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UM News | Anything But Ordinary

... the week was only the beginning of new passions, projects, and priorities ... The group worked with a non-profit organization called Freedom Foundation that promotes education and an acceptance of differences in the community ... One of the most significant parts of the trip was the group’s participation in the 49th Jubilee, an annual celebration that honors those lost in 1965 on Bloody Sunday during the civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery ... "It was one of the greatest experiences I've had," Patel said ... "It was very eye-opening to see what other towns are like. That racism still exists, and I think everyone should be aware of that, and these trips bring that kind of awareness."

» Read full article | March 20, 2014

UM News | Spring Break Not Just a Beach

The trips expose students to a variety of issues ranging from children and racism in Alabama to drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Colorado ... This spring break, more than 100 students will participate in UMAB. Gerardo Delgadillo, a second-year participant, will spend the week at Harvest Farm, an addiction recovery center for men in Wellington, Colo. "I’m looking forward to getting to know the community," Delgadillo said. "Understanding how different environments shape us can also reveal how alike people are at the same time." Time for group bonding and reflection is built into every alternative break trip. The time allows for students to get to know each other on a more personal level, and share the initial impacts of their experiences.

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The Miami Hurricane | UMAB springs into service

While most students use the week of spring break to sit back, relax and tan by the beach, the members of University of Miami Alternate Breaks (UMAB) take the time to focus on social justice issues..."What sets alternative breaks under Break Away apart from typical programs is the focus on education and orientation prior to the trip and the use of the trip as a catalyst for future action, ’ said Miranda Goot, a UMAB logistic chair...‘Ironically, I chose UMAB because I did not think it would be a big time commitment, and now it is my life because it has changed the way I view the world.’

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YNN Central New York | Spring break at Farm Sanctuary

The lovely sights, sounds and smells of spring break ... For a group of students from the University of Miami, they have traded in their sunscreen and beach towels, for work gloves and farm animals. The Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen is hosting the group that for the next week will be on anything but a break. ... The students are studying a wide variety of majors, many of them having nothing to do with farming or animals. They came for themselves.

» Read full article | March 11, 2012

LUPE | Alternative Breaks students give a helping hand

Every year, students from colleges across the nation come to the Valley to volunteer with La Unión del Pueblo Entero and to learn more about issues along the Texas-Mexico border. ... Students helped flyer in the colonias, attended house meetings, and helped prepare for the annual Cesar Chavez March. The students visiting from the University of Miami had a special privilege this year: giving back to a family that has given so much to visiting students and the union year after year.

» Read full article | April 12, 2011

The Miami Hurricane | Taking time to help out

While some students jet off to exotic locales or tan by the pool, a dedicated group of participants will spend their spring vacation helping others and immersing themselves in a different way of life. ... From aiding the elderly in Huntsville, Ala., to promoting LGBTQ equality rights in Los Angeles, these students are serious about making a difference in the lives of others. ... ‘Our whole goal is not to have students go over for one week and volunteer and come back and not do anything about it. Our intention is for them to come back and ... carry on this passion.’

» Read full article | March 8, 2010

The Miami Hurricane | Students use break to lend a helping hand

‘The movement for action has strengthened,’ said Shelly Garg. ... Fifty-four students signed up to go to the hurricane relief site just outside of Kiln, Miss., and 10 went to Imokalee, Fla., where they stayed at a homeless shelter to volunteer their time with those affected by poverty. ... Garg, who participated in Alternative Spring Break her freshman year, said it inspired her to become more involved in volunteering in general. ‘It completely changes your world.’

» Read full article | October 18, 2005

The Miami Hurricane | Students lend a hand for Alternative Break

ASB sites include, among others, domestic violence, hunger and homelessness and environmental work. ... ASB representatives say offering an alternative program for spring break gives students a positive way to spend their vacation time. ‘[It] is a great way to meet new people from school who are interested in the same issues you are,’ Kasi Plute said. ‘It’s also an opportunity to do something about the way the world is.’

» Read full article | March 12, 2004

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