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Jane H. Abrams, BED '63, Staten Island, New York
Frances S. Adler, BBA '63, Hollywood, Florida
Gerald J. Akum, AB '63, Canada,
Paulette C. Alexander, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Mary D. Anderson, AB '63, San Diego, California
Joan I. Applebaum, AB '63, Port St Lucie, Florida
Laurence K. Au, AB '63, Hong Kong,
Billie P. Banti, AB '63, Oakland, California
Charles T. Bare, BBA '63, Lafayette, California
Richard D. Barrie, BBA '63, Branford, Connecticut
Adrienne Bateman, BED '63, Jeanerette, Louisiana
Arthur E. Beck, BS '63, Brooklyn, New York
Salvatore Belloise, BED '63, Hollywood, Florida
Leonard S. Berlinski, AB '63, Netherlands,
Lynne J. Birch, AB '63, St Petersburg, Florida
Martin L. Blaire, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Laurence L. Bluerock, BBA '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Lois W. Blumin, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Helen M. Bourne, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Margaret B. Boyd, BED '63, Montvale, New Jersey
Ola H. Bradbury, AB '63, Canada,
Elissa F. Braunstein, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Murray N. Breland, AB '63, Thailand,
Jeffrey D. Brody, BBA '63, New York, New York
Mary A. Bulter, BED '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Anthony R. Buttita, BS '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Barbara M. Calhoune, BED '63, Hollywood, Florida
Jeanette J. Caputo, BBA '63, New York, New York
Richard H. Carlson, AB '63, West Milford, New Jersey
James F. Carney, AB '63, Fishkill, New York
Nancy A. Cates, R.N., BSN '63, Coral Gables, Florida
John R. Cendoya, BSCE '63, Atlanta, Georgia
Stanley E. Chambers, BBA '63, Seal Beach, California
Margaret E. Childs, AB '63, Opelousas, Louisiana
Gordon W. Chin, BSAE '63, Jamaica,
Paul A. Cifaldi, Jr., BBA '63, Northport, New York
H R. Clarke, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Steven A. Coffey, AB '63, Hurleyville, New York
Roberta J. Cohen, AB '63 MA '68, Miami, Florida
Daniel E. Connell, BBA '63, Santa Rosa, California
Marilyn R. Corenblum, BSED '63, ,
James Cotton, BSME '63, Charlotte, North Carolina
Alfred C. Couric, BBA '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Myra L. Crabtree, BED '63, North Miami, Florida
Robert V. Critchlow, AB '63 MA '68, Alexandria, Virginia
Norman R. Crump, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Robert F. Daley, BBA '63, Howell, Michigan
Barbara S. Davis, AB '63, Blue Hill, Maine
Gary A. Davis, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Ilene S. Davis, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Linda S. De Mauro, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Elena De Valle, BBA '63, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Sheila S. Dennis, AB '63, Dobbs Ferry, New York
Poe S. Der, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Mary L. Devereux, BED '63, Tucson, Arizona
Richard S. Dillon, BSEE '63, Metairie, Louisiana
Jose A. Dominguez, BBA '63, Peru,
E. J. Doran, BBA '63, New York, New York
William C. Dorris, BBA '63, Washougal, Washington
Arlin J. Dubler, BBA '66 AB '63, North Miami, Florida
Dudley J. Elvery, II, AB '63, Richmond, Virginia
Edward L. Epstein, BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Ronald Epstein, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Fernando Fabregas, BSCE '63, Venezuela,
Charles Fain, AB '63, Scottsdale, Arizona
Richard W. Fields, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Roy E. Fink, BBA '63, Santa Monica, California
Martin D. Fleisher, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
David L. Franklin, BED '63, Normal, Illinois
Stephen W. Freeman, BED '63, Bristol, Florida
Stephen Fried, AB '63, Castle Afb, California
Mary Ann W. Froude, BED '63, England,
Thomas F. Gannon, Jr., BBA '63, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Jerrold M. Gans, BSEE '63, Miami, Florida
Robert Gehl, BBA '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Robert G. Genest, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Enzo Giammattei-Risso, BBA '63, El Salvador,
Nelson M. Giraud, BBA '63, Rockville, Maryland
Arnold L. Glass, BS '63, Fpo New York, New York
Howard A. Gold, BBA '63, Los Angeles, California
Barry D. Goldman, Esq., BBA '63, Vero Beach, Florida
Robert Goldman, BSEE '63 MBA '72, Davie, Florida
George E. Goldring, AB '63, New York, New York
Gary M. Gordon, AB '63, Laguna Hills, California
Robert S. Gordon, BBA '63, San Francisco, California
Guy N. Graham, AB '63, Gainesville, Florida
Norman Graham, Jr., BBA '63, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Pauline M. Granarnick, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Richard M. Grant, BED '63, Indianapolis, Indiana
Robert A. Graves, BED '63, Cleveland, Ohio
Gary L. Gray, BED '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Hattie S. Greenberg, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Henry Greenfield, AB '63, Hendersonvlle, North Carolina
Irving Gross, BS '63, New York, New York
Stephen S. Gross, BS '63, Corte Madera, California
Robert L. Guttman, BBA '63, Claremont, California
Marion E. Hall, BED '63, N/A, North Carolina
Orris T. Hall, BSCE '63, Orlando, Florida
Robert M. Hall, BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Robert W. Hall, BS '63, Miami, Florida
M. A. Hamilton, BED '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Jack Handwerker, AB '63, Brooklyn, New York
Enid T. Hartig, AB '63, Temple Terrace, Florida
Miguel E. Herrero, BBA '63, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Edward C. Hodge, Jr., BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Warren F. Hodge, BBA '63, Sandusky, Ohio
Jean K. Hodgman, AB '63, Newington, Connecticut
Robert N. Holsaple, BED '63, Alcoa, Tennessee
Leonard L. Hunter, III, AB '63, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Linda S. Hyman, BED '63, Brooklyn, New York
Judith R. Jackson, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Robert M. Jacobson, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Karen S. Johansen, AB '63, Fairborn, Ohio
Kenneth P. Johansen, AB '63, Fairborn, Ohio
Allen A. Johnson, Jr., BS '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Floyd W. Johnson, Jr., BBA '63, W Hollywood, Florida
Gail A. Johnson, BS '63, Hialeah, Florida
Andrew E. Jones, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Joseph H. Kagel, BSEE '63, Anaheim, California
E E. Kalogerakis, BSEE '63, Greece,
Natalie F. Kane, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Kenneth Kastin, BBA '63, Jacksonville, Florida
Kathy D. Kays, AB '63, New York, New York
Mary O. Ketchum, AB '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Edith M. Kidd, AB '63, A.P.O. New York, New York
Nancy R. Klein, BED '63, New York, New York
Franklin M. Kless, BSEE '63, Unadilla, Georgia
Joan E. Kratish, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Daniel J. Kwan, AB '63, Indianapolis, Indiana
Luke F. Lanigan, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Lynn Lapin, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Louis Leeda, BBA '63 MBA '66, Winter Park, Florida
Bruce Leibowitz, BBA '63, Brooklyn, New York
Robert Leibowitz, BBA '63, Bayside, New York
Philip B. Leon, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Marjorie Ann M. Lesser, BED '63, Waterford, Connecticut
Harriet B. Levine, BED '63, West Hills, California
Arnold S. Levy, BBA '63, Canton, Massachusetts
Linda M. Lieblein, BED '63, Kew Gardens, New York
Jo E. Lienhart, AB '63, San Diego, California
Linda M. Little, BBA '63 AB '65, Miami, Florida
William A. Lo Curto, BSAE '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Jayne M. Lubin, BED '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Judith N. MacEachron, AB '63, Lake Worth, Florida
Joel E. Macht, AB '63, Denver, Colorado
Stanley Maluty, BED '63, Cooper City, Florida
Carole L. Mann, BED '63, N Miami, Florida
Susan W. Marleaux, AB '63, Surfside, Florida
Thomas R. Martin, BBA '63, ,
John W. Matthews, BBA '63, Pt Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
Harry P. McCall, BBA '63, Scottsdale, Arizona
William O. McClish, BED '63, Port St Lucie, Florida
John F. McConville, BS '63, Hialeah, Florida
Harold Mermelstein, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Alan D. Miller, AB '63, Campbell, California
Barbara A. Miller, AB '63, New York, New York
Carlos J. Mills, BBA '63, Maracaibo, Venezuela,
Patricia A. Mincey, BED '63, Hialeah, Florida
Edward Modzelewski, BED '63, Virginia Gardens, Florida
Anthony B. Moore, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Carole R. Morris, AB '63, England,
Pedro M. Mudarra, AB '63 MA '69, Hialeah, Florida
Gene A. Mullin, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Kenneth M. Mulmat, AB '63 BS '64, St Thomas, Virgin Islands
Rhoda G. Nagle, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Nancy E. Nelson, BS '63, Juneau, Alaska
Manuel Noubleau, BSAE '63, El Salvador,
Sara J. Nutty, BBA '63, Connersville, Indiana
Wilfred J. O'Brien, Jr., BBA '63, Naples, New York
Anthony M. Ogden, AB '63, Charlotte, North Carolina
Nelson E. Olmedillo, BBA '63, Venezuela,
Elvira M. Ors, BS '63, Opa Locka, Florida
Emilie C. Palacio, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Caryl A. Parks, AB '63, San Rafael, California
Susan B. Penrith, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Mary L. Pierson, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Robert H. Pitts, BBA '63, Tallahassee, Florida
Isabel Planiol, AB '63, Mc Donough, Maryland
Diana H. Plowman, BED '63, Augusta, Georgia
Leonard I. Polsky, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Donald E. Rains, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Gary P. Ransom, BBA '63, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Harold A. Rapoport, BBA '63, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Edye L. Rappe-Du Cher, AB '63, Oakland, California
Wendy L. Raudebaugh, BED '63, Columbus, Georgia
Marvin B. Ray, BBA '63, Marietta, Georgia
Dick Reeser, Jr., BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Leonard H. Reich, AB '63, New York, New York
Rochelle N. Ressler, BS '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Stewart Richer, BBA '63, New York, New York
Diane E. Robinson, AB '63, Atascadero, California
S C. Rodgers, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Robert P. Romans, AB '63, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Morris Rosen, BBA '63, North Miami, Florida
Louise G. Ross, BED '63, Apo New York, New York
Robert Rothlin, BBA '63, Rockaway Beach, New York
Daniel F. Russell, BS '63, Tiskilwa, Illinois
Ronald Ruthfield, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Bernard K. Rutkowski, BSAE '63, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Alan N. Sacharoff, BBA '63, Canada,
Felipe Sagastume, BSME '63, Miami, Florida
Shirley Sanders, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Richard Sanford, BBA '63, San Diego, California
Diane L. Sansone, AB '63, Holmdel, New Jersey
Enrique S. Santoni, BBA '63, Dominican Republic,
Joan S. Scheer, R.N., BSN '63, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Frederick Schreiner, AB '63, Cobbs Creek, Virginia
Robert E. Schwartz, AB '63, Aventura, Florida
Stephen E. Schwartz, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Robert Seldner, AB '63, New York, New York
Barbara M. Sevald, BM '63, Apo New York, New York
Vicki L. Shermer, BS '63, Los Angeles, California
David Shikes, AB '63, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts
Paula J. Shimmin, R.N., BSN '63, Houston, Texas
Bernard Skoke, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Frank A. Smith, Jr., BBA '63, Thornton, Colorado
Michael R. Smith, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Joel Snow, BBA '63, Bronx, New York
Mark S. Solomon, AB '63, Mount Vernon, New York
Richard B. Solymos, BED '63, Canada,
Sylvia E. Springer, AB '63, West Palm Beach, Florida
Frances Star, BS '63, Tampa, Florida
John M. Stearns, BBA '57 AB '63, Miami, Florida
Frederick I. Steele, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Harris J. Steinberg, BSCE '63, Los Angeles, California
Dale E. Steinke, AB '63, San Francisco, California
Thomas D. Stepanski, BBA '63, Menasha, Wisconsin
Edward D. Stern, BBA '63, Pickerington, Ohio
Ronald L. Stevenson, Jr., BBA '63, San Antonio, Texas
William G. Stewart, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Scott G. Stoddard, M.D., BBA '63, Laredo Afb, Texas
Dorothy P. Stoddart, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Marcia L. Stone, BED '63, Miami, Florida
James C. Strickland, BED '63, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lynnette H. Stuut, BS '63, North Miami, Florida
Luis Suarez, Jr., BS '63, Tallahassee, Florida
Victoria I. Sullivan, AB '63, Lafayette, Louisiana
Simon Sunikansky, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Mary A. Swayze, BS '63, Apo New York, New York
Steven Swickle, AB '63, Hewlett, New York
Richard M. Tankersley, BBA '63, Bedford, Virginia
Linda G. Teer, BED '63, Great Lakes, Illinois
Joseph Teisan, Jr., BBA '63, San Francisco, California
Joan C. Thibodeax, AB '63, Johnson City, Tennessee
Davis M. Thompson, AB '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Paige R. Thompson, BED '63, Modesto, California
Vu T. Thong, BS '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Petra R. Toben, AB '63, Carrollton, Texas
Martin Topp, AB '63, Flushing, New York
Mary E. Tracy, BS '63, Portland, Oregon
Robert V. Traver, BBA '63, Poughkeepsie, New York
Miguel L. Triay, BBA '63, New York, New York
Frank W. Trischitta, BBA '63, Briarcliff, New York
Bonnie E. Tubin, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Peter A. Tufts, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Virginia L. Turner, AB '63, Jacksonville, Florida
Pamela J. Tyler, BS '63 MS '66, San Diego, California
Jose D. Vallarino, BSIE '63, Panama,
Richard K. Van Meter, AB '63, Palmetto Bay, Florida
Gladys C. Vines, AB '63, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Stephen J. Walter, BBA '63, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Stefanie Wang, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Howard S. Warner, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Sandra A. Weinstock, AB '63, Roslyn, New York
Donald C. Weir, AB '63, Bordentown, New Jersey
Howard J. Werner, BBA '63, Cairo, New York
Joanne E. Whalen, BED '63, Bellingham, Massachusetts
Donna J. Whelan, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Sheila White, BED '63, Atlanta, Georgia
Gwynne Williams, BBA '63, Glen Head, New York
Martha F. Williams, BED '63 MED '67, Miami Springs, Florida
Jo A. Wolf, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Andrew S. Wolstein, BBA '63, Boulder City, Nevada
Sharon J. Yaskin, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Richard I. Young, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Stratton G. Zammas, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Warren H. Zediker, BBA '63, Fresno, California


Ahmad S. Abd-Ghani, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Abd-Razak Abdullah, BARCH '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Azni B. Abdulrahman, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Mastura Abdul-Rahman, BARCH '88, Arlington, Virginia
Dolah B. Abdul-Samad, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Bin A. Abdul-Wahab, BSEE '88, Malaysia
Paul A. Adefarasin, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Enrico A. Agnese, BBA '88, Plantation, Florida
Dzafri S. Ahmad, BSME '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Connie A. Ahmad-Shah, BS '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Shahrizad Akashah, BSCE '88, West Palm Beach, Florida
Bader Alali, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Hasnon Alang Mohd Rashid, AB '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Adnan A. Alanzi, BSAE '88, Greeley, Colorado
Mashhoor D. Alasfoor, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Mutlaq R. Al-Azimi, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Ahmed S. Al-Bahanta, BSEE '88, MSECE '96, Oman
Tareq K. AlBahhouh, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Hisham M. Albatarni, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Adel Al-Fahad, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Mohamad AlHarees, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Sulaiman M. AlHussain, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Mohamad-Khalid A. Aljamas, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Fuad A. Alkindi, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Yousuf A. Alkuwari, BSAE '88, ,
Abdullah A. Al-Melhem, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Bowling Green, Kentucky
Yousef H. Almusailem, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Amar S. Alnemer, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Abdulla I. Alnoumas, BSAE '88, Ogden, Utah
Abubaker A. Al-Sakkaf, BSCE '88, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Anwar A. Alshayeji, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Waleed A. Alsomaei, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Ali M. Al-Sunaidy, BSIE '88, Coarl Gables, Florida
Jalal AlWazzan, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Intikhab Anwar, BBA '88, Pakistan,
Ahmad Dzaki A-Rahman, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Saad A. Bahli, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
John S. Balzola, BBA '88, MBA '94, Miami Beach, Florida
Esther Batson, BM '88, Trin/Tobag,
Lisa T. Benenfeld, Esq., AB '88, JD '93, Lake Worth, Florida
Shari J. Berger, BBA '88, Thiells, New York
Mark S. Bernstein, BBA '88, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Desmond O. Boyce, BSED '88, Bahamas
Francis J. Cagle, AB '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Violet M. Campbell, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Daniela Cardoni, BBA '88, Germany
Jeffrey M. Carrillo, BBA '88, Concord Township, Ohio
Hayan Chikh-Ali, BSEE '88, Miramar, Florida
Heng C. Chua, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Brent S. Chung, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Jannifer Coakley, BBA '88, Bahamas
Hyacinth L. Conolly, BSED '88, East End Grand Cayman
Lesia M. Crawford, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
James E. Currier, Jr., BSME '88, O Fallon, Missouri
Margaret E. Curry, BBA '81, BSN '88, Bahamas
Hussain M. Dashti, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Michelle J. Dela-Bastide, BSC '88, Hialeah, Florida
Michaelle M. Desrouleaux, BBA '88, Haiti
Carl M. Diederich, BBA '88, W Hollywood, California
Francisco P. Dimise-Guerra, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Herbert W. Dyal, II, BHS '88, Miami, Florida
Clara F. Edelstein, AB '88, Miami, Florida
Princess I. Fawkes, AB '88, Bahamas
Talita V. Fennell, BSN '88, Jamaica
Albert G. Fichardt, BBA '88, South Africa
Barry M. Fink, BSC '88, Marina Dl Rey, California
Ana T. Funcia, AB '88, Clark, New Jersey
Gai Gathercole, BSC '88, Australia
Arbaatul A. Ghazali, BARCH '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Tubosun Giwa, A.I.A., BARCH '88, Hialeah, Florida
Maria T. Gomez, AB '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Ana Gomez, BBA '88, Silver Spring, Maryland
Charles A. Gopaul, BSEE '88, Doral, Florida
Dina L. Granat, BFA '88, Hollywood, Florida
Shawna Granovsky, BS '88, Miami, Florida
Anna-Catharina M. Groot, AB '88, Miami, Florida
Samuel L. Grossman, BM '88, Centerport, New York
Andrea D. Hall, BBA '88, Orlando, Florida
Thomas F. Hansler, BBA '88, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Surjadi Harjadi, BSEE '88, MSEE '90, Miami, Florida
Quincy A. Harrigan, BSED '88, MSED '90, Arlington, Virginia
Cynthia L. Harrington, AB '88, Fairfax, Virginia
Tareq M. Hasan, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Shaiful-Bahrin Hashim, BSCE '88, MSCE '91, Coral Gables, Florida
Salmiah Hashim, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Nor-Sham B. Hazan, BSEE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Ivan I. Heredia, BARCH '88, MBA '89, MBA '89, Miami, Florida
Mohd Y. HJ. Sanusi, BBA '88, Malaysia
Mohamed I. Hjp-Mohamed, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Vinincia E. Ingraham, AB '88, Bahamas
Ahmad-Fikri Izharuddin, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Ahmad Z. Junus, BSSA '88, Coral Gables, Florida
David M. Kahn, BM '88, Gig Harbor, Washington
Tracey A. Keeley, BSED '88, Saint Louis, Missouri
Jessica L. Kessler, BSN '88, Hollywood, Florida
Shamsudin Lajis, BSEE '88, Miami, Florida
Christina W. Lee, BBA '88,
Natalio Leiderman, BARCH '88, Bay Harbor Islands, Florida
Sabrina S. Lim, BBA '88, Malaysia
Nasser G. Loutfi, BSIE '88, Irving, Texas
Beatriz J. Loynaz, BARCH '88, Davie, Florida
Zurida Mahmud, BARCH '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Serge L. Mansur, BBA '88, Oranjestad, No State
Virginia M. Marty, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Samira Massis, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Muhamad-Najmuddi Matdaud, BARCH '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Hortensia S. Maxwell, AB '88, MSED '92, Miami, Florida
Darrell K. McKown, AB '88, Tallahassee, Florida
Laura McMinn-Glick, AB '88, Coral Springs, Florida
Maher A. Merehbi, BSAE '88, Mississauga, Ontario
Mary E. Miller, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Thierry E. Minaise, BBA '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Charlene C. Mohammed, BBA '88, Fort Knox, Kentucky
Ahmed A. Mohammed, BS '88, Miami, Florida
Arif M. Mohd, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Soud R. Mohd, BSIE '88, Washington, District of Columbia
Ahmad Mohd-Kamel, BSCE '88, Miami, Florida
Zahariffuddin Mokhtar, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Galefele J. Mookodi, BSAE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Guillermo A. Morales, BSIE '88, Doral, Florida
Khalid M. Mustafawi, BSAE '88, La Jolla, California
Jalal Mustafawi, BSAE '88, Miami, Florida
Larry R. Nath, BBA '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Kirk D. Nielsen, BSEE '88, Juno Beach, Florida
Antoine J. Olivi, BBA '88, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Azahari Osman, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Juliana Othman, BBA '88, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Rosmazwin Othman, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Delores S. Ottey, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
Michael T. Patton, BBA '88, England
Liliana M. Polanco, BBA '88, Peru
Liliette J. Pretiz, BBA '88, Evanston, Illinois
Mohd.Misbah B. Ramli, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Ronald E. Revales, BBA '88, MPRA '89,
Gladys Rivero, AB '88, Vestavia, Alabama
Julie E. Robinson, BSC '88, Burbank, California
Kevin T. Robinson, BBA '88, Hollywood, Florida
Dorinda R. Robinson-Headcock, BSED '88
Jessica Rosental, BBA '88, Atlanta, Georgia
Mario Ruiz, BS '88, Hackensack, New Jersey
Arminda C. Ruiz, BS '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Jamel Salleh, BBA '88, Malaysia
Hamidah Saman HJ.Mohamed, BSCE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Zulaidah Sarman, BS '88, MS '90, Coral Gables, Florida
Lynn Sheeder, BBA '88, Homestead, Florida
Rolando R. Siles, BSAE '88, BSCE '89, Bolivia
Jasmine V. Simon, BBA '88, Netherlands Antilles,
Feisol B. Sobeng, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Theresa M. Stevenson, AB '88, Atlanta, Georgia
Pamela C. Stone, BARCH '88, Hilliard, Ohio
Daniel Stubbs, II, AB '88, Irving, Texas
Robert S. Sutton, Jr., BM '88, Brooklyn, New York
Yousef K. Tahnon, BSIE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Kevin H. Talma, BSSA '88, Trinidad
Tengku Mahizir Tengku Daud, BSCE '88, Omaha, Nebraska
Valeria I. Thompson, BSED '88, Cayman Islands
James S. Troxell, Jr., BBA '88, Hoover, Alabama
Irma L. Truscott, BBA '88, Cumming, Georgia
Jayang A. Undum, BSCE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Claudia Valencia, BBA '88, Miami Beach, Florida
Eric Van Der Maarel, BBA '88, Miami, Florida
Joseph K. Vengroff, BFA '88, Madison, Wisconsin
Claudia O. Visbal, BBA '88, Colombia
Syed Abdul R. Wan-Ahmad, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Wan-Mohd-Ariff Wan-Omar, BSEE '88, Coral Gables, Florida
Sean D. Wells, BSEE '88, Killeen, Texas
Janet Willment, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Abu-Khalid Yahya, BARCH '88, Miami, Florida
Jasem Y. Yasin, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida
Walid A. Yasin, BSEE '88, Akron, Ohio
Saad M. Ziyad, BSIE '88, Miami, Florida


Laura F. Adelusola, AB '03, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Fahad A. Al-Obaid, BSBE '03, Doral, Florida
Ersin Alpaslan, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Mohammad A. Al-Wohaib, BSAE '03, Doral, Florida
Giselle F. Arias, BBA '03, Key Biscayne, Florida
Juan F. Ariza, BSIE '03, Key Biscayne, Florida
Lindsay K. Austin, BS '03, Chicago, Illinois
Amadou Ba, BSC '03, Miami, Florida
Nora Badia, BBA '03, New York, New York
Jenny Baldomero, BBA '03, North Miami, Florida
Pornphan Banternghansa, BM '03, Bangkok
Roberto A. Barreto, BSCPE '03, Coral Gables, Florida
David N. Bassan, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Georgios Bethanis, BS '03, Coral Gables, Florida
Meera B. Bhutta, BS '03, Mumbai-400079
Nicole T. Bielecki, BS '03, Denver, Colorado
Jamil A. Bouchareb, BBA '03, Moline, Illinois
Mohannad N. Budair, BSME '03, Miami, Florida
Ricardo Caicedo, MSIE '03, BSIE '03, Miami, Florida
Alexander Canino, AB '03, Sunrise, Florida
Diana L. Cepeda Pineres, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Maria E. Cordero, BBA '03, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
Jay C. Daignault, BBA '03, Denver, Colorado
Scott M. Davies, BBA '03, Las Vegas, Nevada
Justin N. Davis, BBA '03, Highland Beach, Florida
Igna De Villiers, AB '03, Coral Gables, Florida
Pamichelle L. Delisser, AB '03, Miami, Florida
Rebecca R. Dellagloria, BSC '03, Miami, Florida
Ivon Dip, BSC '03, Doral, Florida
Jeffrey A. Donofrio, AB '03, New York, New York
Paul W. Downie, BSC '03, MBA '07, Titusville, New Jersey
Ryan M. Driscoll, BS '03
Lei Duan, BBA '03, MPRA '05, Miami, Florida
Jackeline R. Dyer, BSCE '03, Miami Beach, Florida
Kike B. Edwards, BBA '03, New York, New York
Nesha-Gay J. Edwards, BS '03, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Radia El Bousserghini, BBA '03, N Miami Beach, Florida
Hasnaa El Moutea, BBA '03, Miami Beach, Florida
Luis E. Esrubilsky, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Mohammed Fareed, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Christian Farrad, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Symanetta L. Ferguson, AB '03, Bronx, New York
Anna Carolyna A. Ferreira, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Valerie Figueredo, BBA '03, New York, New York
Kristina J. Freeman, BSEE '03, Arlington, Virginia
Camilo Galeano, BSIT '03, Cartagena,
Sharon I. Geuther, MSED '05, BSC '03, Miami, Florida
Jacqueline F. Goldhagen, BSC '03
Alison B. Goler, BBA '03, San Francisco, California
Juan E. Gonzalez, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Crystal C. Gopman, BSC '03, New York, New York
Jamaal H. Green, BLA '03, El Paso, Texas
Aaron M. Greeno, BSC '03, New York, New York
Amber S. Greenwalt, AB '03, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts
Holly A. Hannula, BSC '03, Hollywood, California
Kelley J. Hess, BSC '03, Washington, District of Columbia
Jeronimo E. Hirschfeld, BBA '03, Miami Beach, Florida
Gisela J. Jardim, BARCH '03, Boston, Massachusetts
Charmine R. Johnson-Garwood, AB '03, Montego Bay
Chorong Kang, BSC '03, Brighton, Massachusetts
Ariel H. Kattan, BM '03, New York, New York
Kelly A. Kearney, BS '03, Miami, Florida
Kristen R. Kendall, BBA '03, JD '06, Royal Palm Beach, Florida
Nina J. Kersh, BSC '03, New York, New York
Jonathan S. Knopf, BSEE '03, MSIE '07, Coral Gables, Florida
Liezl Kriekenbeek, BHS '03, Las Vegas, Nevada
Fernanda M. Kuchkarian, AB '03, MPH '08, Miami, Florida
Teresa Pui Yan Lam, AB '03, Miami, Florida
Thomas Le Forestier, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Imre Lengyel, AB '03, Miami, Florida
Enrique P. Lopez, AB '03, Tampa, Florida
Katherine M. Loring, BBA '03, Coral Gables, Florida
Alvin E. Martinez, BS '03, Weston, Florida
Bakang P. Masolotate, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Canaan T. Mathendele, BSCPE '03, Miami, Florida
Julie A. McCoy, BSC '03, Boston, Massachusetts
Silvia T. Melo, BSC '03, Miami, Florida
Jineane G. Miller, BSC '03, Sherman Oaks, California
Adrienne L. Miller, BBA '03, Jacksonville, Florida
Leah S. Mizrachi, BBA '03, Aventura, Florida
Kopano Mogorosi, BSCPE '03, Botswana Africa
Roger I. Montiel, BBA '03, Atlanta, Georgia
Lauren P. Morgenroth, BS '03, Allison Park, Pennsylvania
Kimberly C. Myers, BBA '03, Santa Monica, California
Michael K. Nemet, BBA '03, Miami Beach, Florida
Michelle A. Norton, BBA '03, Brookline, Massachusetts
Mercy O. Nzeakor, BBA '03, Lauderhill, Florida
Yuta Oishi, AB '03, Miami, Florida
Yukiyasu Okuhata, BS '03, Miami, Florida
Fabian J. Ortega, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Moises Perez, BSBE '03, MSBE '04, South Miami, Florida
Ana L. Potter, AB '03, Davenport, Florida
Shannon M. Powers, AB '03, Winter Park, Florida
Talal M. Ridwan, BBA '03, Canada
Michael A. Rodriguez Montas, AB '03, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Flavia M. Romero, BBA '03, San Francisco, California
Suzette Rose, BSC '03, Chicago, Illinois
Burak Sahin, BS '03, Miami, Florida
Carlos E. Sarmiento, BSCE '03, Bogota,
Jason M. Saunders, BSAE '03, Tamarac, Florida
Wesley Scarbrough, BBA '03, Bonita Spgs, Florida
Eric S. Schneider, BBA '03, Teaneck, New Jersey
Sage-Willow Server, BBA '03, Loma Linda, California
Jason R. Seuc, AB '03, MA '09, Washington, District of Columbia
Nicolo P. Signorini, BSIE '03, MBA '08, Naples
Daniel Silberman, BBA '03, Miami Beach, Florida
Aaron Sperling, BBA '03, Los Angeles, California
Elizabeth Starr, BARCH '03, Miami, Florida
Sasha M. Stevenson, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Derek B. Stone, BBA '03, Scarsdale, New York
Glenda Tamayo, BARCH '03, Miami, Florida
Emily F. Threlkeld, BBA '03, New York, New York
Alberto M. Vaquer, BSC '03, Miami, Florida
Sasha M. Vaughan, BSC '03, New York, New York
Bianca M. Velez, BAIS '03, Chicago, Illinois
Sara E. Wasserman, BM '03, West Hollywood, California
Laura A. West, BSC '03, Portland, Oregon
Shawn L. Williams, BBA '03, Miami, Florida
Melissa L. Wilson, AB '03, Lenexa, Kansas
Leon B. Xia, BSCPE '03, Raleigh, North Carolina
Deepti Zutshi, BS '03, MD '07, Miami, Florida