Navigating the Module

This section will introduce you to the course layout and terminology. The first part will show you how to use this course. In order to view this course, you must allow pop-ups. Usually, clicking on the yellow message bar that appears on the top of your screen is enough to allow pop-ups.

CBL_Intro_Page.gif The Opening Page

Each lesson will be divided into pages. On the right side of the page a sidebar may appear (the area in blue in the graphic). A table of contents can be displayed to show all of the pages for a lesson (the area in red in the graphic). Page navigation—moving from one page to any other—is accomplished by pointing to the Page Navigation bar (the area in green in the graphic) and clicking on a page number. When you point to a page number, you will see the title for the page.

Pop-Up Text - Within the lesson, you will notice some of the text is boldfaced. This will indicate that there is additional information hidden behind the text. You will be able to display the hidden text by pointing to the boldfaced text. At the end of this sentence, there is an example of a Pop-Up Text window that is displayed by pointing to the boldfaced word WHY. When the pointer is moved off the boldfaced text, the Pop-Up disappears. You can try this by pointing to the boldfaced word "why" in this paragraph.


Sidebars - The sidebars are located on the right side of the window. Here you can learn more about a specific topic or link to additional resources.