Class of 1988

Thank you for all who attended your Class Reunion! Special thanks to all of the Class Reunion Committee Members, without your hard work and dedication the reunion party would not have been possible. This group spent time making calls, flipping through yearbooks, talking during conference calls, and sharing ideas to develop a memorable and unforgettable event.

What a memorable weekend we had, and how time flies –the Reunion Parties, Alumni Avenue, and the Virginia Tech vs. Miami game were just some of the highlights to this amazing weekend. No matter how distant or near your memories of UM are, Alumni Weekend and Homecoming was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our place in UM’s history. We hope you will stay involved with your University of Miami Alumni Association in the future!

Thank you to all of you who celebrated your place in history with us as we honored all alumni during Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2013. We hope you enjoyed your return to campus and that you will make plans to visit us again next year for Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2014.

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Date: Friday, November 8, 2013
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Newman Alumni Center
Cost: $55  general admission/  $45 young alumni (Classes 2003-2013), UM employees, UM students and children (12 years and up)/ Free for children under 12
Alumni Avenue Admission is included with purchase of a class reunion ticket

Description: What’s old is new again at this event! Let’s celebrate! So much excitement surrounded your years here. The Hurricanes beat the Oklahoma Sooners in the Orange Bowl Classic. Presidential Candidate Jesse Jackson came to campus to address a crowd of 500 students. Bayside Marketplace became a new addition to Downtown Miami. Pearson Residential College re-opened after being re-modeled. Who could forget Cagney & Lacey; this was the year that the final episode debuted. The memories are plentiful. Save the Date and relive the memories that started your lifetime as a 'Cane

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2013 Class of 1988 Committee Members
Mrs. Alexandra Flinn, BM '88
Ms. Deborah Gauthier, BS ’88
Mrs. Monica Hayes, BBA '88
Mr. Paul F. Thaller, BBA ’88

If you are interested in joining the Class of 1988 25th Reunion Committee please contact Kevin Irwin (305)-284-3257

A Walk Down Memory Lane…1988
University Events:

  • The Hurricanes football team captures a second national championship with a an Orange Bowl victory over the University of Oklahoma Sooners
  • The Whitten University Center gets renovated
  • Democratic Presidential Candidate Michael Dukakis speaks to students at the Rock
  • U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist speaks at the Distinguished Justice Lecture
  • The second residential college is officially rededicated as Stanford College in honor of Former UM President Henry King Stanford
  • There is a significant increase in student applications to UM
  • The ’Cane Card officially replaces all other forms of student identification
  • The UM basketball team begins to play in the Miami Arena, home of the Miami Heat

World Events:

  • George Herbert Walker Bush is elected the 41st President of the United States
  • Ashland oil storage tank spills 3.8 million gallons
  • The Miami Heat franchise began on Saturday, November 5th


  • Average cost of a new house was $120,000
  • Average income per year was $27,210
  • Average cost of gas per gallon was $.97
  • Average cost of a new car was $15,400
  • Average cost of a ½ gallon of milk was $.85
  • Average cost of a bunk bed with mattress was $148
  • Average cost of laundry detergent was $1.59

Popular Films and Television Shows Included: Fatal Attraction, Dirty Dancing, Die Hard, Willow, Rain Man, Cocktail, Beetlejuice, Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Big, Bull Durham, Rambo 3, Young Guns, The Accused, The Dead Pool, Twins, Scrooged, Miami Vice, Who’s the Boss?, The Cosby Show, Alf, Roseanne, A Different World, Cheers, and Dallas

Popular Performers Included: Bucks Fizz, The Jam, Olivia Newton John, Chicago, Lionel Richie, ABBA, Black Sabbath, Queen, The Police, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Whitney Houston, Culture Club, Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith, Poison, Guns and Roses, and U2
Technological Advances/Achievements: Hewlett Packard introduces the scientific calculator HP-28s, United Airlines Boeing 747SP circles the world in 36 hours, 54 minutes and 15seconds

Help Find Lost Alumni
Help fellow 'Canes reconnect with you, and your alma mater! If you recognize any of these names, please let your classmate know that they're "lost" and need to be FOUND!

Here are three simple ways to update your information and always stay connected with the happenings at the "U":

  • Visit and click on the links to update your information. You can also use this site to search the alumni directory for classmates you want to reconnect with!
  • Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 305-284-2872 or toll free at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867) and update your information with a staff representative.
  • Attend a local club event and provide them with your updated information! For a list of clubs in or near your area, visit

Ahmad S. Abd-Ghani, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Abd-Razak Abdullah, BARCH '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Azni B. Abdulrahman, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Mastura Abdul-Rahman, BARCH '88, Arlington, Virginia
Dolah B. Abdul-Samad, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Bin A. Abdul-Wahab, BSEE '88, Malaysia
Paul A. Adefarasin, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Enrico A. Agnese, BBA '88, Plantation, Florida
Dzafri S. Ahmad, BSME '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Connie A. Ahmad-Shah, BS '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Shahrizad Akashah, BSCE '88, West Palm Beach, Florida
Bader Alali, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Hasnon Alang Mohd Rashid, AB '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Adnan A. Alanzi, BSAE '88, Greeley, Colorado
Mashhoor D. Alasfoor, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Mutlaq R. Al-Azimi, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Ahmed S. Al-Bahanta, BSEE '88, MSECE '96, Oman
Tareq K. AlBahhouh, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Hisham M. Albatarni, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Adel Al-Fahad, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Mohamad AlHarees, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Sulaiman M. AlHussain, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Mohamad-Khalid A. Aljamas, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Fuad A. Alkindi, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Yousuf A. Alkuwari, BSAE '88, ,
Abdullah A. Al-Melhem, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Yousef H. Almusailem, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Amar S. Alnemer, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Abdulla I. Alnoumas, BSAE '88, Ogden, Utah
Abubaker A. Al-Sakkaf, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Anwar A. Alshayeji, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Waleed A. Alsomaei, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Ali M. Al-Sunaidy, BSIE '88, Coarl Gables, Florida
Jalal AlWazzan, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Intikhab Anwar, BBA '88, Pakistan,
Ahmad Dzaki A-Rahman, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Saad A. Bahli, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
John S. Balzola, BBA '88, MBA '94, Miami Beach, Florida
Esther Batson, BM '88, Trin/Tobag,
Lisa T. Benenfeld, Esq., AB '88, JD '93, Lake Worth, Florida
Shari J. Berger, BBA '88, Thiells, New York
Mark S. Bernstein, BBA '88, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Desmond O. Boyce, BSED '88, Bahamas
Francis J. Cagle, AB '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Violet M. Campbell, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Daniela Cardoni, BBA '88, Germany
Jeffrey M. Carrillo, BBA '88, Concord Township, Ohio
Hayan Chikh-Ali, BSEE '88, Miramar, Florida
Heng C. Chua, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Brent S. Chung, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Jannifer Coakley, BBA '88, Bahamas
Hyacinth L. Conolly, BSED '88, East End Grand Cayman
Lesia M. Crawford, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
James E. Currier, Jr., BSME '88, O Fallon, Missouri
Margaret E. Curry, BBA '81, BSN '88, Bahamas
Hussain M. Dashti, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Michelle J. Dela-Bastide, BSC '88, Hialeah, Florida
Michaelle M. Desrouleaux, BBA '88, Haiti
Carl M. Diederich, BBA '88, W Hollywood, California
Francisco P. Dimise-Guerra, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Herbert W. Dyal, II, BHS '88, Miami, Florida
Clara F. Edelstein, AB '88, Miami, Florida
Princess I. Fawkes, AB '88, Bahamas
Talita V. Fennell, BSN '88, Jamaica
Albert G. Fichardt, BBA '88, South Africa
Barry M. Fink, BSC '88, Marina Dl Rey, California
Ana T. Funcia, AB '88, Clark, New Jersey
Gai Gathercole, BSC '88, Australia
Arbaatul A. Ghazali, BARCH '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Tubosun Giwa, A.I.A., BARCH '88, Hialeah, Florida
Maria T. Gomez, AB '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Ana Gomez, BBA '88, Silver Spring, Maryland
Charles A. Gopaul, BSEE '88, Doral, Florida
Dina L. Granat, BFA '88, Hollywood, Florida
Shawna Granovsky, BS '88, Miami, Florida
Anna-Catharina M. Groot, AB '88, Miami, Florida
Samuel L. Grossman, BM '88, Centerport, New York
Andrea D. Hall, BBA '88, Orlando, Florida
Thomas F. Hansler, BBA '88, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Surjadi Harjadi, BSEE '88, MSEE '90, Miami, Florida
Quincy A. Harrigan, BSED '88, MSED '90, Arlington, Virginia
Cynthia L. Harrington, AB '88, Fairfax, Virginia
Tareq M. Hasan, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Shaiful-Bahrin Hashim, BSCE '88, MSCE '91, Coral Gables, Florida
Salmiah Hashim, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Nor-Sham B. Hazan, BSEE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Ivan I. Heredia, BARCH '88, MBA '89, MBA '89, Miami, Florida
Mohd Y. HJ. Sanusi, BBA '88, Malaysia
Mohamed I. Hjp-Mohamed, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Vinincia E. Ingraham, AB '88, Bahamas
Ahmad-Fikri Izharuddin, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Ahmad Z. Junus, BSSA '88, Coral Gables, Florida
David M. Kahn, BM '88, Gig Harbor, Washington
Tracey A. Keeley, BSED '88, Saint Louis, Missouri
Jessica L. Kessler, BSN '88, Hollywood, Florida
Shamsudin Lajis, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Christina W. Lee, BBA '88,
Natalio Leiderman, BARCH '88, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
Sabrina S. Lim, BBA '88, Malaysia
Nasser G. Loutfi, BSIE '88, Irving, Texas
Beatriz J. Loynaz, BARCH '88, Davie, Florida
Zurida Mahmud, BARCH '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Serge L. Mansur, BBA '88, Oranjestad, No State
Virginia M. Marty, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Samira Massis, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Muhamad-Najmuddi Matdaud, BARCH '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Hortensia S. Maxwell, AB '88, MSED '92, Miami, Florida
Darrell K. McKown, AB '88, Tallahassee, Florida
Laura McMinn-Glick, AB '88, Coral Springs, Florida
Maher A. Merehbi, BSAE '88, Mississauga, Ontario
Mary E. Miller, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Thierry E. Minaise, BBA '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Charlene C. Mohammed, BBA '88, Fort Knox, Kentucky
Ahmed A. Mohammed, BS '88, Miami, Florida
Arif M. Mohd, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Soud R. Mohd, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Ahmad Mohd-Kamel, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Zahariffuddin Mokhtar, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Galefele J. Mookodi, BSAE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Guillermo A. Morales, BSIE '88, Doral, Florida
Khalid M. Mustafawi, BSAE '88, La Jolla, California
Jalal Mustafawi, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Larry R. Nath, BBA '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Kirk D. Nielsen, BSEE '88, Juno Beach, Florida
Antoine J. Olivi, BBA '88, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Azahari Osman, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Juliana Othman, BBA '88, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Rosmazwin Othman, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Delores S. Ottey, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Michael T. Patton, BBA '88, England
Liliana M. Polanco, BBA '88, Peru
Liliette J. Pretiz, BBA '88, Evanston, Illinois
Mohd.Misbah B. Ramli, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Ronald E. Revales, BBA '88, MPRA '89,
Gladys Rivero, AB '88, Vestavia, Alabama
Julie E. Robinson, BSC '88, Burbank, California
Kevin T. Robinson, BBA '88, Hollywood, Florida
Dorinda R. Robinson-Headcock, BSED '88
Jessica Rosental, BBA '88, Atlanta, Georgia
Mario Ruiz, BS '88, Hackensack, New Jersey
Arminda C. Ruiz, BS '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Jamel Salleh, BBA '88, Malaysia
Hamidah Saman HJ.Mohamed, BSCE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Zulaidah Sarman, BS '88, MS '90, Coral Gables, Florida
Lynn Sheeder, BBA '88, Homestead, Florida
Rolando R. Siles, BSAE '88, BSCE '89, Bolivia
Jasmine V. Simon, BBA '88, Netherlands Antilles,
Feisol B. Sobeng, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Theresa M. Stevenson, AB '88, Atlanta, Georgia
Pamela C. Stone, BARCH '88, Hilliard, Ohio
Daniel Stubbs, II, AB '88, Irving, Texas
Robert S. Sutton, Jr., BM '88, Brooklyn, New York
Yousef K. Tahnon, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Kevin H. Talma, BSSA '88, Trinidad
Tengku Mahizir Tengku Daud, BSCE '88, Omaha, Nebraska
Valeria I. Thompson, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
James S. Troxell, Jr., BBA '88, Hoover, Alabama
Irma L. Truscott, BBA '88, Cumming, Georgia
Jayang A. Undum, BSCE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Claudia Valencia, BBA '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Eric Van Der Maarel, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Joseph K. Vengroff, BFA '88, Madison, Wisconsin
Claudia O. Visbal, BBA '88, Colombia
Syed Abdul R. Wan-Ahmad, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Wan-Mohd-Ariff Wan-Omar, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Sean D. Wells, BSEE '88, Killeen, Texas
Janet Willment, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Abu-Khalid Yahya, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Jasem Y. Yasin, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Walid A. Yasin, BSEE '88, Akron, Ohio
Saad M. Ziyad, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida

In Memory List
Reunion years are an important time to remember classmates who touched our lives and helped make UM a great place to be. The following is a list of 'Canes who are no longer with us, though their spirit lives on in our memories:

Norman Berry, III, BSCE '88
Paul Bettan, BBA '88
Michael E. Bove, BBA '88
James E. Cotton, BS '88
Noreen T. Downey, BSC '88
Victoria E. Holguin, BBA '88
Derwin W. Jones, BGS '88
Frank J. Katz, AB '88
Aloha M. Kiefel, BM '88
Sandra L. Killen, AB '88
Scott K. Leeson, BBA '88
Alejandro N. Lima, BSEE '88
Ariceous M. Maddox, BSC '97
Patrick C. Maloney, BBA '88

Hamdan Mat-Jaafar, BSME '88
Dennis A. Meenan, Jr., AB '88
Aldercy Montiel, BBA '88
James S. Moray, BBA '88
Telryl L. Myers, BSN '88
Robert J. New, BBA '88
Margaret A. Newman, BSN '88
Paula J. Pearlstein, AB '88
Denise F. Phillipps, BBA '88
Michael J. Pigza, AB '88, MBA '92
Juan C. Rodriguez, BBA '88
Joann Smith, BS '88, AB '88
John Szpakowski, BBA '88
Mara L. Wechsler, BBA '88