About Taking Flight

Encompassing fields ranging from history, religious studies, and philosophy to literature, languages, music, and theater, the humanities and the arts bring depth, context, meaning, and purpose to our lives. As a leading research university and an integral part of a magnetic, multicultural community, the University of Miami is a vibrant center of intellectual engagement, scholarly excellence, and creative expression in the humanities and the arts.

Throughout the 2012-2013 academic year, the University of Miami celebrates scholarship, research, community engagement, and creative expression in the humanities and the arts. In addition to high-profile special events by guest scholars and artists, Taking Flight reflects the ongoing activities and varied contributions of the University of Miami Center for the Humanities as well as schools and colleges, academic programs, and centers and initiatives throughout the University.

Programming for Taking Flight: The Year of the Humanities and the Arts is still under way, and new events will be added to the calendar in the months to come. To suggest activities, request that an upcoming event be added to the listings on this website, or inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact takingflight@miami.edu. For media inquiries, click here.
The University of Miami's Momentum 2 campaign offers numerous opportunities to support the humanities and the arts. For more information, please click here.
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