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In the Spring of 1997 for our Everglades monitoring program, our volunteer group set out to count the repopulation of the Florida Arrowroot Coontie. This is a short, woody stem and primitive fern-like plant. We had to monitor 55 tagged plants in a pineland sector that were planted by Everglades Park personnel with the purpose of observing if this native plant can be brought back to the environment of the park. We learned how to collect and gather data scientifically, and collected information on plant growth, height and leaf quality. We were under the direction of Americorp volunteers who are trained in the monitoring of these fragile plants. Our observations for each plant were recorded by Dr. Englehardt.

Photo Album

  Florida Arrowroot Coontie

  Volunteer Monitors at work (2)

  Alligator Wrestling


  Airboat Tour

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