Administrative Staff

Lizette V. Cornide
Director of Business Operations
Phone: (305) 284-5913

Betty Freyre
Sr. Manager, Business Operations
Phone: (305) 284-6318

Lauren Zipper
Manager, Business Operations (Interim)
Senior Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Education

Phone: (305) 284-2006

Beatriz Gradera
Manager, Business Operations (Interim)
Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Phone: (305) 284-2002

Monica Baca-Arus
Executive Assistant
Phone: (305) 284-2862

Ana Pereira
Executive Assistant
Phone: (305) 284-8625

Mory Hernandez-Torroella
Sr. Administrative Assistant
Phone: (305) 284-9060

Aurora Garcia-Hoare
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (305) 284-3356