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2014 Spring Break Issues

Issue #1: Cherokee Rights/Environmental Awareness
Family: Cultural

Learn about the customs, culture and current social issues that the Native American community faces today. Serve alongside Native American children and adults and experience a meaningful cultural exchange through tutoring and social interaction. Participate in service projects to protect the environment while learning about the history of environmental degredation and how to live sustainably .

Issue #2: Children's Issues/Racism
Family: Human Rights

Participate in programs designed to empower youth and conquer the issues of racism and poverty. Become an advocate for civil rights and social equality while learning about racism in today's society.

Issue #3:Poverty/Neighborhood Revitalization
Family: Poverty

Learn about the issue of poverty in an urban community during a depressed economy. Participate in local initiatives designed to not only minimize the effects of poverty but also to sustainably improve the local economy. These initiatives include education, vocational training and neighborhood beautification

Issue #4: Serving Individuals with Developmental Disabilities
Family: Health

Assist those with developmental disabilities by helping them complete tasks and reach their maximum potential while supporting their independence and self determination.learn about the issues facing individuals with developmental disabilities through firsthand social interaction, and discover how new therapies and techniques are being used to increase their standard of living

Issue #5: LGBTQ Rights and Suicide
Family: Human Rights

Learn about the issue of suicide among LGBTQ youth. Assist in nationwide efforts to prevent suicide among lesbian, gay bisexual and transgender youth. Become an ally for the LGBTQ community, while helping to reduce the stigma and save lives.

Issue #6: Refugee Resettlement
Family: Human Rights

Learn about issues facing newly arriving refugees in their transition into the U.S. Experience different cultures by interacting with refugees and hearing about their incredible journeys. Work in literacy and ESL classes, computer labs and youth programs.

Issue #7: Poverty and Hunger
Family: Poverty

Learn about the issues of hunger and poverty on a global scale. Participate in a variety of immersion activities designed to raise awareness of hunger and poverty issues. Live and work on a functional ranch, while learning about how to live sustainably and care for the earth.

Issue #8: Immigration Border, Issues, and US/Mexico relations
Family: Cultural

Form relationships with an immigrant community and become acquainted with the border and individual experiences in the migratory process. Learn about immigration laws and legislation that affect relations between the US and Mexico. Work alongside individuals in community development efforts which focus on the lives of undocumented workers.

Issue #9: Children's Issues/Developmental Disabilities
Family: Health

Work at a sleep away camp for children with special needs. Serve as camp counselors for campers with various developmental disabilities, and learn about how special needs impact the individual, their siblings, their whole families, and their whole communities. Assist the camp with facilities maintenance to get ready for summer camp.

Issue #10: Urban Poverty
Family: Poverty

Learn about the issues of urban education, poverty, and displaced youth. Work with various organizations that work to alleviate poverty and it's consequences in an urban setting. Build relationships with at-risk individuals through personal interaction.

Issue #11: Alcohol and Drug Rehabilitation
Family: Health

Work on a farm alongside individuals recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Assist in various tasks on the farm and learn about the causes and solutions to addiction, and how rehabilitation programs can lead to recovery and a self-sufficient life.

Issue #12:Race,Culture,and Society
Family: Culture

Work with an organization dedicated to fighting stereotypes about race and culture, and learn about different cultures and how the issues of race, culture, and society are interconnected. Participate in service tasks with a culturally-based organization, and learn how you can be an advocate for greater cultural and racial sensitivity in your community.

2013 Fall Break Issues

Issue # 1: Environmentalism

The Everglades International Hostel is located in Florida City. A non-profit organization with 16 years of experience working with Breakaway groups across the country, EIH promotes active citizenship through partnership with a range of local governmental agencies and non-profit organizations that offer service projects addressing pressing environmental problems. Our community partners this coming fall break include the Everglades National Park and the Biscayne National Park, where we are proposed to work for three full days on invasive species removal, habitat restoration, trail maintenance, and mangrove/beach cleaning. Meanwhile, educational eco-tours will provide insights into the value of South Florida’s unique ecosystems, why ecologic security sustains development of human society in a larger context of sustainable development, and how such concept became a consensus over decades of history that saw the growth of Greater Miami. Alternative options for unexpected weather conditions include wildlife rehabilitation at Everglades Outpost Wildlife Rescue and tutoring/mentoring the children of migrant workers at COFFO. .

Issue # 2: Women's issues

Strong Women Strong Girls (SWSG) is a nationwide organization focused on promoting the importance for women to engage in civic responsibility and leadership. Founded in Boston, MA, SWSG in the last ten years has expanded to Pittsburg in 2006, South Florida in 2009, and most recently Israel in 2010. SWSG has both a community and national base. As peer mentors try to encourage young women to make lifelong academic and career goals at the local level while trying to grow a nationwide, and even possible international, social movement promoting gender equality. UMAB participants this fall will learn first-hand about the mentoring process and help the girls with weekend activities, including a college campus visit.

Issue # 3: Animal Rights

Everglades Outpost Wildlife Refuge is a non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring the future of both native and exotic wildlife. Everglades Outpost feeds, shelters, and nurtures their animals. Due to residential development, Everglades Outpost receives calls daily for rescues in areas that are caught in the midst of this massive development. Native or indigenous species are relocated upon their recovery to good health. Everglades outpost also provides educational opportunities for schools, and local civic groups with self guided tours, chances to interact with various reptiles, and the chance to “adopt” or support an individual animal for a year.

Issue # 4: Poverty and Homelessness

Homeless Voice is a multifaceted organization that serves the South Florida homeless community. The organization helps more than 500 homeless daily either housing or feeding as well as finding a job for them. Aside from serving the South Florida community, homeless voice educates the community with their own newspaper and outreach programs. Their shelter provides to anyone who is homeless and needs a safe haven. They have a team of doctors, psychologists, and social workers to provide any service for those in need.

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