished Contribution to Family Systems Research, 2004
American Psychological Association
American Family Therapy Academy
National Hispanic Science Network