We will be participating in I-Week this year on both Latin Day, Thursday April 1 and Caribbean Day, Friday April 2.  We will stick to 1 theme and display for both days.

 Caribbean Awareness Week is the week of April 12.  We will be celebrating Puerto Rico/ Virgin Islands friendship day…an actual holiday! Look for updates on this.

 CSA (Caribbean Students Association) is meeting Sundays @ 2p.m. in preparation for I- week and Awareness week.  Anyone interested is welcome to help.

 Other events to look out for:

·           Singled Out Feb 13

·          Passions 2 Feb 14 @ the Rat

·          Hui Aloha Valentine’s Day Orchid corsage and Lei sale

·          Mr. & Ms. International pageant Feb.19– COISO

·          Applications for Hispanic Heritage Month e-board (for more info contact sabor.studor@miami.edu or nvega@miami.edu)

 Buenas! Welcome back!

       In preparation for next school year, SABOR will be holding E-Board elections at the next meeting.  Those of you interested in the following positions are welcome to come and run for office:

·          President

·          Vice President

·          Executive Assistant

·          Treasurer

·          Public Relations

·          Historian

·          E-mail coordinator

      For description of duties click here

·          Nominations will be held on Wednesday, February 18 if you can not attend but would like to nominate some on go the our Nomination

Meeting Minutes February 4, 2004

Elections will take place Wednesday, March 3.  It is VITAL that everyone attend.  You are electing you future leaders for the next academic year!

To contact us: