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Post-Service | Reorientation Activities

  1. Reconnect with your group by having a group lunch or dinner
  2. Watch a documentary about a social justice issue
  3. Make a Facebook group where members can post links and share information about issues in your community
  4. Put your name on a list to be a pen pal with a past or future UMAB participant working with a similar issue*
  5. Engage in post‐service volunteer activities with your group
  6. Write an article for the UMAB newsletter*
  1. Get involved with another service organization on campus
  2. Attend a Butler Center event, such as Social Justice Week or Tunnel of Oppression
  3. Raise money for the organization you worked with over spring break
  4. Contribute to UMAB’s database of educational resources by submitting links to articles or videos*
  5. Become a site leader for a future UMAB trip
  6. Apply for a position on the UMAB E‐Board

* Send us an email with “Alumnus Buddy,” “Newsletter,” or “Resources” in the subject line