Florida Water Environmental Student Chapter

Dry Tortugas

This Spring semester, we decided we wanted to go all out on our camping trip, especially since our advisor, Dr. Englehardt will not be here next year (he's leaving us to go on sabbatical!) After much preparations, we made it for a weekend down at the Dry Tortugas in March. Students snorkeled and explored the fragile subtropical reef ecosystem of South Florida, gaining first hand experience with the corals and their eco-neighbors: seargent majors, parrot fish, jewfish, barracuda, a nurse shark, grey snapper, jack, yellowtail, Portuguese man-of-war, grunts, and many other friends. In addition, a relatively rare Wurdemann Heron was spotted on the nearby cay. Historical and current water treatment systems (cisterns and membranes) at historic Ft. Jefferson were toured. In spite of a middle-of-the-night drenching downpour, the Chapter was the talk of the campground in terms of camping skills, comfort, and cuisine. Bacon and eggs, anyone?!

  - The entire crew!

  - Another group pic.

  - Hong and Daphne on the boat that took them over to the island.

  - Daphne, Dr. Englehardt and Hong on the island. Check out the scenery!

  - Daphne, Mac Daddy Walter and Hong in yet another scenic shot.

  - Yennisse, Hong and Natalia.

  - Breakfast time!

  - Wild Walter, Mighty Mike, Naughty Natalia, Jumpin' Jim, Happy Hong and Daring Dan take in some sun!

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