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September 16, 2009 | Wednesday 
e-Veritas EXTRA

Let Us Know Where You Will Go in Case of a Storm
Go to MyUM to provide information

The UM community was recently asked to take steps to ensure that the University can communicate with you in case a hurricane or tropical storm threatens our area.

While many members of the community have confirmed or updated their personal and biographical profile on myUM, very few have let the University know where they would go if they have to evacuate their residence in the event of a major storm. Managers throughout the University are being asked to work with employees in their units to ensure that this information is submitted.

Go to myUM to provide this information. Click on “Update Storm Contact Information” in the “Personal & Biographical Info” section in the right-hand column to furnish this data. If you plan on staying home during a storm, submit that address and phone number.

After a storm: Students, faculty, or staff who are forced to evacuate or temporarily relocate to another area should notify the University of their new location and contact information by going to recover.miami.edu. This is the online site where you should "check in" following a hurricane. This will help us determine that all members of our UM community are safe and ascertain who needs emergency assistance.

For more information on hurricane and emergency preparedness, visit www.miami.edu/prepare.

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