Who’s Coming Back

Check this list to see who is registered! The list will be updated on a monthly basis —be sure you're on it so your fellow ’Canes and classmates are aware!

Class of 1965

Mrs. Penelope C. Arango, AB ’65
Mr. Mark B. Clasby, BBA ’65
Mr. Victor O. Larsen, BM ’65
Mr. Phillip M. McAtee, BBA ’65
Mr. Robert L. Satz, BBA ’65
Mrs. Karen E. McKeon, BS ’65

Class of 2005

Mr. Byron T. Henderson, BM ’05
Mr. Denver S. Bullard, II, BSN ’05
Mr. Christopher R. Clark, AB ’05
Mr. Edward Calixto, BBA ’05
Mrs. Ashley Denice Harris, BHS ’05
Mr. William D. Lezama, BBA ’05
Mrs. Erica R. Estevez Weech, BHS ’05

All attending

List coming soon