Research Certification Program

The Research Certificate Program is designed to provide BSN/BS and MSN/MS graduates basic or advanced skills in research methods, data collection, analysis, and interpretation.  Basic and advanced research certificate programs of study have been developed to provide practical experiences for nurses and other health professionals who work in a variety of research roles within clinical or educational settings. 

The program affords students the opportunity to obtain both didactic and practical experiences in research.  Throughout their field experiences, students are mentored by skilled researchers who expose them to different aspects of research.  Students will be advised to apply for the research certificate program of study that best meets individual needs, based on previous educational background.

Courses are offered one evening per week or can be scheduled to take place on weekends.  Program availability is dependent on the number of students who are registered per class, with a minimum of 7 students per course offering.

Total Credits = 12


Nursing 545 (3 credits)

Research Project Management

January - May

Nursing 594 (3 credits)

Research & Evidence-Based Practice II

June - July

Nursing 630 (3 credits)

 Research & Evidence-Based Advanced Practice Nursing I

September - December

Nursing 690 (3 credits)

Research Independent: Conducting & Communicating Research Findings

January - May

For more information, please contact the Office of Student Services at 305.284.4325.