Expand Your Horizons

University of Miami Alternative Breaks (UMAB) sends UM students all around the country each year to volunteer and learn about social justice issues, such as HIV/AIDS, homelessness, environmental issues, children’s issues and animal rights.


Our mission: To provide diverse, quality alternative breaks in order to engage participants in their local, national, and global communities and foster a lifelong commitment to social action and social change.

Our logo (pictured above) hopes to reflect engagement with a movement that is connected to a larger global community. This engagement is also a representation of what being an active citizen might begin to look like.
~A globe. Singular strokes unify to make a movement that is larger than the independent lines yet are still dependent on the individual.
~A web. Interconnectedness of experiences, they are overlapping and unexpected and hinge upon each other. The issues we work with and experiences at UMAB are no less different.
~Transparency. There is clarity in the organization. We foster a space of dialogue and open-mindedness across all levels.